Mom: The Domestic Engineer (PDF)

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Mom: The Domestic Engineer

Dads, have you ever put yourself in your wife’s’ shoes? If not, Dr. Dobson has a lot to say about how the need to understand the unique challenges that women face as those who spend the majority of their time raising the kids! As Dr. Dobson says:

I believe, that too many men do not understand the emotional needs of their wives. They live a vastly different world with ample frustrations of their own. Either they are unable to put themselves in a woman's place, seeing and feeling what she experiences, or else they are preoccupied with their own work and simply aren't listening. For whatever reason, women have needs which men do not comprehend.

In this Special Report, you will hear America’s leading advocate for the family share his own experience with coming to terms with the mom’s common struggles with raising little ones. You will come away encouraged and equipped to understand mom’s unique needs.

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