Families Helping Families Stories

The Families Helping Families Stories

All responses have been listed in alphabetical order below by the state they reside in. In an effort to keep requests and donations anonymous, we have numbered the requests.

Thank you for your generosity. If you are unable to help, we would still covet your prayers for each situation. Your support means a great deal to us! Blessings to you and your families during this Christmas season!

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If you would like to donate to any of these stories even after Christmas, please continue through to the "Be a Blessing" and we will contact you.



Tuskegee, AL
#179     I work part-time for a non profit agency. I'm waiting for full-time work. My sons are 9 and 6. I am divorced. I can't afford to give them the bicycles they are asking for, for Christmas. My mother needs two hearing aids, and I need some help with a hospital bill for x-rays on my neck and shoulder that revealed degenerative disc disease. I have my Master's and I'm bilingual. I an praying for a promotion that has been promised after a year at this agency but they are waiting for grant approval. If anyone can help with our needs I would appreciate it so much. Thank you.

Midland City, AL
#202    I struggle monthly to meet bills. With Christmas approaching I do not foresee any extra money to buy gifts for my family.

Northport, AL

#336     My husband lost his job last year. He has done different jobs to make ends meet but it just has not been enough. I have had some major health issues requiring multiple hospitalizations and surgeries this year. We've used all our savings and are about to loose our home. We have two children are not able to buy Christmas for them this year. But most importantly we dont want to loose our home. Any help would be greatly appreciated as well as your prayers.

Union Grove, AL

#344     I have recently been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease. I am losing my hearing. The God who made the deaf hear in the Bible may choose to heal me. He may not. I am alone in life after making the terrifying choice to leave an abusive man. Now it's falls from Meniere's Disease (that causes terrible dizzy spells, among other symptoms) leaving me bruises. I fell and had to go to the ER for a severe shoulder injury. The costs -- medicine, braces, lost work time, etc. -- have put me behind the proverbial 8-ball. I have done everything I know to do, including putting most of my belongings up for sale on Craigslist and advertising every skill I have (resume writing, sketching, and more) to earn money, but I'm still in danger of having my utilities turned off. I begin a new job in January, but I have to find a way to keep the heat, water, power, and telephone on in the interim. I would be enormously grateful to anyone who could "stand in the gap" so to speak and keep the utilities on until I can get income flowing from my new job. Thank you very much for your consideration and please pray for me that my fast-diminishing hearing will last as long as possible.



Yuma, AZ
#22     I am a grand mother of 10 grand children, My daughter was in a roll over accident at the end of Aug. She was air lifted to Hospital with broken, neck, ribs, shoulder, lacerated liver and punctured lungs, by God's Grace and prayers of faithful saints, she is healed and needed no surgery, but, it's been a long recovery, 2 weeks in ICU and I have to take care of her 5 kids, in my lil 1 1/2 bedroom cottage, she is pregnant with her 6th child and she survived the crash she is due in Feb. to join our family. But, during this time I haven't been able to work with helping tend to the daily duties of taking care of kids and my daughter. I have fallen behind on a dentist bill, I needed work done and listened to the receptionist and signed up for credit with CARE CREDIT, the interest is high and they have no mercy on my soul. It would be a blessing at this time if I didn't have to worry about this 2,000 debt and concentrate on what God has called me to do at this time. I want to be a blessing to my family with out this weight over me. I also help my 2nd daughter with her 3 children, she has recently divorced and has had a trying year also, due to her husbands adultery and no interest to serve God her marriage ended. I appreciate any help and May God bless all during this season. I know many have needs.

Yuma, AZ
#71     I don't think ever in my life have I done something like this, but this year is different, not just financially, but spiritually in our home. My husband and I have been married 24 years this January and in the past 3 years things have been getting really bad in our marriage. We have always had a close knit family, spent so much time together, and did everything with our kids. Three years ago a family from our past moved to our area and instantly my husband became someone my children and myself did not know. Drinking, gambling, and staying out all night became his thing and sadly so did his friendship with the wife. Whether I was there or not, they had to be two peas in a pod. This past year it got to be way to much, and against my wishes he went into business with this couple. I was asked by him to please support him, so I to put my name on it. Within 6 weeks I was out of it and have not returned. The other women treats me and my children horribly and my husband will not protect or defend me from her. After 20 + years of marriage and being that person that he has always trusted, he will not believe anything I tell him about this women. My husband leaves in the morning for work and does not get home until 1:30 am - 4:30 am... They close at 11:00pm, but this was happening even when they closed at 8:00pm. This business is 2 minutes from our home and he wont even come home from time to time to spend time with us and this is 7 days a week. It is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. I am so hurt, sad, and lonely. I miss my best friend, my husband. My children are so hurt and angry with him too... It just breaks my heart. Prior to this business venture m husband would get laid off on average every 2 years. It played a big part with his manhood, and feeling like a failure... One year ago this month we bought our first home, and right after moving in, he lost his job and went 3 months with out work. We have yet to get caught up on our mortgage. It's getting paid but we are behind, but we are always able to make a payment so we don't get so far behind that we go in foreclosure. So with everything going on in our lives and our financial burdens, our children are really feeling it. My children are not babies, they are teenagers and young adults but it is still affecting then... My 16 year old son, is struggling so much and he used to be the happy go lucky one and is now closed off, my 14 year old daughter cry's all the time, my 20 yr old boy is extremely angry at his dad, my 22 year daughter is getting married in a few months and is moving to New Zealand (where her fiance is from) and is so concerned for her younger siblings when she leaves. She has been their strength and security when I have been emotionally distraught, and my eldest son 24 yrs actually moved to Washington St because he just couldn't take it anymore, he was so hurt by his dad... I'm in tears just writing this... Financially things are really hard right now and the kids and I have pulled it together and are working really hard to give everything over to God an trust Him for a break through with my husband / their dad. Prayer for my family is the biggest gift we can ask for this Christmas along with a Christmas miracle. As far as gifts, I don't know what to ask for... We don't usually ask for help but m 20 year old is a full time student in college and hasn't been able to find a job and has 2 big events coming up that he needs to raise money for one is a winter conference and the other is a summer outreach. Both these events are through CRU (campus crusades) and he is so worried he wont raise the money to go... As for my 16 year old he is an athlete and plays football and baseball (and very good might I brag) and I know he would love new equipment, not to mention the typical electronics, unfortunately we can't afford cell phones so the iphone is out... and my 14 year old daughter would love a new volleyball, and converse size 6 (i think)... my daughter getting married would love to have her cake paid for. She to only makes a little money and right now my husband and I haven't been able to attribute anything financially to her wedding... That breaks my heart. Our life was not suppose to be like this... I know I'm asking for pricey things for my kids, and I understand if it's impossible... However, like I mentioned earlier if more then anything prayer for reconciliation of our family is what matters the absolute most to us. I apologize for taking up so much time!

Flagstaff, AZ
#220     I'm a single (divorced) mom of 3 kids, ages 11,8,6. I am also in nursing school, to provide a better life for my babies. Because of the demands of raising 3 kids alone and staying afloat in a very hard nursing program, I can only work part time, when I don't have school and when I don't have my kids home with me. I don't receive any child support, I do this all on my own. I am barely making ends meet and am running out of resources to simply pay rent. Both of my girls are also December babies, so the financial burden is so great this month. I know it is a lot to ask, but if someone would really like to bless a struggling mother by helping me with anything, whether it be a little gift for my Children, a gift certificate for gas or groceries, or, miraculous help just to pay the bills, I would be so thankful this month. My rent is 700.00 a month which doesn't seem like much, but when you barely make that in a month, it can lead you to just crying to God for some help. God bless you and thank you for considering my family. Any blessing received will be passed on as soon as I am able, and it will be a lesson of generosity for my children that will last a lifetime. Thank you! Girl (11),  Girl (8) and Boy 6).

Anthem, AZ
#228     This has been a challenging year for us. We are a family of six, our home has been foreclosed, and we had to file for bankruptcy. It has been a year of humiliation and our faith has been stretched. In addition, two of our children need oral surgery and one needs corrective braces. We would ask for your prayers for God to bless us and give us greater wisdom in financial stewardship. Thank you for listening.

Phoenix, AZ

#343     MY need is a small one. My husband and I have been running Christmas Lights all month for the children in our poor neighborhood. Some don't even have anything. Well here we have prepaid electric and well we are about to run out of electricity. We are both on disability and don't get paid till the 1st of the month and only have enough electricity for 3 more days. Thanking you in advance. I know that Jehovah Jireh will provide, but sometimes you have to reach out.



London, AR
#66     This is hard.God is so Good I have 2 wonderful daughters that have been abused by their dad but am still in court over custody now over 5 years and now I have lost my paying job. we have to drive more than 32 hours round trip that he may have a visit but I really need gas money. I do know that all our needs come from God but uses people to deliver that is the only reason I have found strength to ask Jesus says ask not receive not. I pray that someone might hear the voice and help. I live with 2 senior disabled ladies with my children with no pay. God has been there for all our needs and continue to trust him. I will also not be able to give them gifts this year they really need shoes both size 7 ladies and pants size 14&16. Thank you God bless.

Ponca, AR
#112     Christmas is a hard time for a lot of people I realize. My husband left to move in with another woman at Christmas time 5 years ago. (My husband was a deacon in our church) Christmas has been really hard for all of us for the past few years. Well this year I am unemployed,(got laid off) and my youngest daughter who graduated college this year is still unemployed. She got a part time job and hoped it would lead to something more but instead their business is hurting and since she was the last one hired she was the first to get let go...and she hasn't worked long enough to draw unemployment. She has not only been depressed because of the holiday season without dad,(which she had to see a counselor for when her first left) she is also facing trying to pay school loans and a vehicle payment , and she doesn't yet have a job. She got a letter in the mail yesterday that said that her dad had quit paying her health insurance (the only thing he has paid for her since he left) Mainly I want prayers for my kids, but a financial blessing to help get bills paid this month for my daughter would be great as well. We are not destitute and I know that others probably need much more than we do, but getting behind when you are first starting out is really tough. Thanks, especially for your prayers.

Violet Hill, AR
#191     I am a single 47 year old woman with 5 chronic health conditions . I live on a restricted income and depend on several daily prescriptions. Recently my hot water heater went out, and I cannot replace it. Also I will soon be out of propane, which heats my home. Until becoming disabled, I had always worked all hours available to me, as well as doing volunteer work. This is the first year I have been unable to donate to others at Christmas , and I hate having to ask, as I know so many are in need and families with children are at the top of the list, as they should be. My church did get me 100 gallons of propane before this storm hit, which I am grateful for. However , my home is old and not well insulated , and I will soon be without heat again. Please consider my need for propane and/or a hot water heater. I would not ask if I could think of any way possible to get them on my own. Thank you so much, your time and consideration is greatly appreciated . God bless all who read this.

Clarksville, AR
#205     In April of this year my husband passed away. I am having problems with my car and I need a new car. I know God said He would supply all my needs. I am trusting in Him.

Sherwood, AR
#253    After being unemployed for an extended period of time, my husband made the decision to go back to school and until a few weeks ago, I worked two part time jobs trying to support our family. I was told I couldn't have more children, but after a difficult pregnancy, I gave birth to our third child, a little girl. I am so very thankful for the addition to my family, but because I am part time I have no maternity leave. My Dr. Is unwilling to release me to work until after the first of the year, because my pregnancy resulted in abdominal reconstructive surgery. I have no way to pay my bills or provide gifts to my children. I have a son (5) and two daughters (3) (2 wks). What we need mostly this Christmas is prayer. Please pray that God will supply our needs and give me a speedy recovery so I know can get back to work and take care of my babies!

Viola, AR
#282     I am a disabled single mother of 3 teenagers. I live off of disability and it is very hard this year to provide for my children. Even the simple stuff like socks, toothbrushes are hard to come by. It's not what they want for Christmas and I know the stuff they want for Christmas is just way to expensive for me or really anyone to buy. I just want my children to have a great Christmas. I know that my 13 year old daughter tells me that she will be happy just to have her family together, but I know she is just trying to be strong for me. It's sad to me to see my children suffer like they do and I wish I had a way to help them more. My ex-husband doesn't have a job or I know he would help, or at least try. I just want my children to have a good Christmas this year. Thanks.



Anaheim, CA
#21     Me and my husband are struggling with our finances like most of a lot of families out there. I work 15 hours a week because they cut my works my husband employer cut his hours to 25 hrs a week. I ask for prayer so we can be able to pay our rent for the month of December. May The Lord bless you richly.

Yucaipa, CA
#47     I ask for prayer of blessing. I have a brain cancer and have not been working a lot. My wife is trying her best. We are trying to sell our mobile home to move closer to our hospital for my treatments. Just need little more prayer for healing and a chance to have a little Christmas for my family.

Alpine, CA
#67     I accepted Christ in 1989, and raised my son as a single Mom. (Thank you, Dr. Dobson for showing me what a Dad is like, and for helping me to raise my son through the Godly wisdom and hope that you passed on each week on your program. I listened - WBGL 91.7FM Champaign, Illinois) I waited 20 years to marry a Christian man that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I was laid off in 2008, and have been struggling to find sufficient work since then. My marriage ended in divorce February of this year. I have had to move several times over the past four years. My only son lives in Chicago, and he is struggling financially, and emotionally. I love my church in San Diego, and my prayer group, but, I desperately need to find work and be able to stabilize. My son and I would like to be able to live together in the same community again, and in fact would live together if we could find a way to do so. We talk frequently, but have not been able to see each other for the past five years. I am crying out to the Lord to provide work, and if possible, the opportunity to relocate to Chicago to be a daily part of my son's life. I just found out today that I will have to move again within the next week. Not sure where I am going or how I will get there. But I am believing that as painful as these past few years have been, that the Lord is still in control, loves me, and will provide more than I can possibly ask or imagine, and His provision will be perfect and in His perfect timing.

