A Man and His Children (PDF)

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A Man and His Children

What could be more precious to a man than his family. And in that family, children fill a special place in a man’s heart. But some fathers have a tough time giving their children the attention they need and crave. Statistics have shown that the average dad spends thirty seven seconds with their small children daily. Shocking but true! As Dr. Dobson writes in his best selling book Straight Talk to Men:

Let’s compare the thirty second interchange between fathers and small children with another statistic. The average preschool child watches between thirty and fifty hours of television per week. What an incredible picture painted by those two statistics! During the formative years of life, when children are so vulnerable to their experiences, they’re receiving thirty seven seconds a day from their fathers and thirty or more hours a week from commercial television. Need we ask where our kids get their values?

In this Special Report, fathers will get the encouragement and practical advice they need to be the father their kids desire them to be and that scripture prescribes for family men.

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