Blast Off or Blow Up (PDF)

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Blast Off or Blow Up

The ages from 16 to 26 are critical to the future of young adults. It is during these years that many will make their most significant life decision. Fortunately, there is someone to help guide the way! In this excerpt is from Dr. Dobson’s best selling book Life On the Edge, Dr. Dobson writes:

Some of the most dramatic and permanent changes in life usually occur during those ten short years. A person is transformed from a kid who’s living at home and eating at the parents’ table to a full-fledged adult who should be earning a living and taking charge of his or her life.

Sounds like a daunting task, but with more than 30 years experience speaking to issues related to “growing up” young people in the way they should go, Dr. Dobson provides encouragement, inspiration and practical advice to young people (and their parents). This Special Report is not to be missed!

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