Lake Forest, CA
#70     Hello. We are in need of a lot of prayers. We believe in the power of prayer. Our situation started in Feb 2013 when my ex employer fired me while on workman's comp. My husband who also worked there got his hours cut dramatically after that. We are a family of 5 living in a 2 bedroom apartment. I am 43, my husband is 53, my son is 17, and we have my mom who is 76 and my dad who is 83 living with us. We love being together no matter where we are and we have been together for all my life and continued to do so when I got married. We could never think of letting them live in a nursing home. Well, we have been okay until my husband got fired for no good reason on Oct 21, 2013. It started with my husband being very honest with the employer by telling him that he wanted to go to trucking school and if the employer would let him finish school while still keeping his job. School in no way interfered with work since my husband only worked 4-5 hours a day and school started at 5:15pm. The employer hired someone else immediately who was going to be my husband's replacement. Anyway, my husband started school in late September and because he didn't finish school quickly enough the employer fired him. That was the reason he gave him when he called him in to the office. Okay we accepted it and my husband filed for unemployment so he could go to school full time and still get some money. Now the employer is fighting this too. My husband has known the employer for 25 years and I worked for him for 9 years. We were more than employee and employer. He invited us to church and dinners a lot of the times. We were there for him no matter what. His wife didn't care for us but we never knew why. I only receive $920 a month for workers comp, and my mom and dad receive social security which isn't much. We are currently struggling to make December's rent. If my husband doesn't happen to pass his DMV test on Dec 6, it will take another month to get another appointment. If the employer continues to fight and delay unemployment, we will be in danger of not being able to pay the rent for January. We have been blessed by our church and other organizations with food and we truly thank God for keeping food on the table. Please pray that my husband receives unemployment until he gets a trucking job. That would help so much. The very sad thing is that the employer knew all about what would happen to us if he let my husband go. I believe that God will provide. I believe that everyone praying for us will move this mountain! Thank you so very much for your prayers!!!!! God bless you all so much!

Santa Maria, CA
#79     Where do I begin...well I guess it all started falling apart in 2009. Lets go back a little. I had a wife, four beautiful kids. Two girls and two boys, a nice house 4 dogs a boat and a happy life. I worked in the mortgage industry and when the economy collapsed my career with Countrywide did as well when they sold to B of A. I lost my job in August of 08 and by March of 09 my wife's love ran out simultaneous with our money. Woke up the morning of March 31st 2009 and left the house to take my youngest to preschool came home and she was packed and gone. Since then I have been battling depression and the stress levels of not being able to find work. My kids haven't had a birthday or Christmas from me. Its to the point now that they like there moms new bf and Dad is just there. I need help to restore what I was previously in my children's eyes. I miss them a lot and want to be able to give them something. My two youngest are now 9 & 8 and still haven't been to Disneyland. There is so much I wish I could do and just feel like I'm drowning. I really want to be able to take my kids and myself to Florida and visit The Holy Land Experience. That would be truly amazing as I know its something I won't be able to do and I want my kids ages 15, 14, 9 & 8. I thank Jesus daily for the sun coming up and the fact I'm breathing and my kids are healthy. I need help to restore my kids love they had for me.

Orange, CA
#100     My husband & I are in much need up prayer. He has been laid off for a long time & unemployment runs out next week. We take care of my ill Mother also & she must sell her home quickly as money is gone.We need a home & job & mostly the Lord's direction, wisdom & provision & prayers. Thank you

Canyon Country, CA
#121     I have been unemployed 3 months and its hard to find work since I am 5 months pregnant with my 4th child. It was a beautiful unexpected surprise, my husband and I have 3 boys and just found out our 4th baby is a baby girl. My husband works 6 days a week and what he currently makes financially its been very hard for him to cover our basic expenses. It would be a awesome blessing to be able to provide food and a small gift to our boys for Christmas. We have been believers in Christ and attend a great church. We know that God is good and He is the one keeping us strong through such a difficult financial time.

Canyon Country, CA
#122     I'm a single mother of two beautiful children. It has been a long couple of years of transition. I am trusting God for hug things in our lives. He has provided so much this year and given me the opportunity to show my children how his love is for us. I work full-time but these days it's still not enough especially during this time of year. We don't have family that lives near by. It would be such a blessing to have the money I need for food so that I can spend quality time cooking and teaching my kids that Christmas is about the Lord and love and caring not about presents. I wont be able to make rent and other bills, but praying w/o ceasing. Faith not wavering. Just asking for a little help during these difficult times.

San Jose, CA
#124     I give care as a way of life. The two people that depend on me the most are my husband and my Pastor's mother. My husband is only 45 years old, but there are days that he cannot walk due to a condition that weakens his muscles. He falls sometimes and cannot get up by himself. When this happens in public, he has to rely on the kindness of others to get him on his feet again. I would like to be able to make sure he gets to and from work safely, since I am a licensed driver. I care for my Pastor's mother five days per week. I take three buses to get to her home and three buses to get back home. This can take up to three hours of (unpaid) time per day, even though she lives in the same city. The bus is a blessing, but this method of travel is time-consuming and not always available when I need it. Humbly, I ask for help in obtaining a car. I am not asking for fancy, just reliable. If anyone can understand how their own life would be more challenging without private transportation, I pray that your heart would be touched to bless me.

Oceanside, CA
#131     I am unemployed depressed and mourning the loss of my Mom.I get sad and depressed at the Holiday season. Please pray for me for help and so I can get a job. Thank you.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
#157     Hello this year will be especially special for my family because on December 13th I go to court and appear before a judge to get released from probation early. For five years my husband and I have had to make sacrifices on a monthly basis to pay for my restitution which is the amount of 700 dollars a month. But we have both been faithful since then. Unfortunately this year I wasn't able to work and feel behind in some of my payments. I'm confident though that since I have been able to abide with all the other terms of my probation (Cal trams, counseling, monthly check on) I'm praying that with any help I can receive to make another payment before December 13th would be greatly appreciated so I can give my family the greatest gift to them that I successfully completed probation! Thank you in advance for your prayers and support!

Merced, CA
#158     After 3 years of unemployment for my Husband, and 1 year of disability for myself. We hoped we could get on our feet when he and I got back to work. In May our oldest daughter and her four children had to move in. To start with we also have a middle daughter who is a disabled Veteran living with us. Well between outrageous utility bills and short pay checks we are 5 months behind on our rent. $2300.00 behind on utilities. I now am putting out over $200 a month on prescriptions. We tried to work with a pre- cancer condition for me and now I need an emergency Hysterectomy. My Dr. is trying to get me set up with a Dr. who can perform it Laparoscopy Were waiting on that and working on everything else as we can. We are blessed every day By God, in one way or another. Oh yeah our main vehicle needs a new transmission. The car that we do have to use, only gets us around town. Can't go out of town unless we ride with someone willing to take us.

San Jose, CA
#196     My husband was recently arrested for Domestic Violence and left me raising 4 kids with another on the way. I have no money for present for my kids and would love any kind of help. I also need stuff for new baby like crib and diapers because my youngest is still only 9 months old.

Santa Maria, CA
#230     I am a single mom with 5 children who left EVERYTHING behind to escape a 12 year abusive marriage. He was military and has PTSD...he was abusive to my kids and me but by Gods grace and mercy we are finally free! I don't like asking for help but I can't afford even the basics for my children, let alone Christmas gifts... Thank you for this opportunity! Blessings to you all!

Citrus Heights, CA
#263     We'll I single mom that hads cohens and I have three kids and Christmas is such a hard thing for to give me my kids the greatest Christmas just like when I was a kid I love my kids so much and I can't give them the Christmas they should have God is the bless of all and Jesus is star of my life thank you for him.

San Jacinto, CA
#281     My husband was laid off of work in January. Rather than getting an unemployment or financial aid, he worked odd jobs for people at church and we borrowed money for him to go through school for his general contractor's license. He passed the test and we started our business...with no money. He worked hard and we paid off our initial debt, but there were other expenses, like insurance and tools, equipment rentals, etc. Work is slow now and we are very close to being evicted from our rental home. We haven't shopped at all this year, except for business needs (gas, building materials, insurance, etc.) We will not be Christmas shopping. We have made it through without any government assistance. Our bills are higher, our income is much lower this year, but God has provided! We're all wearing second hand clothes, but we aren't starving. We have six children, ages 3-18. I am feeling discouraged, though I know God is with us. Anything would help. Thanks.

Galt, CA

#328     My family and I are going through a very hard time. Although hours at work have been cut back my husband still has a job and for that I am thankful. We have three children. However, we feel like it is our place to help other children and that is what we are doing. Currently we have another child living with us who needed a warm, safe home. And when she is able to go home we will take in more children, just like we have over the years. God always provides and we will continue to be faithful to Him. Knowing and trusting that He will help us through our difficult times. I am not worried about Christmas. We have always tried to be frugal and responsible with our money. So over the summer (when there were sales and before hours were cut) I had bought the kids gifts. However, I am worried because there are three things that were not able to be paid this month. Our electricity bill is one of them. When hours got cut, I also cut back on electricity usage. Then I called the company and made payment arrangements. They honored our request at first but now say we are out of options and we must pay the $432 balance. We have $80.00 cash and still a week and a half before payday. That will not pay the electricity bill or provide enough gas for my husband to get to work or groceries for that matter. Although I will be doing a "clean" sweep of the refrigerator and cupboards. No more buying food until all we have is gone. If you feel it on your heart to help us this month it would be greatly appreciated. I guarantee that we will pay it forward through our continued work with children.


Stockton, CA

My children are in need of help this year. I had a stroke a few months back and lost my job. Please i have a 2 year old daughter a 7 year old faughter and an 8 uear old son. We need help!



Westminster, CO
#55     We are about to lose our apartment I have four children and four grandchildren, My husband lost his job cause he lost his drivers license cause we could not afford to pay his fines. We are so in debt but we refuse to lose hope cause we know we have an awesome God who does the impossible!    

Colorado Springs, CO
#168    I am married with 3 kids 1 boy 12 yr, 2 girls 5 & 3 all diagnose with Aspergers disorders. So my day is busy every day with therapies or appointments. I wish i could work to help but with my kids disability i can't. Some days I want to crawl up in bed and do nothing. I am tired and exhausted but i keep going for my kids. My husband is a full time student and has PTSD from the military. My girls are excited for Christmas but we are on a fixed income, only paid on the 1st. So bills are paid 1st of the month. That covers all our bills. My 12 knows he won't get anything for Christmas.

Evans, CO
#200     I am the single mother of three beautiful children. I am the only provider for my kiddos. Money is always tight and we live paycheck to paycheck. There is no money in the budget for Christmas gifts. My kids tell me not to worry about getting them anything but I see the looks in their beautiful faces when they see all the new stuff in the stores or in the ads. Please help me to give them the Christmas they so deserve.

Colorado Springs, CO
#223     What a year this has been! We are grateful for so much - for our home, good health, a wonderful church family, and so much more. God is so good. We continuously find ourselves learning to trust in the Lord more and more. My husband and I have been married for 11 years and have 4 precious children - ages 8, 6, 4, and 2. My husband works so hard to provide for our family and I stay home with our kids. Over this last year my husband has steadily lost parts of his route which affects his income. We never know what each month will bring in monetarily. He has taken many hits despite his efforts to work hard, be ethical in his job, and follow the Lords will. I have done child care to supplement our income over the last 3 years. For the second year in a row right at Christmas I have lost a family due to a change in THEIR family structure which has impacted us financially. I have not been able to replace the family I lost and we are struggling financially to make ends meet. I was ready to buy my kids Christmas presents and now once again we are finding ourselves not able to purchase them. It has been a tough year as we've been going through testing and processes for my son who is believed to have autism. It has just really drained us emotionally, physically, and financially to try and figure out what is going on. We are still months away from a firm diagnosis as our insurance recently denied coverage for the 20 hours of testing he will need. We are at a loss and are struggling to cope with all that has gone on this year. We were so looking forward to the holidays and now it has been difficult to just get through them. My husband is working 2 jobs currently - upwards of 80 hours a week - so he is rarely home. We are trying to trust God in the midst of this seemingly never-ending storm but at times it is difficult. We could use a miracle right now in whatever form God chooses to send it. We would be forever grateful for any blessing that is given!!

Colorado Springs, CO
#244     My 17 year old son wants to meet his sister and birth grandparents this Christmas as the grandfather is in a nursing home. My own family never accepted this boy I adopted from my niece. I do not have transportation so wanted to rent a car. I have some $ but not enough. Aaron is currently living in a Christian boarding school and finishing credits for his high school diploma. He's also working on anger issues due to my ex molesting him between the ages of 4 and 8, plus stalking us for the last 9 years. He just really needs to know some family members love and accept him. Unfortunately, they live several states away.

Kit Carson, CO
#269     My husband needs a reliable truck, ours is done and just cost us money that should have went to our mortgage. We have purchased no gifts this year and we have 3 children. But we as a family agree, Daddy needs a truck so he can keep our business going.  Let me give you a bit of our back ground. 1 year ago my husband fell 33 ft and shattered his back and left foot. He was not suppose to work or walk for a minimum 6 mos. Robert is a hard man to keep down, that being said he was in a body brace and boot and by 3 months after the accident, he was pushing snow in a skid steer 12 hrs at a time to keep us afloat, He took on a Project Management College Degree and is still in college. By December last year we had filed bankruptcy, and soon would lose our vehicle but 1 and also lost our home. We did not however, ever lose our family. Things are just things, Robert wasn't even suppose to still be with us after that fall but God graced us with him for however much longer(hopefully quite awhile!) Well after losing everything we found a new home in Kit Carson, CO and the day we moved here we bought the truck that died on him this week. It lasted 10 months and cost us 1750.00 + many repairs and frustrating hours on the side of the road. We have jobs that he needs to be to and so he needs a truck. I feel really weird asking for this. But God bless if you can help.



Elsmere, DE
#277     Our family heats our home with fuel oil & we are almost out right now, so we're surviving on space heaters. We qualified for the low income home energy assistance(LIHEAP), but the grant doesn't come in until late December or early January. We would like enough until the grant comes in. Our hot water heater also runs off of the oil burner. Thanks in advance & God Bless.



Ocala, FL
#40     We are 1 month behind on our rent and the wolves are at the door. My husband is a hard working and wonderful man, but with has been very slow in his field as an auto technician this year and we have depleted our resources trying to stay afloat. Our 4 children ages 12-16, are very understanding and very gracious about not having Christmas presents, but my heart is breaking that we may lose our home and we do not have the money it would take to move either. Praying for a miracle.

Tampa, FL
#53     I am a single mom with no much help... i am greatful that i have a job, and God has been good to us in provision but it has been very hard..the job i have does not cover my expenses..just the rent and maybe another expense...how i am surviving? Gods hands over my family...for the last year i have been sick off and on and doctors have no real diagnosis...i have 2 teenagers children..one in senior year... and I would like to be able to afford all the expenses that comes with that...especially college applications and stuff.

