Dr. Ken Hutcherson

Photo of Ken Hutcherson

Photo courtesy of TheBlaze TV

"When a huge oak tree falls, many lesser creatures lose 

their place of safety in its branches."

Dr. James Dobson shared his thoughts about the loss of this great man:

It is with sadness and regret that I announce the passing of my great friend, Dr. Ken Hutcherson, (“Hutch.”)

He was like a brother to me and I will miss him dearly. Dr. Hutcherson was senior pastor at Antioch Bible Church in Seattle, Washington.  When he was young, he had been a line backer for the Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas, Cowboys.  Hutch was a fearless man who fought for righteousness with a tenacity of a lion. He was a defender of marriage, and the unborn child, and morality and truth in the culture.  Hutch was an African American man who once said to me with a smile, “You’re a white man. People will come after you.  But they don’t know what to do with me because I am black.  I’ll take em on.” And he did just that in the arena of life. He was a line backer to the end. 

I loved this godly pastor, and I also love his wife Pat and her sweet family.  Please pray for them. When a huge oak tree falls, many lesser creatures lose their place of safety in its branches.  We all will miss this giant of a man.

Dr. James Dobson