The Wild and Wooly Will (PDF)

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The Wild and Wooly Will

Raising kids is a challenge, especially for parents who have a child with an iron will! Many parents are looking for answers to parenting these little ones that take a lot of effort to keep on the right track. This excerpt is from Dr. Dobson’s best selling book The New Strong Willed Child. Dr. Dobson writes:

When a parent refuses to accept a child’s defiant challenge, something changes in the relationship. The youngster begins to look at his mother and father with disrespect; they are unworthy of allegiance….The ultimate paradox of childhood is that boys and girls want to be led by their parents but insist that mothers and fathers earn the right to lead them.

This Special Report has good, practical and immediately applicable advice for moms and dads that may find themselves too often discouraged. You will feel more equipped and encouraged to parent your strong willed child after reading this report.

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