Brandon, FL
#88     Hello, I am in need of a car. I am on disability and it is very hard for me to get to the drs., grocery store ect.. i have to rely on someone all the time and it makes it very hard.. I am a christian and go to church and my church home has been keeping me in prayer for one. I also been trying to serve there when I can. Thank you.

Indian Shores, FL
#113     Hello I have 5 kids. My husband and I were recently evicted from our home. Just days before Thanksgiving. We are currently staying in a motel room. With only enough money to get us a week. I'm not sure what to do next. I am trying to depend on God and trust in Him. I don't know how I'll be able to give my kids a Christmas tree. I am just praying we will have a home. We really need some help please. I am currently job seeking. I has an interview yesterday but won't know for a week. We attend a church and are praying God will bless us with a place to live. My husband gets SSI disability benefits of 640 monthly. We had to put 300 into a room. Please help us.

Boynton Beach, FL
#142     This time every year always seem tight for us but this has gone to a new height. As my husband continues to go to work daily and be source of income for our family, the bills keep coming and the needs keep arising. So as we try to prepare for the holiday season we have a daughter in desperate need of a pair of glasses. Three sons growing like weeds and out if their clothes. And a 15yr old daughter that's always thinking of others but it's always hard to just bless her because of the lack off finances. Bills past due and living day to day not knowing if the lights or water will be cut off or if we will find an eviction notice. Not sure what can be done but anything would be appreciated. I know Christmas isn't about the gifts and toys but I still want my children to have something to open Christmas morning.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL
#181     Four years ago, we were living in another state after being called to pastor a small church. Long story short, our ministry called us back and we ended up selling our house at a significant lose and losing our life savings during the housing market crash. We found a really small apartment, and struggled to pay the rent each month. Several months ago, we found mold and were forced to move. Husband had to take a second job to pay the debt it caused and to try to save money for a different apartment. He was laid off 3 weeks ago. We are in a new place that unbelievably has smoke damage and needs new air ducts. Because the apartment is a foreclosure, the board will not do anything else to help. We were sick with respiratory issues in our first apartment and now here as well. Our pediatrician is ordering us to leave. We do not have money for any extras, let alone money for food, Christmas or to move to a healthy apartment. We are a family of four, with a boy and a girl and we homeschool. Any help will be greatly appreciated! We thank God for what we do have and know that He will provide. Thank you.

Ocala, FL
#184    Hello  I have 3 kids ages 16, 15, 12 and a 10 month old grand daughter ( my 15 year old sons baby). I currently am going thru really hard times and cant afford Christmas. I lost my full time job back in Aug. I just recently started working again 3 weeks ago. My husband is in jail and I have no one. I was fired from my previous job without notice after new owners took over the business and had me train all my replacements. I am in danger of eviction because I am 4 months behind on my rent. Every penny i receive i use to keep my utilities on. I would love to give my children some kind of Christmas. I can barely make my utilities since I was so far behind. My power was cut off 3 weeks ago and a kind person helped me out. Please help me give my kids a Christmas since we don't know how much longer before we lose our home. Thanks and God bless!



Dallas, GA
#34     My husband lost his job a little over 2 years ago , he has sporadic government contract work but not enough to cover the bills. We have 7 children. Any help would be appreciated.

Jasper, GA
#46     I have 2 wonderful boys who will more than likely not be getting much of a Christmas, if any, from me this year. They are 17 1/2 and 12 and just the sweetest, most respectful young men I could ever have the honor of being a mother to. I'm a single mother whose husband 2 years ago forgot he was married and had multiple affairs. We survive now but there is definitely nothing left over at any time of the year, much less Christmas-time. It makes me sad to think of this being the 2nd Christmas in a row that I was not able to do anything for them. They've grown to not expect anything, so that makes me find the courage to fill this out and maybe they won't be disappointed this year!! Thank you so much for any help at all! The Lord provides for us every day!

Donalsonville, GA
#62     I'm struggling with the holidays this year. My husband and best of over 31 and a half years passed away in June of this year.  He was only 60y ears old.  My children and grandchildren and myself miss him very much. I feel like I have been ripped in two . I've been trying to find a second job just to make ends meet. I have cut off anything that is not a necessary. I'm still struggling. My little grand babies are 20 months old and 6 years old little girls . I'm afraid that I just don't have any extra money to get them anything or to make my utility bills. I am behind on my light bill telephone insurance and hardly any food or gas. Lord knows that I am not the only one who needs help but I pray for myself and all the others out there that need help. Especially when their health isnt good like mine isn't. Please Lord help us all to make it through the rest of this year and the coming year. Thank you Lord. Your will be done. Amen.

Auburn, GA
#74    I have 3 children. A 11 year old son, a 8 year old daughter and a 4 year old daughter. My husband has a shoulder injury and can't work a full 40 hour week. He has had to go to the doctor to try to get some relief. We don't have health insurance so all if that has to come out of pocket. All the doctor bills and prescriptions. I have some amazing kids! I pray that someone could help us make their Christmas amazing as well!

Commerce, GA
#90     I am a divorced/single mother of four kids. Two of my kids are 16, 14, & a 4 year old. I was in a car accident back in September, I was rear-ended and now I am without a car now. I am having to borrow my mothers van to get around, luckily I drive a school bus that I park at my parents home, so that helps out some. My kids will not have a Christmas tree or any gifts, such as clothes, shoes, jackets or anything they need or want, this year. I was trying to look into a better paying job, but due to my accident, I am not able to get another job. I have gotten behind on some bills and have been seeing a chiropractor for my neck and back pains since my accident, Its been a tough year. My older kids are twins, one boy and one girl. My oldest is a girl, she is trying to help me out a little by working, but she is getting less than 13 hours a week. My son has many medical & learning problems, he is a special education student and he has to see doctors often, he has been bullied at school over past years, my 14 year old daughter is going through a lot from peer pressure to self esteem problems. My youngest is 4 years old, she had an operation on her spine at the early age of 3 months for a teethered cord. She is ok now, but the worries of that tissue growing back is always on my mind. Its been a tough few years for my family, I am struggling just to keep a roof over my children's head and to have the things that they need. This is the first year I wont be able to even buy a Christmas tree. I know my needs are many, and I do not expect anyone to just come and take all my burdens away, but if I can at least have your prayers, that would be most appreciated. My parents use to help me when they could, but my parents are both retired and arent in great health now so they cannot help other than praying for us. I dont like people feeling sorry for me, but I have so many things that has been hurtful happen to my family, and we can use your prayers. I have no car, & after paying my bills, I have no more money left to buy any gifts for my kids. I dont have good credit to get a small loan or anything, I have gotten behind on bills and some hospital and doctors bills. I would like a second job, but between not having my own car and having the back pain from the wreck, its difficult to do anything about my situation right now. I am sorry for not having this written out very well, I just dont know where to start and where to end. I have never written anyone for help. I like the FB page of Dr. Dobson's and saw the FHF, and thought I would share some of my story. My life story is a lot more than what is written, but I shared some of what is going on now. I want to thank you for this opportunity to write in.

Hogansville, GA
#98     2013 has been full of trials and blessings. We moved for my husband's work and the day after our move was Easter. Our son broke his femur at church and was then in a half body cast, due to have it removed that same day I was due with our 3rd, a boy. Shortly after our move we wellcomed our son into the world early. He fought for his life for 10 days and miraculously became better and strong! Praise God for our son! We ended up having a couple more hospital stays after this incident. Meanwhile my husband had to work and drive an hour to and from work in a car that drank gasoline quickly. We lost a lot financially during that time. Between work and carrying around our 3 yr old (who was out of his cast in may) my husband tore his cartlige in his knee resulting in missed work and a surgery. God has tremendously blessed us and even allowed my husband to find a better job. Unfortunately this new job had told him he would get a raise within 30 days if they chose to keep him. They kept him and right here at this time of year told him that they realized he was worth more but simply could not pay him more. We are teetering at poverty level and would loose $ if I went to work bc of the cost of childcare. Our greatest need right now is simply help with bills. Through the grace of God we are only 1 mo behind on the utility bill but 1 mo is hard to catch up. We havr basic utilities, no cable or internet. We live in a small home and keep our rent down. Gas in the car takes much of his check. This and general needs is where most of the monthly income goes. I choose not to write numbers because I am leaving it in God's capable hands now. If you cannot help monetarily then please pray for us. God is faithful!

Savannah, GA
#126     Just moved to Savannah. Would like a total make over for my daughter and I.

Macon, GA

#149     I have 4 kids..my boy/girl twins are 19 and 2 girls ages 13 and 14...I lost my job last August so thieves is the second Christmas with no job They all need clothes. Thank you!

Columbus, GA
#156     This may be better explained in a phone call. I live 16 hours away from my son and each year I have to travel to TX to get to see him for two weeks during Christmas. This year there is no where for me to stay for that time and I am unable to afford the hotels for that long a period of time. It would be a miracle for me and my daughter to be able to have a place to stay during Christmas to see her brother. My current husband is in the army and this is the only time we are ever able to travel that far. Due to my illness and inability to travel alone.

Lavonia, GA
#208     Going on complete faith and trusting in God's will. We're a single income family of 6, that lives to serve Jesus, whose only vehicle (motor) is no longer working, a child with a birthday on Monday, and it doesn't look like there will be a Christmas here this year either. What I've put on layaway, I won't be able to pay now due to borrowing a vehicle that isn't good on gas at all and doesn't fit the whole family, which is a problem because we love to be in the house of the Lord serving and worshiping Jesus. If there is anyone out there who is able to help us in any way, I will be forever thankful and will be sure to pay it forward. If anything, pray for us. Thank you and God bless.

Abbeville, GA
#209     I am wanting to give my 2nephews a great christmas. They are 2 yrs old and 2 mos old. I have also just moved into my own place. It would be a blessing to bless them and myself. I just wish i could give them a great Christmas but can't afford it.

Rockmart, GA
#215     We moved a few years ago when we could afford our mortgage and bills with me being a stay-at-home- mom. At the same time as the housing/building market crash that began in 2006, we became pregnant, and my contractor husband was injured. With no insurance, it took 10 months for him to get a total hip replacement and back surgery. Since then, work has been sparse and resources have all but disappeared. We desperately need to catch up on three months mortgage and get a tank of propane for heat. Secondary needs would be a Christmas present for my 10-year-old daughter and 6-year-old daughter. On the bright side, we have made new friends and I have learned to do without many things to which I was accustomed cable television, Internet at home, home phone, driving somewhere on a whim, vacations, steak, going out for a meal, new clothes and shoes. God has let me walk through fire and understand that all people in the grocery line with pearls and diamonds are not cheating the welfare system. I have learned how wrong it is to base opinions on what you see, do not judge. God bless you all, all year. Thank you.

Royston, GA
#234     My husband works  in Hartwell GA making 7.25 an hour.right this very moment were barley making ends meet and can't buy Christmas gifts year.were only eating one meal a day at our house which isn't easy.all because I'm a diabetic and can't afford to get to the Dr. because it cost to much.and that our van keeps playing out and we owe our mechanic a lot of money.we would be grateful for whatever help we can get.we have my two sisters living with us and one is disable to do anything.

Monroe, GA
#260     We need help! I cant cook for my family, we cant afford a stove, we lost one car, my husbands truck needs work, cant buy food, cant get any gifts for my children. I feel like such a failure as a Mom. I am thankful for what God has blessed us with. I lost my kids unfairly to my ex husband, his wife and her lawyer Dad.

Colquitt, GA
#278     We have four kids 12,8,7,6 and a Niece 8, and nieces and nephews. 10,9,5,2,5 we are buying something of some sort for . There all aware of the true meaning except three of them still believe in Santa and two maybe three others believe Santa could still be real and us parents are wrong but due to financial struggles and a death in the family it has put a strain on our family and there's . three of my children have a small amount of survivors benefits that I'm using for Christmas .Our other child gets C.S and her mother plays Santa but we still try to do something . I'm going to take care of toys from a cheap perspective but my main concern is if there's anyone willing to bless our homes and family would be through food , coupons or food items that are just sitting in your pantry . I can make Christmas dinner like when i was a kid or have food to last longer and get us through a little better . We are not suffering as some but were behind in utility bill And All my husband's income goes to Child support for our step daughter and bills. So whatever help we could get like that would be amazing but if you rather help with Christmas i will literally give you a list. Barbie remote control helicopter nightmare before Christmas calender or galaxy looking shoes Baby doll clothes baby doll books about jesus marvel hero books and figurines boots for women sizes 8. Size 5and 6 women sizes there big girls we will take used boy pants size 8 Any clothing used for that matter any used homeschooling supplies also . If not all i can ask is prayers and look at the worst off families than us and do something because we are helping a family we know is struggling and were struggling so every body can do something even if its so small but there are some people out there doing so well off and could literally make miracles happen for a child's imagination or well being but i hope i don't come off wrong writing a Christmas list but i just don't think i can afford the expensive type toys out there and why have toys become such a luxury its a shame children just want to play and the world is turning them into robotic adults so i can't help but request things they want not just need . god bless and may Christ fill every heart this Christmas.

Savannah, GA
#285     I am raising my two grandsons..their mother, my daughter died from cancer..7 years ago. They are great boys, no problems at all. They understand Christmas is not about things..but about Jesus birth..i would love to surprise them however with a gift..nothing big.older one is 13 and youngest is 10. Thank you for any help.

Cumming, GA
#291     I recently became a single mom. The house I reside in has just been foreclosed on and I have no place to go. I need a jump start to start our new life. Any help appreciated.

Columbus, GA
#321   I am a single mother of 2 boys. I was affected by the government shut down and have not been able to make ends meet even though it is over. I have been beside myself because I cannot provide like I should for my kids. Not asking for gifts but for much needed prayers and just help anyone is willing to provide to put money into their school lunch accounts for when they go back to school after the Christmas break. Breaks my heart to hear them say they were unable to eat lunch at school because their lunch accounts were empty. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. God bless you and thank you.



