Life Lessons (PDF)

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Life Lessons

Sometimes it is nice to learn from other’s life lessons—to hear what has worked and what hasn’t and to be encouraged and inspired by these reflections. That’s exactly what you’ll get from this excerpt from Dr. Dobson’s Handbook of Family Advice. In one essay on “teachable moments,” Dr. Dobson writes:

Opportunities for that kind of communication have to be created. Those teachable moments occur when yo0u have set aside time to be with people you love, especially your children. Preserve them at all costs.

Wise words and a good reminder that we can learn much from the wisdom and life experience of others. This Special Report includes essays from Dr. Dobson, with over 30 years of practical experience as a leading advocate for the family. You don’t want to miss out on this report! Your heart will be warmed and you will be inspired by Dr. Dobson’s reflections.

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