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Dr. James C. Dobson

The average teenager chomps at the bit to get out from under parental rule and during those tumultuous teenage years, many parents are only too eager to show their child the door. But when the time comes, releasing a child is often painful, if not impossible, for many parents. This is Dr. James Dobson with Family Talk.

Parents who have ushered their children through diapers and daycare, through pimples and proms, often want to hold on to their youngsters long after the parental role is over. The same commitment and love that leads parents to do so well when the children are small may also cause them to hold on too tightly when they’re all grown up. Some parents need their children too much to let them go. They become extensions of themselves and their egos are inextricably linked. Still it’s the responsibility of parents to release the grip and set the fledgling adult free to make it on his own. And parents who refuse to let go often force their sons or daughters to choose between two very bad alternatives. The first is to yield to parental domination and manipulation, which makes them dependent puppets and perpetual children. The second is to respond like a mountainous volcano that blows its top, pouring lava on everything in its path.

To ease your child out of the house and into the world, first look at your own hands. Are you holding on too tightly? If so, this might be the very best moment to release the grip. This is Dr. James Dobson for Family Talk.



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