Kaneohe, HI
#33     My husband is pastor of a small church in Hawaii that has ministered to spiritual, emotional and natural needs of people since 2000. May 2013 our 19 year old daughter's sin of homosexuality was exposed. She left home and the church. Other parishoners also left. We are in jeopardy of having to close the doors. I am writing this because I don't limit God in how He chooses to bless. When word spread of our daughter's sin, what was already a small fellowship , dwindled. We have been caring for the church's needs from our personal finances, foregoing our personal expenses. We know that God is working this for His good purpose, so we're not feeling sorry for ourselves. My husband is beginning to wonder though why the hands, head, feet, etc. of the Body of Christ are not coming to help the ears so that the whole body can operate fitly joined together so every joint can be effective. I am a wife who loves her husband and pastor. I believe God has lead me to this specific posting. #markeleventwentytwo.

Kaneohe, HI
#132     I've never done this before so please forgive me, I'm a single mom of 6 and recently lost my source of income wanting to care for both my parents who are disabled full time. I receive no financial help at all except for welfare food for my children. the money my parents receive from ssi are barely enough to pay their monthly bills. We are just really struggling and I'm afraid that I will not be able to give my family anything for Christmas, not even a christmas tree. I'm asking for help with gifts for the kids or maybe a Christmas tree? You see, my parents are the most loving and giving people I've ever known. We have 16 - 21 others living here at this residence, aunts, uncles friends and their families all who are having a rough time as well and due to my parents loving hearts, took them all in until they can get back on their feet. We live in a 3 bdrm house with only 1 bathroom that is about to collapse but somehow manage to make it work. We own this property we live in and hope to one day knock this old house down and build a new but for now we have my moms brother staying in a coop converted into a bedroom, my sister and her husband a shed, my aunty and our neighbor who got wrongfully kicked out of the home, my moms sister and her entire family are staying in the now enclosed patio that has a partition separating them from where my parents want to be so that I may have rooms for me and my children to sleep in along with my nieces that we have custody of and everyone else sleeps on couches or futons in the living room. I know this all must sound horrifying, but please keep in mind that I come from a loving and giving home and we all keep our home as safe and clean as we can. It's just that this is a very trying year for all of us and really need a little help. In Jesus name I pray to God someone can help me and my wonderful ohana. Mahalo for your time.



Soda Springs, ID
#267     I have never done this before but am desperate for the sake of my children. My husband was laid off for a year and God finally blessed him with a job. A years worth of bills pilling up let alone trying to feed the kids has been overwhelming. I have a life long medical condition that requires doctor visits and monthly meds. To help me walk and keep up with my duties at home. I can not work. We have been through a lot this past year and feel overwhelmed. I just want to see my kids smile and be happy on Christmas morning and have full bellies! We have 2 15 yr olds (boy and girl) a 12 yr. Old boy and a 7 yr. Old girl. Thank you for reading...may God bless you and have a very Merry Christmas.



Sandwich, IL
#151     God blesses me so much already, I'm not asking for anything but prayer. I've been out of a job for a year and a half and my husband isn't working because he is taking care of his mother at her house. We see each other 8 days a month and somehow, someway, we manage to sell something and our bills get paid. My daughter just got out of the Army and her and her 3 year old daughter are living with me while she goes to school full time. I am just asking for prayer to find a job that is suitable for paying our bills and take care of our needs. We don't live extravagantly (sp) and desperately need a new roof and if I find a job then we can look into getting better qualified full time help for my mother-in-law. Thank you for remembering us in your prayers and God bless you all. Merry Christmas.

Chicago, IL
#170    My husband lost his job in September. We had to move in above our church. We have 3 children. We are also blessed to find out we are expecting in June. I am working a part time but its not cutting it. We have fallen behind in our bills.its been difficult trying to keep all together for the kids especially in front of kids. Above all we continue to trust God to keep us going.

Normal, IL
#174    My husband became disabled with a neuro-muscular disease two years ago. He had to go on disability after 23 years on the job. Because he worked for the government he wasn't able to get his pension until age 62. We have an autistic child that is totally dependent on us for everything. Living on disability only, has been a challenge at every turn. We have many medical expenses and household expenses. We are in a two story house and we either need to find a one story or make this house handicapped accessible. There is no cure for the disease that he has and it's progressive. There are many times that he can not even climb the stairs to get into bed. Any help, suggestions, or prayers are appreciated.

Lake in the Hills, IL
#276     I am a single mother of 2. My daughter is 10 and my son is 6. I just got divorced in January. We relocated to a new town and new school. The children are adjusting well. I am having trouble with managing financially. My car is in need of some repairs. Both of my children have an interest in playing a sport. I can not afford to do that for them. I could use help in any way. Car repairs would be extremely helpful.

Sigel, IL
#288     My name is JoDee and my husband's name is Richard and we have 5 kids ranging in ages 18 mths - 14yrs. This year has been a rough year. I have had mahor health issues, been in hospital once and almost died once, in addition we have a special need kid. My hubby works one fulk time job and picks up side jobs when possible. Finances have always been tight but are now non- existant. We would love to be able get gifts for the kids BUT more important is to have food on the table and pay our basic utilities and get winter coats for our kids as we live in a snowy area and they just have sweat jackets.As of now we can not do any. We know God will supply and help and not abandon us. Thank you for any blessings you may be able to assist with. God Bless.

Carmi, IL
#299     Need a Christmas Miracle for our finances we are not able to buy gifts for one another no money to buy with we struggle just like everyone else week to week my husband 54 works hard to provide for us, we are good Christian people my husband singsin church did play the guitar till it tore up, we do our best to help others in need so I am going to believe my Christmas wish will come true for gifts for us I am 57 we have 2 dogs both 13 our babies, God Bless.

Princeton, IL
#320     My husband, our little family, (ages 5,2 and 2 and 1/2 months), and I had been planning on going from Central-Illinois to Ft. Hood, TX as our Christmas this year. We had been saving and I ended up staying four days in the hospital and having my gallbladder removed, two gallstones removed and came down with pancreatitis. At the time we had a month and a half old baby at home so my husband missed almost two weeks of work, counting the doctor ordered recovery time I needed help (wasn't allowed to lift more than 8 pounds and my little man came into this world almost 10!). We managed to somehow still be able to budget our trip when we received a disconnection notice from the utility company saying we hadn't paid in over four months, which simply isn't true. But with such young babes we couldn't go without water or heat in an Illinois December so we had our hands tied to pay the $500+ they were demanding. We were wanting to make the trip down to Texas so my husband could see his best friend (they haven't seen each other since coming home from Iraq in 2010) before he joins special forces after Christmas and we have no contact with them for a minimum of a year. The fuel cost would be $400 round trip. I understand there are soooo many needs and wants. I also know that God provides and also know that sometimes His answer is "No". Also, it was important for this to happen at Christmas because it's break for the community college my husband is attending. Anyway, thank you for your time! In His Love

Danville, IL



Sellersburg, Indiana
#4     My husband was laid off from his full time job in April of this year after working it for over 6 years. At the time we were ok financially. He cannot find work and our bank has started foreclosure on our home. We have been there over 7 years. Our utilities will be shut off soon and we are so behind we cannot dig our way out of this hole without a miracle. We have 3 children ages 10 (girl) and 2 boys ages 2 & 4. They know we celebrate Christmas because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but it is so hard to not be able to get them presents this year. My husband found a temporary job but it doesn't even cover our basic bills. I have never had to ask for help before but I want to see my kids smile again. Thank you and God Bless.

Bluffton, IN
#24     I first want to give some background to our situation....Two years ago my husband lost his job. We prayed and prayed trying to figure out what we were going to do. I continued working. We had five children. (2 from his previous marriage, 3 from mine). My children live with us while his children live with their mother. We had tried having one of our own. (My husband had a vasectomy in his previous marriage) We were put in touch a couple of years earlier with a wonderful Christian doctor that performed reversals for couples like us at a very low cost. It was affordable for us, and so my husband had the surgery. A couple years later, we still had not become pregnant. We just assumed the surgery did not work for us and stopped thinking about a baby although we prayed about it often; just didn't speak of it other than that. Back to the job... We decided to take what little money we had and move an hour an a half north and open an automotive repair shop. ( my husband is a mechanic) We loved the community and it sure seemed like God led us there. His hands were in it the whole way. We were nervous yet excited about what God was doing in our life! The people here are great, and the schools were amazing! They still talk about God in these public schools! We were thrilled! One month after moving, I found out I was pregnant. The timing was not what we expected. We weren't financially stable like before with a new business and everything. We felt blessed but scared. We knew God would provide. We not only had one baby; we had twins! Wow! We were in shock but very happy! They are nine months old. Times are very trying now. The business is slow. We are on the verge of being homeless...literally waiting for a letter any day. We are finding ourselves unable to provide basic needs. Our church has helped with providing small amounts of food. My three boys and our boy/girl twins live with us. Providing for seven with little to no income has become very difficult while still trying to provide for my husbands other two children as well. My husband has been working day and night trying to provide. We were able to keep our electricity and gas on for now thanks to his hard work. The business is good; just not good enough to get ahead without a loan to get ahead. We have prayed and kept our faith that God will provide meanwhile looking for other jobs in case it doesn't work out. We are at a point in our life trying to figure out how to survive let alone buy Christmas presents for our children. We were always on the other end helping others. I cry out wondering how we got here. We are in such a rut and its reflecting on our marriage as well. We are both so stressed out. I have teenage boys that are in constant need of things for school and such and I can't provide. The babies need formula and I'm counting change to buy it. I can't afford a sitter so I'm forced to stay home which makes me feel like I'm not helping financially as well. We are need of prayers for our family. My children know the true meaning of Christmas, but I feel like a failure with no gifts to put under the tree. I've never in my life asked for help. I really don't know how to. I thought I'd share my story. I hope to be on the other side of the story again helping others. There is no feeling like the feeling I have as being a failure to my children. They don't see it that way, but I sure do. I know that everyone goes through hard times at one point or another. I never expected life to take such a drastic turn. I truly believe we are at rock bottom. We do believe that The Lord has plans for our life. We have faith and hope. Everyday life is still a huge challenge though. Thank you for reading my story. God Bless.

Middletown, IN
#59     I would love to get help in helping my daughter and her three daughters. Her husband is an illegal alien and got deported back to Mexico all as part of his naturalization process. But now she is struggling to survive and keep a roof over their heads on a Walmart job and a gas station job. Those jobs are barely covering the bills and rent. Can you help me to help buy Christmas for her three daughters, and my granddaughters. I am unemployed myself, so unable to buy anything for Christmas for even my own household.

Fort Wayne, IN
#81     I was just diagnosed in feb of this year with multiple Sclerosis.my husband is my caregiver and doesn't complain even with loss of sight due to cataracts.we don't have the money for Christmas or my husbands cataract surgery and we know this is all in Our Heavenly Fathers Hands.

Indianapolis, IN
#103     I am a single mom of two daughters, 12 & 14. I don't know how else to describe it. I am separated from my husband (the girls step-dad). He has two daughters, 12 & 22. He chose to leave at the end of June thus year after 4.5 years of troubled marriage. I found out too late that he is a controlling, manipulating husband. He left due to the conflict because I would not cater to all his desires. He has refused and ignored counseling. He is now in his happy place, living as if I never existed. Not filing nor communicating or seeing a counselor. He still blames me for all the marriage breakdown. He has completely separated all finances and responsibility. What I need for Christmas is prayer that God will work in powerful ways to restore our marriage. This means working in both of us and most of all softening my husbands heart. We are both believers. He is saying he is praying and such but I'm not sure his heart is in the right place. I covet your prayers!! No money please.

Avon, IN
#130     My family is in need a God sized blessing. My husband has been in and out of work for the last five years. He works in medical sales and has struggled to not be the low man and be cut due to downsizing. It has even almost a year since his last full time job. He works part time with a friend doing production. We had to sell our home last year to avoid foreclosure. I am a first grade teacher. My salary is not enough to support our family of five. My parents graciously have allowed us to stay in their home for the last 8 months. We are struggling this holiday season to just make ends meet. My parents and in-laws help as they can. We are struggling now to just buy groceries and gas. It is so hard to ask for help. I feel like such a failure. We would be forever grateful to anyone who could help our family make ends meet this holiday season. My husband has a job in February. I'm grateful for this but can't figure out how we will make it until then. God is so big and I know he have this sight to me. He knows I don't like to ask for help but he knows we need it. Thank you for reading this message. God bless you!

Ft. Wayne, IN
#188     we could use a little help just now my husband and I adopted my 2 grandsons now 15 and 14 we have had since they were babies they have serve special needs so I can no longer work my husband is the only that works but due to lace of work at his job he lost 3 weeks worth of work in nov and will loose 2 weeks in dec and means no pay check and with Christmas and both have them have dec b days times are very hard just now I just have to trust god will take care of our needs during this time but it still very stressful time my husband feels like he is not taking care of his family this is causeing a lot of stress between us and our life is stressful enough raiseing 2 child with special needs thank you who every takes the time to read this.

Marion, IN
#221     I AM A MOTHER OF 6 BOYS ONE GRAND DAUGHTER AND ONE MORE GRANDSON ON THE WAY MY SON OF 15 HAS AUTIZUM AND IS IN NEED OF A NEW COMPUTER OR LAPTOP , his father keeps skipping out on his childsupport payments putting me on a set back ,, my boy of 9 is in need of clothes n shoes,, my lil boy of 6 goes through pants n shoes like craezee,,, they both really are in need of a TV,, but my lil boy needs a twin size bed,, Its been realy hard for my husband to make money because of him not being legal ,,, we still need to keep making payments to his Immigration Lawyer so that he can provide better for us. Please help us. We are trying to help ourselfs but its been realy hard because of my husbands statis to keep a job ,, he does not have papers yet so its getting harder and harder for himto have a steddy income. Thank you n MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Evansville, IN
#222     Praying for a miracle. I just got my Heat bill for this month and it is $492.10 for one month. I know I need a new furnace but can't afford it due to being a widow on disability and trying to support 5 people on my limited income. My daughter and I have MS and my son-in-law lost his job and unable to find one with a crushed pelvic. My grandson has autism and we are trying to homeschool him plus keep up with his treatments and special diet. My son is incarcerated at the present time and I try to help him where I can and help his young children. Time I pay for food and pay bills there is nothing left to do repairs. I have been trying to do some research on a grant to help with repairs. If someone could help my grandchildren and children I would be so thankful. To God be the Glory.

Elkhart, IN
#309     Our family is in need of prayers . We have had a rough year but we know God is in control and if two or more are gathered in his name he is there also that is why we appreciate any one who chooses to stand with us in prayer. Thanks



Spencer, IA
#35     I am a wife & mother to 4 children & 1 grandchild. My husband was terminated from his utility job that he had been with for 22yrs. I work FT as a nurse & now have had to pick up family coverage for insurance. For this next month over half my check will be deducted for this. We still have our other monthly expenses & Christmas is approaching. Plus more than likely we are going to have to re-locate which includes expenses for that, as well. My husband & I are at complete peace knowing God is handling this & knows what we need. But in the interim, I know things could get real tight! And that worries me, a bit. Thank you in advance for any prayers & help in any way!

Mt. Pleasant, IA
#117     I have struggled financially since my son suddenly died a few years ago. The holidays are so difficult to get through as it is with grief issues, but unbearable with financial issues. I have mounting medical bills and utility bills. My son needs a dental filling, I need a crown. Is there some program you may know of to help with medical/dental issues? I am also making payments on a lumpectomy bill that went to collections. If I could get the medical/dental issues I could get something for my children for Christmas. Thank you!

West Des Moines, IA
#312     We have been struggling financially for quite awhile with max-out credit card debt. We have had our home in another state sit since July after we put every last penny we had thinking it would sell or rent. We have gone through our retirement and my husbands work has not delivered customers like he though would this last year. Our credit cards are so high it is impossible to pay our bills monthly unless our house sells or rents.

Oakville, IA

#333     My family has suffered many hardships through the years and the Lord has always seen us through. I have complete faith in his abilities to see us through our current struggle. I just became aware of FHF through an email and I believe it was what I call a “God thing.” I am a married mother of three. This summer, we reached a rough patch financially. My husband has been self-employed for the past five years. I was the primary bread winner for our family until last year when I had to stop working. I had my third brain surgery in November 2012 and a spinal cord surgery in April 2013. We were able to live off savings and the earnings from his self-employment at first, but by the time summer rolled around, the money ran out. We were in dire straits and facing losing about everything, including our marriage. I spent weeks on end praying and my prayers were answered. Times were tough, but in August my husband realized that we were facing a losing battle and started looking for a job. He was able to find a part-time job that has since turned in to a full-time job. I was also approved for my disability. It seemed as if things were finally looking up for us. We then learned we would lose all assistance we receive. I was not concerned about losing the food assistance. It has been an adjustment, but we are making do. However, my son and I both lost our medical and with our disabilities, this has been difficult. He has also lost his SSI because my husband is making too much money. There was a part of me that was proud though that we were completely self-sufficient. Now though, it is almost Christmas. We have already spoken to our children about Christmas and told them they would not be receiving gifts from us. They will receive gifts from grandparents and other family members so they will not go without. I explained to them that Christmas is about giving and not receiving and that really it is Jesus’ birthday, so we are finding ways to honor Him. However, my husband commutes 2.5 hours to work one way (it seems like a lot, but it is worth it). On his way back from work this week, he blew a tire on his truck. We are now down to one vehicle. My children are open enrolled in school, so when he is on the road (3-4 days a week) I need to drive them to school. For Christmas, I am praying for two tires for my husband’s truck and a couple of pairs of thermal pants for him. He has to be out in the cold loading a lot of the time and is very sick right now. He has two pair of thermal pants that are very worn out and I keep patching them up. They are about three years old and on their last leg. We are trying very hard to stay afloat and it has been very difficult. I know through our faith in the Lord it will be possible. I know that there is someone out there that may read this story and be able to help my husband out. He is not a Christian, but I have seen God working in his life as my faith has grown. Maybe this could be one more nudge toward his salvation. Praise the Lord and thank you for reading.



Elbing, KS
#61     Our Faith-Bug…Katie May Schott Jeremiah 1:5 The Message (MSG) 5 “Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you: A prophet to the nations— that’s what I had in mind for you.” Stepping out in faith, we have decided to return to China for our second trip in a year’s time to adopt our daughter, Katie. Katie will turn 14 in January and age out of the orphanage system. Instead of being out on the streets of China, she will be coming home as part of her new family. Her needs of being mentally delayed with some physical issues place her in a very vulnerable position. We are thankful we can love her, care for her needs, and give her all the advantages we can as she grows up. God has special plans for this sweet girl!

Wathena, KS
#86     I have been divorced for several years. I've raised our three kids, 2 boys and a girl, pretty much on my own.  Needless to say every year it was a struggle to provide for their basic needs as well to give the kids a Christmas. I now have 9 grandkids. It is even more of a struggle now to give them all a Christmas. I feel depression creep in on me. I just want the joy in being able to have a nice Christmas without struggling.

Leavenworth, KS
#114     I make minimum wage, and that barely pays my bills. I have a 9 & 7 yr old, and I just do not have the money to buy them much. I have had to use my utility money to get them at least a couple presents.

Hoisington, KS
#152     After a year of struggling to stay healthy after a hysterectomy last year now the health problems have started again and the doctor has said I need to stop working. This close to Christmas and with bills to pay just hurts. I have 3 teenage daughters and I know it is going to be very hard on them. Mostly we just need prayers for my health so they can figure out what is wrong and get me back to work.



Bowling Green, KY
#193     I have 3 children a 3 year old daughter,12 year old son and a 15 year old daughter. We aren't going to be able to afford Christmas for them this year because my Husband is the only one working right now and the bills have to be paid. My babies still believe in Santa and I don't want to ruin the magic of Christmas for them. Any help at all would be very greatly appreciated and would mean the world to us. Thank you and God Bless. 

Lebanon, KY
#259     Our family is stuggling greatly to make ends meet this year. My husband works his butt off and we still can't do it. 2 of our 3 kids have emotion, mental and behavior issues that make it impossible for myself to work, so we rely on my husband. Its just not coming together this year very well :( Our kids desperately need shoes and clothes for winter. The oldest boy(11) wears a 14 in shirts and pants, and a size 5 in shoes. The middle, daughter(9), wears a 10/12 in shirts and pants and a 4 in shoes. The youngest, son,(5) wears an 8 in pants (can only wear stretchy waist pants) and a 1 in shoes. We would be eternally grateful for any help received.

Bowling Green, KY
#268     I am a single parent of an 8 month old baby boy. I work in the packing dept. for a local newspaper company. I don't get child support or a Govt. Check so I've been struggling. My mom helps as much as she can but she doesn't have much money either. For Christmas if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate anything. If I may request, I don't have a high chair for my baby and diapers size 5 & baby wipes. He uses 12 diapers a day. I would like a door mat to scrape your shoes off on, a few rugs for the house and new tires for a 1998 Buick skylark. My tires are so slick. Thank you all so much for reading my post and God Bless.

Middlesboro, KY

#330     This Christmas was supposed to be a 'good' Christmas for my family. My husband and I have struggled financially for the past few years due to my job loss from illness, and his job change required after surgery. We have 3 children, two 19 year olds and a 16 year old, as well as two new grandbabies. The older two kids aren't really expecting anything, as they are out of school and parents themselves. But our youngest, who is a hard worker, both in school and at home, deserves so much, though her expectations are low as well. Id also love for the babies to have something, even though they are so small with no understanding. My husband just started a new job two weeks ago, and hasn't been paid yet. Even so, every bill is so behind, that will be our goal to pay for weeks on end. As a matter of fact, cable/phone/internet will be shut off midnight Friday 12-19 & vehicle insurance cancels midnight tonight. (He lost his job the first of November due to no fault of his own, he was laid off). At present, I remain unable to work, and have been trying to get social security, ssi or disability. Whoever reads this and feels God places us in your hearts, please know we already thank God for you. I've been praying for a miracle. Unsure if this is it, but I will remain hopeful.

Fort Mitchell, KY

#334     I am a committed active Christian single father minorly disabled war veteran trying to raise my 16 yr old son by myself. Both my son and myself are committed active Christians. I have volunteered extensively over the past 10 years. I was an Upward Basketball Coach, an Upward Basketball Director, a VBS teacher, Children’s Sunday school teacher, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer, Ronald McDonald house volunteer, Boy Scout Leader, food pantry volunteer, soup kitchen volunteer, and my son and I traveled several hundred miles to New York to volunteer with Samaritans Purse to help hurricane Sandy victims. My son and I have also volunteered through Scouts on numerous community improvement projects like cleaning up public parks and picking up trash along highways. I have been unemployed sine the company I worked for folded about a year ago. I have had some part time temporary jobs in addition to my unemployment that have enabled me to just barely meet my housing and utility bills. I rely solely on food stamps for food ($200 a month). In case you ever wondered why many unemployed do not seek part time jobs here is why? I have had several part time jobs over the last year so although it lengthened my unemployment by my drawing less money each month = I get more months of unemployment my working part time actually cost me money out of my pocket. How? If I work and make $250 a week unemployment deducts 80% or $200 from my unemployment each week well although I made $250 my check minus local and state and federal mandatory taxes is only $180 so I have $20 a week less income that I can use to pay utilities and rent for every week I work. $20 a week does not sound like much but that $80 a month pay cut I take for working that not including the expense of working like gas to get to and from work and other work related expenses. Even though I take an income cut for working part time I prefer to work whenever I can find it. Because of just barely meeting my cut to the bone bills I am unable to provide my son with anything for Christmas. Outwardly he seems not to mind but I think he may be just trying to spare me the disappointment of not being a good provider. Although my situation is a blessing (I love God and my son even more than before) I would welcome some help in providing my son with traditional Christmas presents. I guess this is my only hope for any Christmas assistance since I have looked at Veteran organizations and other charities and found that since my disability is minor I do not qualify for any disabled Veterans assistance. I have also tried non-disabled veterans organizations and have been turned down since my service was not Vietnam and not post 9/11. It seems that the wars before 9/11 do not qualify for any assistance. I even looked into Toys for Tots and they do not serve my county. I looked into several single parent charities and it seems that because I am not a single Mother but a single Dad I can not receive any help. The biggest 2 lesson I learned from this situation is that my son is a great person and great Christian and that my feeling often do not match reality. The prime example of that is that I know my feelings do not match reality since I feel embarrassed to ask for help since it reminds me of my failure to be a good provider but I know that by not asking for help I deny someone the joy of making God happy by helping one of the ones he loves. I know exactly how Don Piper felt when he did not want anyone to help him in his book 90 Minutes Of Heaven. He then realized that by denying help he is steeling the happiness others get from helping God’s beloved. 

Louisville, KY

#335    My husband was fired right before Thanksgiving. We are blessed with four children. Two boys and two girls that I am worried about providing for. My husband found a part time job this week. We are overwhelmed Please pray for peace in this storm.



Belle Chasse, LA
#99     Have 2 daughters at home, Jamie 14 and Kimberly 11. I am having surgery Dec 9 and don't have the time at work to cover all my time out. My husband doesn't get paid for holidays so this Thanksgiving 4 day weekend leaves him with a 3 day paycheck. I just saw this on fb, never heard of this. Hopefully we can be a blessing one year! Thank you and God Bless!

Schriever, LA
#225     Hi firstly I want to thank you for providing this opportunity. For years my husband and I have always provided for our daughter with poor health. This year we are struggling terribly. With our childs health its hard for me to have a job but blessed we have his income but its covering the week to week costs on utilities and bills and we make it with what is left for food and make it last.The hardest thing is knowing she knows the true meaning of Christmas, and has told me its okay if she doesn't get gifts for Christmas that she has us. But I feel no child should ever have to endure that pain. I know what its like at school, kids talking and asking what was received. With all her medical issues, and maintaining good grades. I pray and know prayer moves mountains, but pray something happens so that I can have a smile on my child's face Christmas morning. God Bless us all, especially those in most during this holiday season, and all through the year.

Keithville, LA
#250     This year has been really hard for my family. Last year my husband lost his job and was out of work for a total of 6 months . We have been trying to catch up on house notes and bills ever since . We were talking about Christmas and with the all of our bills we can't even buy groceries let alone Christmas ! I feel like such a horrible mother that I can't give my kids a wonderful Christmas and I can't even give them the good they need but I know that this too shall pass! God has always been there for me and I know he always will! I have a little girl who is 4 and of course everything she sees she wants but she really wants a bike this year. And my little boy will be 2 in May he loves anything ! Thank you so much for allowing me to share my story.

New Orleans, LA
#337     Dear Friend In Christ, It's very hard for me to write this as I'm the one who likes to give and be a blessing to others and so it pains me to have to ask for help of any kind - especially financial help. I've always been a full-time wife and homemaker to our two children and have really sought to instill God's Word in them and be the wife God's wants me to be. In June, 2013, my husband lost his job and we immediately applied for and eventually received food stamps and a little unemployment while I helped him in sending out over 60 resumes; however, he could not get work. He even applied in other locales. Then, with no warning, my husband up and left me and the family, filed divorce papers, and now lives 80 miles away. Because of Legal Aid and others restrictions and limitations to certain kinds of domestic cases such as abuse, those entities tell me they cannot take my case. I have a court date coming up soon and no attorney to answer the Petition. Several weeks ago, my husband finally got a part-time job that pays slightly above minimum wage. Our home is in foreclosure, I'm two months behind on both the water and electric bill and my extension is about up. My husband was sick for a week and only made $237 from work this past week. I have two boys - one is in Kindergarten and the other one is autistic and an extreme challenge. Despite all these things, God is our Rock and without Him, we'd be full of despair. If our story touches your heart and you feel our Lord's leading, please know how very, very much we'd appreciate your help if God leads you to be His hands and arms on earth to my two angels (boys) and me. We have, and are, praying for God's tangible help through His people. With joy I share that my autistic son is saved (born-again) and a child of the King of Kings as am I. At this holiest of Seasons, may God always be glorified and may God rain down showers of blessings on you - dear friend. As I tell my boys often, let's trust in God to provide. He is always faithful and too good to be ever be unkind. May all glory and honor be His. Love, KG and sons



Kennebunk, ME
#80     I am in need of rent for December. It is $1195. It includes all my utilities. With Christmas coming it's going to be hard to do both. I have 3 boys and I am a single mother. I had a job but was fired when one of my kids was sick and I couldn't work. I am looking for work but am also in the middle of getting my Masters in Law. Thank you. Xo

Montville, ME
#211     I am writing for my husband. We are a family of 6 living on one income. It has been a struggle but we have never gone without. My husband was layed off in August of this year, a week before our fourth child was born. We were able to get by until he found a new job in November but we sadly had to deplete our savings for Christmas and emergencies. I have been able to make most of the Christmas presents for our girls and have worked very hard to make this month a special month for them through help from our friends. One family kindly let us cut our Christmas tree down from their property rather than buying one. My husband has worked very hard to support us doing anything and everything possible to make sure we had what we needed. Often skipping lunch and losing sleep to earn extra income to make ends meet. I would really like to do something special for him. We need to register his truck so that he can get to work safely because our van is not a safe vehicle in the snow. He has gone above and beyond for us in all that he does and if we could receive this blessing for him, I know it would be a load off of his shoulders. Thank you and God bless.

Brewer, ME
#224     My husband and I have 3 kids. Girl, 6. Boy, 4 and our youngest is 3 months old. I had to quit working in order to stay home with the kids. My husband has been working very long days 6 days a week in order to make sure we can afford our bills. It's been so tight. We are not asking for much this year. Christmas is about Jesus and his birth so we are not teaching our kids that it's all about the presents. But it breaks my heart that we can barely afford to get them even just a handful of gifts this year. My husband and I are doing inexpensive and homemade items, which is the BEST! What matters is what comes from the heart! I am going to have our family pick out 1 toy for a boy and a girl this year, even with how little we have to spend because I want that to be how we celebrate Christmas every year. It's about giving, not getting. Thank you if there is anything small that someone might be able to do for the kids. Merry Christmas. May Jesus be the center of all your celebrations!

Clinton, ME
#232     Christmas is so close, and it scares me to death. I know Christmas isn't about gifts, Im just not use to being on the end of not giving. Hubby is retired Navy, currently waiting on SSDI, due to a long history of injuries, and PTSD. I work fulltime, but currently out of work due to Fibromyalgia, and can't use my right arm. I am eligible for FMLA, but will be out of it soon due to me having to use it twice since 2012. First time for hubby's 4th knee surgery, a partial replacement. 4 months after, surgery #5, to clean up failing partial. 1 year later to the day, surgery #6. Total knee replacement/ revision. In the midst of all this, hubby had to resign from his job as a Corrections Officer at the jail. He is currently getting 100% disability from the VA, but its only temporary. We do have a lawyer helping with the SSDI. We dont have a savings left, bills are piling up and falling behind, we could use some help. We have 3 daughter's, ages 18, 15 & 14. Our oldest is coming home from from College for Christmas break, and unable to go back cause their is no money for tuition. Hope someone feels it in their hearts to help. We're trusting God for all.our needs, ans continue to stay on his word. We are lucky to have a great church filled with love. Thank you for your time, GOD BLESS!!



Denton, MD
#252    My husband is an ordained pastor with 30 + years experience. Our church closed and have been struggling financially for a few years.No new opportunities for ministry makes me ask God why. My husband has Ph.D in marriage and family and we struggle to pay rent. After sending 2000 resumes it is clear that 60 somethings are not getting any consideration for employment. It is a sad situation when the church thinks like the world and feels older people have nothing to offer when it is just the opposite. Why not use the the wisdom and experience ? My request is for prayer for direction and if there is a church who wants a godly leader let us know . Thank-you.

Essex, MD
#340     I myself am a mother in need. I work, I provide but it just is never enough. I just had to postpone Christmas for my kids because I just used my check to maintain the roof over our heads so we would not be evicted. My youngest is six and is having a hard time understanding why mommy has to wait. His birthday is the day after Christmas which makes it even harder.....I'm not sure at this point if Christmas will happen before 2014. Every month I have to decide whether to pay the electic bill, the phone bill or the daycare and rent has been late which carries it's own burdens. I have had times where I forgo eating so that my children can have what food I have left. We get around on public transportation which makes it hard to visit family and friends. They tease me at work sometimes because I get there over an hour early every day for the past four years because if I don't take the early bus, I will be late which is something I just don't do. Long story short, I trust and believe God provides for those who believe. I pray that all have a blessed holiday season and the the light of the Holy Spirit shines through all.



Middleton, MA
#5     I am a single widowed mom of 4 children. He passed away it will be 6 yrs Dec. 11 th. I do ok and God always comes through for us. It just seems things are so expensive and you can never have enough. I have had several Medical problems the last couple of months. I am on a leave from job . I dont get paid for my time gone. Now that Christmas is almost here I dont see how I can give my kids much if a Christmas. I have trouble getting my bills paid at this time.



Croswell, MI
#14     Well, not quite sure where to begin. I was previously a children's pastor for 8 years before being let go because of differing views of how to best disciple children. I was finally able to land a full time job in mortgage sales in July, 2012 - and even worked a 2nd job for 3 months - but still will only manage to make under $40,000 this year for my family of 8. My wife and I have been married almost 15 years and have had our shares of up and a down times, but this year was especially difficult. I am happy to give even more specifics if so desired, but at this point I am just not sure what kind of Christmas I'll be able to provide for my family. Blessings!

Muskegon, MI
#28     Our family is drowning in debt. My children have not had a Christmas for 3 years I have a daughter who is 16 and another  who's 14. Even though they're older Christmas is till Christmas we are struggling so hard this week for food we have had milk, bread and butter. People think because we're a two parent household that we have everything we need but we don't. I would only be asking for help from my two daughters and maybe something for my husband I want nothing. He works so hard and does so much and asks for nothing in return. I would just pray that someone would see us and be compelled to help. God bless you all and thank you for looking at my story.

Hersey, MI
#36     In June of 2012 we bought a larger home for our expanding family. In October if 2012 my husband was laid off along with 50 other ppl from General Mills. He got called back to work in August of this year and was working 60+ hours for a while. We were just getting our feet back under us and the cut his hours to about 16-18/week. Now it's looking like he may get laid off again. We have 8 children, and both vehicles are unreliable. My husband and I both have extensive dental issues from lack of insurance and have missed several doctor and dentist apt for the children due to not having gas money.

Clinton Township, MI
#85     I am a single mother of a son who will be 16 in December. I have always worked and provided for him with no help from his father. We got by and managed to help others in small ways as well. Bringing meals to sick seniors, stuffing envelopes for local charities, passing out hot cocoa at our town parade. In 2010, I was diagnosed with an immune disorder and slowly had to reduce my work hours. In May 2013, I was let go from my job and have been unable to find anything else yet. I am 48 and feel like I am 68. I have recently applied for disability but that is a process and have not received anything yet. My son continues to give to others of his time, even when I don't physically feel up to it. He's an awesome, kind, polite, giving young man. This is the first year of his life that I cannot get him anything for Christmas. He says it is ok, but I know it bothers him. He just doesn't want me to feel bad. We need some car repairs and he is looking for a job to help with that. At 15, he has been turned down by many employers. There are no paper routes these days for kids. I don't know specifically what to ask for, but I would like to be able to give my son something for Christmas. It is about giving. But he is a kid who worries about bills, mom's health, and giving to others. I would like very much to see him receive as well. He deserves some joy, to know others also care. Thank you for listening.

Sanford, MI
#111     This year has been a tough year for our Family. My Grandpa died at 67 years old and very unexpectedly. My children were shocked by this, and I found it hard to comfort or say the right things to them, as I have never had to deal with the death of a close family member as an adult. Then, a month later, out world was rocked again. We took our kiddos out for ice cream, and came home to our house on fire. Our pets were hurt and we lost 95% of our belongings. To go from our perfect tiny house, where we had everything we could need, to almost nothing was a shock. We are so thankful that God has saw us through all if this, and we are a closer, God center family because if this. Our Church Family has been amazing and has helped carry us through. We were homeless for 3 months, but are now in a house, Praise God! We have found though that the house is not well insulated and wry drafty, and our bills are high. We are trying to keep up on out bills and save money to buy a house. Our kiddos need winter boots, snow pants, hats and mittens, as it is getting pretty cold here!

Lowell, MI
#116     Hello! I have not ever done this before, so please bare with me. I am a single mom of two 'kids'. My son, who is 28, just moved back in with me and my daughter, who is 17. I was laid off from a salary position in an office a year ago this month. After six months of looking for an office position while on unemployment, I decided to take whatever position I was able to aquire. Needless to say, it is not near the amount of money I was receiving. As a matter of fact, I am currently working two jobs - one of which I make less money per hour than my 17 year-old daughter does at her job. I know my daughter is older and 'understands' our situation. It just doesn't seem right that she has to sacrifice all of the time for my incompetents. I LOVE Christmastime. I am so thankful for God and His son, Jesus. I have always taught my kids the true meaning of Christmas and that we should give to others not expecting in return. It seems as though my spirits are slipping every Christmas. I feel as though I have nothing to offer, no value. I am not even sure what anyone can do for us... I just would like to feel of value/worth again. I pray for all of those hurting out there. Keep hanging on to His promises!

Flushing, MI
#242     I am a single Mom with 7 children. Five still live home and three of those are special needs. I need prayer and new tires for my Dodge Durango. I can meet my normal bills but extra things are very hard. God has blessed me with my special children I am very thankful but pleas remember me in your prayers. Thank you

Clinton TWP, MI
#255    I dont work I have pain in all my joints for 10 years now.I have a disability case going on for over 2 years now.my son is 12 and I have 3 grandkids .I havent bought any gifts cause I have no money.God bless u all.

Southgate, MI
#257     I am a single mom of three my husband left us many years ago.I work full time to try to provide for my kids but its not enough.I lost my home and came really close to losing my car.I live in a small apartment now where there is not even enough rooms and I don't have a bed I just sleep on the couch.I have to choose sometimes between getting groceries and paying bills so I am behind on my bills.I have no money to get my children anything for Christmas I am barely keeping food on the table.I try to keep my head up and give them hope but I have already told my oldest there might not be much this year,he said its ok he has what he needs.I don't have any family that will help.They don't ask for much.I pray everyday that the Lord will provide and he does make sure our needs are met we have a roof over our head and food to eat,I am thankful for that.In my prayers I always tell him if I ever have more than I need I will help others I am just not on that level yet,someday..Thank you and God Bless

Osseo, MI
#273     I don't Usually share Or even ask For help From others I try to do my best to do what I can for my family I was recently working three jobs not spending much time at home with my children I gave up a job to pick up more hours at another and that didn't work out as I expected during this time I lost the other job I had so I was dependent on this one job and my hours slowly slowed down right up to nothing I call every week looking for hours mean while looking for work else where with no success so far Its hard to rely on others for help I am a dependent person a single mother of four children I keep in my prayers that I will soon find work.

Flint, MI
#280     Hi! Let me begin by saying I have never ask for this kind of stuff before and the only reason I am now is for an 11year old boy. My husband was laid off work and the city we live in is a GM town that has shut down,my husband has always worked hard he is 52 yrs.old and is raising his grandson, the little boy has a few emotional problems because of circumstances beyond a child's control. I would hate the thought of the little boy also being sad about Christmas too and a little help would take a great weight off my husband's shoulders. I would be thankful for anything for the boy, I need nothing for myself my Christmas would be for the boy a Christmas. Thank you so much.

Carleton, MI
#292     I am a newly single mother of 3 chidren. Ages12, 7, 5. In February I lost my job of 12yrs and was denied unemployment. My husband and I were struggljng financially but getting by. In May he walked away from our family for another woman who lives a block away. Left me with a mortgage, 3 kids, and a dog, on top of our struggling bills as it was.we struggle to eat at the end of the month. I have great kids who know and feel the financual burden. They have said "Mom we don't need gifts from you because there isalways santa". - breaks my heart that there may not even be a santa.

Comstock Park, MI
#294     My mobile home roof is leaking and I am told it needs a metal roof over the coated one that is leaking badly. Please bless us with a roof so my 9 yr old and I don't get sicker. We are asthmatics and mold is growing where it leaks. We truly need a blessing. We love our home.

Warren, MI
#304     My husband has been laid-off since September. I work part-time at a school. We have co-legal guardianship of our 5 year old Granddaughter. Her motherhas been estranged from the family, we think due to mental illness that she suffers due to post traumatic stress after being deployed to Afghanistan fora year. We were receiving child support from her while she was in the Army,but it has stopped since August of 2012,when she was dismissed from the Army. I have some gifts for my granddaughter, but nothing for my husband, or myself. We just need basics such as paper products, soaps, underwearand socks. Things that you can't pay forwith a Bridge card. Prayers for his health,too. He suffers from several ailments.



St. Louis Park, MN
#248     We are ultimately a family of 8. My husband and I have 4 kids that live with us, and my step son who lives 2 hours away. We also financially support my mother who lost her job 3 years ago. I used to work 2 jobs until it became too much for the older kids to care for the younger ones. My husband works full time too but we cant make ends meet. We had prayed we would have a house of our own by now but we are still renting. We have fallen behind by over 2000 in rent. We cant afford it anymore. Our kids have even given us their paper route money and it makes us so sad. I don't know what to ask for, just whatever God lays on your heart. Thank you for reading and praying. May God Bless you.

Tamarack, MN
#287     My husband switched jobs in August and only worked a couple months and went on Seasonal layoff. It has been a struggle to keep up with everything!! We have done Foster Care for our local Reservation for 3 years and gained custody of 4 children who all have FASD and added to our own family. We have three children of our own, one is living on his own and attending college. We are struggling to take care of our outside animals and children, let alone pay our bills and try to keep heat in our house. Christmas will be pretty bleak this year but our everyday essentials are more important. I am thankful for a house to live in and food for our family to eat. All of our money this last two weeks has been going to heat our house and keep food on the table. The last two years we have been spending a lot of time and money on medical appointments for the four little ones and finally have the answers we need and are doing well with them. It is very hard to not be able to do the things you want to for your children at this time of the year. I never regret taking more children into my home and providing the love and attention they need, it is times like these that I realize how much my family means to me and I to them!



Vicksburg, MS
#11     My husband and I have been struggling this past year. We have a 2yr old,7 yr. old, and a 9 yr. old. We have been moving from place to place in friend's homes because my husband couldn't find a job. I couldn't find affordable childcare so I have to stay with the kids. We bought a 1962 single wide trailer with our income taxes last year and haven't been able to move in it still. The movers didn't put the trailer where it needed to be because I guess they were in a hurry. Our trailer still has not been set up and we can't make any necessary repairs. My husband has finally found a job, which he started two weeks ago. We would love to be able to move into our own home and be able to provide Christmas gifts for our kids. Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you for the time of reading our story. God Bless.

Pontotoc, MS
#91     Hi. I am in need of a blessing with Christmas coming up. My husband and I are not working due to not able to find a job. Fixing to lose all the assistance we been getting. My two kids are school age. We try to give them everything they want or need but it's hard.

Mathiston, MS
#93     Pastor's daughter needs braces for her teeth.

Ocean Springs, MS
#177     I am the mother of a large family; for which I was the primary source of income. Last year I was diagnosed with a debilitating disease. Due to my condition and low immune system because of biologic medications, my physicians will not release me to work. I received private disability insurance, but the company dropped me in order to do a review of my case. Under the advisement of my physicians I have filed an appeal, but it will not be complete for 45 days (after Christmas).My physicians have written letters to the insurance company and sent medical records. I would like to ask for prayer for my declining condition. I miss being active with my children and the career I worked so hard to achieve. I would also like to ask for prayer for my family. I can see the fear and worry and it saddens me to have no control. Without my income this month, I am unable to pay bills or buy gifts. I stand strong in my faith that God is in control and greatly appreciate any blessing bestowed on us by our gracious Heavenly Father and my family of God. There is still so much to be thankful for!

Crosby, MS
#204     I need prayers. I have been without a job for 6+ months due to medical problems and no health insurance. No money coming in. Parents are helping to pay my bills although they really don't have the money to help and I have to repay them as soon as I have surgery and recuperate. I am about $10,000 in debt at this point and bills are still coming in. I just need prayers that when I have surgery that I would be able to find a better paying job so that I can repay my parents. And I need to hurry and have surgery so I can get back to work. Please pray for me. Thank you in advance.

Gulfport, MS
#207     I am a single mother who had several strokes a year ago in june, I have a 17 year old son who has mental problems, and i do not have any means to get him anything for christmas. I would love for anyone who could help me even if it is a card for him. thank you.

Hazlehurst, MS
#231     My husband has just been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and we are in need of a sofa sleeper for him to have easier access to other areas of our home.

Natchez, MS
#240     I am a new christian, I have been saved for about 1 year. I attend my church 3 times a week.I am 51 years old and have been on my own for 2 years now after being married for 25 years.I I have no health insurance and I've had rheumatoid arthritis for 15 years, I also have 5 herniated discs in my back.I can no longer afford my medicines and am having to look for another place to live, there has been nights I've had to sleep in my car.My city has no shelters available.I would love to be able to see my out of town family for Christmas I would appreciate any help and prayers. GOD bless you all



Ellisville, MO
#17     Married couple with four children. We work and work and work, but it is never enough to make ends meet. I would love to say we live week to week, but that would be about ten steps up. We live for our children and do everything we can for them and juggle everything else around that, but it is all just to much sometimes. We have so much support from friends and our wonderful church, but it just makes us sick to have to ask for help. Yet we understand that this is all part of God's greater plan and He has something awesome in the works for our family. The issue we have is that the tags on our car are expired, really expired. We got behind on our personal property taxes and now each week there is just never enough to even put a small amount towards it and still put food on the table and now worry about providing Christmas for the kids also. Every time we drive anywhere we get pulled over. The kids are a nervous wreck each time we get in the car. :-( We get tickets and have to put money towards them instead of getting the taxes up to date. We just have no hope in site to get this situation fixed. We are beyond exhausted from it. At his point we are on sure of the total cost with fines and every thing, we are thinking around $1000.00 at least. :-( We do not know what else to do, so we figured this was at least worth a chance. The car has already passed inspections and emissions, it is just the taxes and tags that we need help with. Thank you for taking the time to read this and whether you choose us or not, thank you for being a blessing to someone this day. :-) We try each day to do for others in any small way that we can and will someday be able to prayerfully do even more someday when things get back on track!

Saint Charles, MO
#87     I would love to get help paying for my last few college classes or even just some house cleaning so I can focus on my classes better. I would be thrilled either way. I am a single mom with four children and work as an LPN but I've been working on my RN and my BA in Environmental Studies for an alternative teacher certification. I have two semesters left. My 12yr old qualified for JBA at Truman state and my 13yr old will be in dual enrollment next year. I'd really love to finish my BA so I can get a better job and help more with their college classes by being home (teacher schedule vs nurse's hours). My younger children are 10yrs and 16mo. It would be such a blessing to finish this step in my education.

Essex, MO
#96     Our family like many have been affected by cancer. Last summer my husband began treatment for prostate cancer. Due to medical and travel expenses. Christmas this year is going to really small. Any blessing would be great appreciated as well as prayers that our next dr visit is a good report.

Springfield, MO
#102     My husband and I are on disability and as a result we live on about $1300 a month. We are told our disability checks are too much for us to receive government assistance which is fine. We just have no $$$ to get a tree or Christmas gifts for our grandchildren. We adults can do without. That's no problem but...the kids. It's just really hard. My husband and I had good jobs and now we live on less than 1/3 of what we did before through no fault of our own. My husband (of 43+ years) has had a triple bypass and 6 stents and I am scheduled for brain surgery in late January. We are very thankful for our lives together and acknowledge the LORD for the strength, love, joy and provision that has brought us this far. We KNOW HE will NEVER let us down. Whether your organization can help us or not is totally in HIS hands and I pray HIS ABUNDANT BLESSINGS on you and yours for all you put your hands to.

Farmington, MO
#120     Hello. I am a single mom of two beautiful girls who are 13 and 6 years old. I have been blessed with so much in my life, I feel strange even sharing this on here. A few years ago I started having health problems, and my ex husband was found doing drugs and other things, so marriage was falling apart. I was still working, held things together as long as I could. One day it was if God said "you're done!" I was bed ridden for a while, had to crawl down steps to take care of my kids, and still could not understand why my then-husband would not help me. Needless to say, the husband left, moved two states away, and devastated my children. I was unable to work, so was receiving long term disability from an insurance company. They decided to stop paying (I found out later that this is what they do...very stressful and unjust). So, we have been with no income since June. I have always been a proud person, and I have had to apply for food stamps, medicaid and ask for help. I was always the one helping others! How is this possible?? I served food for the needy, I donated clothes, toys, food to charities for years. How is this happening to us?? But, as in everything...God has a plan. We have learned to live on what I had stocked up, we hunt for the best deals, we shop at resale and thrift stores, and conserve energy where we can. My girls look at prices now, they compare and can tell you a "want" from a "need". I have been brought to tears when they tell me, "it's ok Momma, we dont "need" it!" I have always spoiled them in the past, but the past year or so has been a humbling but learning experience. I thank God every day for all we do have, and ask that He provides as He sees fit for us. We still are active in our church, and we cant give much now monetarily, but we give our time and serve. I dont ask for anything for me, but only for my girls. Christmas presents will be tight this year, but they will have something to open. That is a blessing in itself. I am trying to pay for a trip that we booked for my 13 year old before I lost my income, it is with her school class to Washington DC. I still owe about $800 on it...I need a miracle to get it paid for by the end of December. I pray that you are all blessed with the peace that only the Lord can provide, and you know Him personally! God is good, all the time!

Joplin, MO
#159     I divorced my husband 2 years ago because he was an alcoholic and took his anger out on myself and my children. When I left him we lived in Germany and came back to the states with my kids to try to start over by myself. I was able to get myself an apartment, car, and decent job. This time last year I started dating my current boyfriend and took on him ad his 5 year old twins as well. Slowly but surely the bills started piling up. He cannot work because he suffers from seizures. Now I am at the point where my kids are staying with their grandparents and the twins are staying with their mom because my boyfriend and I are having to stay on a friends couch. We have no vehicle because we had to sell it to pay bills. We lost our jobs due to not being able to make it to wrong. The place where we are staying is not a good situation to be in. I've had belongings come up missing. Clothes, personal items, even food bought with the little food stamp money I do get. To say we have hit rock bottom is an understatement. I've asp had my child support card stolen right out of the mailbox which has back pay child support for my kids over the past two years because I Haber recieved ay child support since I left their father. At this point I need a miracle because nothing is falling through fo us and I'm losing all hope that it ever will. All I want is to have my family back together and where I'm at right now that will never happen.

Kaiser, MO
#176     Hi! We love in a summer tourist destination area. A lot of jobs here right on tourist trade such as my husband's. My hubby was laid off from his main job about two months ago. He also works at a part time job seven nights a week. He makescabout $150.00 dollars per at this job. I am unable to work because of my health. I am covered disabled. We have to children a 18,13,and 10. We are are helping to raise our 2 year old granddaughter. Our daughter was 16when she gave birth. God has blessed our family so much times as, a full. We have a good chance family. My mom just had open heart surgery on Monday to replace her aortic valve. Wevwill being care of her up on discharge because she will still need a lot of help till she hs and gets stronger. I have been praying so much for God's will for my family and His great. We are in place serious times here for our family. We are in need of food, clothes and help for our electric bill to heat and light our house. I am unable to leave our home that much better I do not have any warm clothes let a any clothes hardly I do not own a jacket or call. I need pants, shirts, etc. I have to order my clothes from Women Within because I am overweight and cannot just buy clothes off a rack. I would like to be able to give my children something for Christmas. My hubby and I had to tell the kids the other day that we can't provide any gifts for Christmas. They took it pretty well. They know the true meaning of Christmas and love to celebrate Christ's birth . We felt so sad when we told them and I know ring myself and them that Christ so supply all our needs. He is faithful and true. They are wonderful kids. Thank you for considering our family. I am typing this on my phone a a correct keeps changing my words. I hope this all makes sense. Merry Christmas!

Jackson, MO
#266     Me and my family lives in a 2 bedroom apt and i have 3 small children, i only get paid once a month and we are not sure how we are going to pay all our bills this holiday and get our children christmas presents for our children,we know God is our provider and he will bless us and he has many times but this year it has been hard to get anything for our children when they need something we are hoping and praying that someone will be used by God to help us out and we would be truly thankful for all that you do!!!

Farmington, MO
#274     We've had many unexpected financial burdens recently. My husband, kids, and myself are praying that we can come up with gas money to visit our family in another state like we always do for Christmas.

Greenfield, MO
#308   I was going to see if there was any help I could get for my kids for Christmas? I'm a single adoptive Mom of 2 my. My kids are 8 my daughter my son is 10 and In May I took in my 2 nieces who are in foster care they are 9 and 16. Shortly after I took them in my hours were cut so things are going to be rough. Please help my family have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! THANKS IN ADVANCE: )

Buffalo, MO

#329     Happy Holidays! Both my husband and I are disabled. He's currently going thru the process of getting Social Security and I am already on it. Our budget is very tight. We live on $800 per month which is my disability check. My husband needs glasses, a hearing aid, and to see a dentist. He doesn't have insurance, yet, but we're hopeful he will soon. But the insurance won't cover dentistry. Anyway, he could also use new shoes, size 10.5 very wide. He need gloves for winter. My daughter needs a winter coat, she's 5'5" tall and about 120 lbs, so small/med. She loves purple shades. She also needs a hat mittens and scarf. If I had some yarn, I could make her the scarf and hat. I knit and crochet, but I am out of supplies. She could also use some slippers & boots, 7.5 narrow. I need boots, slippers and similar shoes that I shared for my husband, but I wear an 8.5w. I don't have a winter coat either, I'm a 3X. We don't have curtains or rods in our house, we have blankets over the windows. We are borrowing space heaters from friends at our church, so we could use space heaters. We don't have a car, we'd like one, since my husband has seizures which are killing his brain tissue, it would come in handy to take him to the hospital which is an hour away, and to go grocery shopping as I can't walk to the store and carry things home, and that's getting harder and harder for my husband to. Even bikes with a pull behind trailer would help with that, my husband likes a tall bike, 30" wheels and I take 26" wheels. My daughter is no longer interested in riding a bike, she's a teenager and at that age I guess. The rest of our kids are up in Minnesota, we were able to do anything for them this year for Christmas besides send them Christmas cards. We have a total of 8 kids between the 2 of us, and my husband has another 2 step children that are grown that he still considers his. He also has 8 grandchildren, again, we couldn't do anything for them either. I feel bad about that, I consider my stepchildren part of the family and my husband claims my 3 children his own too, and it's hard trying to explain to everyone we can't afford to bless them. My oldest son, he's 22, he wants us to come up and spend a week with him in MN. It's a 12 hour drive, which I don't mind driving, I love to drive, but without a car or the money for gas, it's difficult to be able to. I'd love to go spend a couple weeks up there, a week with my son and then a week with my hubby's son so we could see all the kids and grand-kids. The last time we were able to go up there was at the end of 2009 when my mom died from cancer and we had to go up and clean out her apartment. We only had 4 days, so it wasn't a lot of time. I was lucky enough then that a local business person helped us with that trip or we wouldn't have been able to do that either. I trust with all my heart, that God is watching over us and that He is able to do far above what ever we can think of. For I stand on the following verses concerning the above statement: Matthew 7:9-12 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) 9 What man among you, if his son asks him for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11 If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him! 12 Therefore, whatever you want others to do for you, do also the same for them—this is the Law and the Prophets.[a] and Ephesians 3:20-21 Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) 20 Now to Him who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us— 21 to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen. Before anyone decides on helping us, I would just like to say thank you so much and may God bless EVERYONE, that has asked for help, recieved help, and is giving help to those that need it, and most importantly, Praise, Bless, Glorify, Thank You God, that you are able to bless people through other people. I love You so much Lord! Hugs to all of you and to God. Merry Christmas and everyone, please have a blessed, happy and safe, New Years too! 



Missoula, MT
#305     My daughter is turning 16 in February, and as she gets older it is harder and harder to buy Christmas gifts, Her needs are few, but basic. Winter boots, coat and clothing. I work 2 days a week after being unemployed for a year. We have assistance for food,heat and housing. But it is still a struggle to provide the basic needs. I have no support from her Father, and I have no family so it is just her and I. We try to get by with what I make working, but the extra's like car insurance, phone, television eat up the money I make. I wish a miracle for her to have a nice Christmas. I don't need anything. God Bless, and thank you for your prayer for abundance to us. I will keep good spirits, its a special time of year regardless of gifts. I hope she gets the true meaning of this time of year, someday. Its not about the getting .But she has basic needs requests I just cant fulfill. Thank-you for listing this opportunity for us.



Hardy,  NE
#41     I am recently divorced from my husband. I have our 2 boys living w/ me age 21 & 16. I work 3 jobs and both boys work too. I am in need of new athletic shoes for everyday use. Need to be quality as I have a foot problem. size 10. Son 21 needs a good pair of binoculars (possibly Cabelas) brand. Son 16 needs a simple lap top. thank you.

Chambers, NE
#127     I know I have no right to ask, and I know there are a lot of people in need out there especially at this time of year, but please consider sharing this link on your page. The more it gets shared, the faster we can get help. It would mean a lot to us. Click Here



Las Vegas, NV
#3     Its just been hard for the last year I cant find a job my husband has a pt job n we barely make it we have 4 children and a granddaughter my daughter lives next door we help her a lot it's just hard I try my best to do what I can for money god dose meet our needs but Christmas is hard this year.

Las Vegas, NV
#270     This year we won't be giving our kids presents, which the oldest daughterdoesn't mind (7), she understands we ghave to payrour bills first and put food on the table. Unfortunately even that is not possible, I'm having to choose from paying bills or putting food on the table each check. We would all be grateful to be caught up on bills and have a nice dinner. My husband who left us a year and a half ago, has finally came back and ifs trying his best to be the provider we need.we are truly bless to be a family again.thanks for taking the time to read our story. God bless you.



Brick, NJ
#302     I happened upon Dr Dobson's website today to listen to a podcast, regarding unsaved husbands and found this link. I have been living for the Lord for 8 1/2 years. I've been married for 21 years and have 2 children (12 & 19). In 2009 my husband lost his job, (this was the 3rd job loss in 4 years). He isn't saved and has sunk into a deep depression which keeps him from having the ambition to seek work. We have struggled financially and I have learned to be content in our circumstances. The Lord has blessed me with full time work however we live paycheck to paycheck. This year I cannot buy my kids any gifts. It saddens me that I cannot express my love through gift giving this year, however I know that God is good all the time and will always be there for me and my kids. God has provided for our needs and I trust that He is faithful and that as we keep our eyes focused on Christ this Christmas we will be joyful.

East Orange, NJ 

#342    This year has been a very difficult year for me and my family. I lost my job through lay offs a year and a half ago. It's been very difficult paying bills and making ends meet. I'm going through an eviction & just received a warrant for removal process..thus I'm fighting it and hopefully I will be getting rental assistance from a city agency. I have a 16 year old daughter..that I would love to see her "happy"on Christmas morning", but unfortunately my husband and I don't have money to bless her with a gift or two. Maybe someone out there might be willing to help and be a blessing to my family this Christmas season. God bless you & Merry Christmas~Please pray for my family concerning my rental issue; the best gift I could ever receive is my rent being paid in full. Its really heavy on the heart to go through something like this; especially during the Christmas season. God is a Waymaker!



Albuquerque, NM
#69     My husband and I have been struggling for awhile now. My husband has been struggling with numerous health issues (severe osteoporosis, painful varicose veins which he has to get numerous surgeries on and is starting to wear compression socks for, both knees have torn meniscus, degeneration and bulging discs as well osteoarthritis and osteoporosis in his back, depression, memory problems, using oxygen at night) and I have my own (diabetes I am trying to get back in control, bulging discs in back, adhesive capulitis in my left shoulder which I am just starting physical therapy for, migraines, undiagnosed women problems, osteoarthritis, depression, anxiety and stress). We are going to lose our vehicle as we can't make the payments on and we were able to get another vehicle but it needs to get fixed and we don't have the money to do it. We are struggling to make ends meet, to put food on the table, to pay for two dozen medications for both of us each month...there is no holiday for us, though I always keep faith in our Lord for us and help others when I am able and share what food we have with our neighbors. I just ask that those that are less fortunate than us are blessed this season and all year long, fed and clothed and warm throughout the season. Blessed Everyone!!!

Los Lunas, NM
#118     It seems my life has been a series of faith bulilding struggles. I know God knows the rest of the story, but at times it is all I can do to hang on. A friend who has watched me keep pressing on over the last several years referred me to this page. But where do I begin? I am a survivor and blessed to be alive. I survived domestic violence and suffer from post traumatic stress.I am also the single mother of 4 children. 2 are college students who are blessed with an opportunity to ecape struggles here and attend college out of state. The other 2 are in highschool and living with me. Thankfully the oldest at home is a Senior already accepted in to a Christian college next Fall. I work full time assisting special needs students but I don't make enough to pay the rent. In the Summer of 2011, the house I rented was broken in to. We were able to move to a house in a safer neighborhood with my grandmother's help. She always wanted me to have a home and knew my job allowed me to be there for my own kids while helping others. In September of 2012, my grandmother passed away. My mother whom she lived with, was unemployed, yet she continued to pay the rent until late June. So in July I used my Summer check to pay the rent. I had hoped to find a better job but it wasn't time. So, each month I have done what I could to find the rent and not have to move in to an apartment. I realize I can't afford that rent either. ( I have recently began advancing my check)There is a wait for subsidized apartments up to 2 years.We live Iive in a small town. There are a lot of drugs. The people who broke in to my former house were never caught. I am afraid apartments would lead them to me. They struck on a night when we had left for church. They were watching but I really didn't think they would do that. With that said,I don't have December's rent and I have received all of the help I can receive locally. I asked family in July. They can't. All my family is out of state.They are worn thin helping another relative. Desperate, I asked via email again and no response. I said in fundraising they always ask to consider what you can give up, but I think silence means no. The two at home are teenagers. One faces oral surgery on the 27th. That is covered but my hope is to keep a roof over our heads through December. My rent is 880 a month. I just tell my landlord it is late. If I give my 30 days notice where do I move? I don't have family here. I don't have the money a move requires either. One of my college kids has a ticket home for the holidays. She wants to be with the sister having surgey. The other doesn't but there is family there because what does he have here to return home to? It's not going to be festive but that's ok. I just want to be able to say we have this place. I fear having to go to a shelter and have my kids go with their dad. He is not stable and I have an order of protection. Besides he lives in a one bedroom apartment on assistance. So, it would be a blessing to be able to rent this house not facing eviction untill I can gepppppppppt my taxes back In February? My hopes are to use my taxes to find a more affordable place. A person has to have a plan, right? Though I know God has His. I also want to use them to catch up on what I haven't been paying and hopefully have enough to travel to see my oldest graduate from college in April. But one day at a time. Today, I try not to worry and hope that we make it through the holidays without worrying about eviction. Thank you for listening, praying and even wishing that you can help. Somehow, someway things will be ok.

Albuquerque, NM
#171     Hi, we are a family of 5 and are struggling very much these days after losing a good job. It has been very hard as I am caring for two disabled family members, dad and son. Also my 7 yr old little girl is really needing things as well. My husband is working three jobs to make ends meet. We were once the ones who got to bless and help others, now seems the tables have turned. Any help this Christmas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and may God Bless you!



New Windsor
#84     This year has been extremely tough for my family. We are a family of four and every day I am thankful for my children. They bring so much joy to my husband and I. This past August I was notified that I would no longer have my position as a music teacher in my school. They had to make cuts and so I had to take a much lower paying job. Then just weeks ago my husbands hours were cut at work. He is a teacher as well but due to cuts he has been working an office job. Now he can only do that two days a week. We have been trying to keep our faith strong. We know that God will get us through this trial. At the moment we can not afford childcare and we have cut back on all of our bills. It would be such a blessing to have someone help us out during this time.

Ripley, NY
#97    I have been battling ovarian cancer for the last three years and will be starting another round of chemo in jan, i have had to quit my job because of the chemo, in sept my daughter and baby grandaughter came to live with us after the babys dad passed away things are so hard right now because my husband is the only one able to work, i get up every day and still praise the Lord for all our blessings, but i would like to make a nice christmas for my daughter and grandaughter thanks and God bless

Newburgh, NY
#217     I am a mother of a 15 yr. old, who lives in a residential due to my being diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in May. I am unable to work or am I eligible for social security. He has been making great progress in the home where he is. He has been coming home weekends for overnight visits and will be here Christmas. I would love for him to have a nice Christmas but am unable to provide him with that this year. Any help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Orchard Park, NY
#275     I have been praying for weeks that our children would be blessed this Christmas! I just now came across this post and was so excited! We have 5 children. I have been a part time working Mom and am finishing school in the next month! My husband was injured a few years ago so has a hard time working but does all he can! I feel that next year at this time we will be helping somebody else in need,but at this time could truly use a blessing! I know its not a need but our landlord kids are such a blessing to us and just want to see them light up Christmas morning! Thanks so much! God bless you all!!!



Wilmington, NC

#44     I am a single mother of two wonderful children. The divorce was final a year ago, and has hit us hard. During the last year I have lost my job and my car, and have no prospect of providing Christmas for my children. Their dad is military, and is in a better place to be sure he gets gifts for them. My 10 yr old son is autistic, and to have nothing beneath the tree would devastate him. My daughter is 12, and a large help to me in the house. It hurts so much that I feel unable to provide anything for them....they are my world. But as I was reading my Facebook posts I felt a pull...God provided me a way to reach out to Him and ask for His divine blessings. I want nothing for myself....just to make them feel like Christmas is a time of magic....and that God will provide for the needs if we let Him. Thank you for listening.

Bessemer City, NC
#56     I am in desperate need of a car , had to let mine go back cause my ex couldn't help pay for my daughter and she was only working 20 hrs a week at a daycare. Now someone backed into her car . We have to share this one and it would be great if I had my own . She takes me to work then my sister picks me up and brings me home.

New Bern, NC
#57     Hi. My husband and I have five wonderful children. My husband was injured at work 5 years ago. He was working for a company less than 6 months ago and got let go. He is currently doing everything he can so we can survive. Our children aren't asking for much but we are just barely getting by. When my husband got laid off we were just getting back on our feet from his leg injury.

Granite Falls, NC
#68     My husband and I have 5 healthy blessed children, 3 boys and 2 girls. My husband is in the construction business and for the last few years we've endured many hardships....I had medical surgery after having our last baby, we lived with no income for almost 6 months, therefore putting our home in foreclosure. We were 'homeless' for 5 months this summer (not living in the streets, but we stayed with a family friend that just welcomed all 7 of us In their home until we were able to find a home), we finally moved into our rental home two months ago, and with the cold weather and winter coming, we are doing very bad financially again. We are behind half of the last months rent, and we just don't seem to make enough to even keep the heat on normal for our kids to not be cold at night. We had received clothes donations, but we have no way of providing any presents for our kids this Christmas. They are not picky, anything anyone would be able to get for them, would be greatly appreciated. I know there are just so many less fortunate people these days, like never before, but we are very afraid of being kicked out again and possibly not having a home. Noone will allow 5 kids in an appt, and our house is cheaper than most appts. So we're really praying for a miracle that God can bless my husband with a good stable job that would pay enough for us to take care of our needs and children. Many blessings to you all! 

Wilmington, NC
#128    I am a single mom with a son and 3 teenage daughters still at home. They are 21, 17, 15, and 14. My middle daughter is special needs and functions at about 8 or 9. She still believes in Santa and it breaks my heart that this could well be the year her childhood is shattered because I can't afford to buy her any Christmas. You see, 7 months ago I lost my job. Not because of poor performance or because I didn't WANT to work... but because my boss had a friend who needed a job so she fired me to hire him. I have searched and searched... put my application in anywhere I was.remotely qualified but still have been unable to find a any work. I've also experienced some health issues in the past few months to include a breast cancer scare, physical therapy for heel spurs, and a week in the hospital for pancreatitus and gallbladder surgery. I literally have thousands of dollars in medical bills i cannot pay. A couple of weeks after I got out of the hospital my special needs daughter ended up hospitalized for 3 weeks and was finally diagnosed with ulcerative colitus. Between she and I we have a plethora of doctor appointments, and my 1998 jeep cherokee won't even run these days. As if the money situation wasn't bad enough, two months ago the child support from the girls' father stopped. I guess their dad just got tired of paying but the state refuses to do anything about it. Now it's just a few weeks until Christmas and I'm left wondering how in the world I'm going to be able to pay rent and utilities, let alone provide any Christmas.for my kids. I just keep counting my blessings, and hoping for a miracle. My kids are my greatest blessing, and I was truly blessed with awesome kids! My oldest, Adam, still lives at home at 21 and wants to start.back to school to be a Vet as soon as we can get back on track with his.student loans. In the meantime he's trying to get a job. But with no job experience he's not having any luck getting hired anywhere. My two biological daughters, Miranda and Mackenzie are 17 and 14. They are both heavily into music and both want to go to college to be elementary school teachers. They both have extremely kind hearts and help me out whenever I need anything! Anna, 15, is my little bonus child. A few years back, as if life as a single parent wasn't challenging enough I adopted her. She has severe learning disabilities, and was emotionally and physically abused and neglected her whole life before she became part of our family. Whoever said you couldn't love an adopted child as much as one of your own never knew what they were missing by not opening their lives to a child in need. While the others may have grown in my belly, she grew in my heart! My family may not have much, but we do have each other, and we are very close. We enjoy watching movies together (we don't even have cable because I cannot afford it.) I just wish there was some way that I could provide them with Christmas but I am already having to borrow money from friends and family just to keep us in our house and the utilities paid. I receive food stamps (thank goodness!) but last month due to government cutbacks they were reduced by $50 a month. I find it impossible to feed our family on $4.50 per adult-sized person per day, and even with my coupon clipping and savvy bargain shopping we can't make the money stretch to the end of the month! My kids don't get new clothes- even though they have worn out/outgrown most of what they have- they are lucky these days to be able to get something from goodwill when I can scrape up the money. I scrimp to be able to pay for their school activities and borrow a car to get them home from their after school band programs or have them ask their friends for a ride. (Some have suggested that I make them drop out, but the prospect of band scholarships for college is something I can't deny them- I sure won't be able to afford to send them without help of some kind). My oldest daughter is applying to colleges for next fall, so I'm also having to come up with the money for college apps at 50 bucks or so per app. I have no idea how I'm going to pay for her senior pictures, or class ring, or even her cap and gown for graduation. These are things that worry me every single day, and Christmas lurking around the corner makes my anxiety even worse. I am truly hoping for a Christmas miracle for my children. I kept thinking that I would have a job by Christmas, but when the reality set in that I wouldn't I called and started asking around about some of the "angel tree" programs. Sadly, most of them stopped taking applications months ago, and others don't even allow children over 12 on the tree. I guess because those children are too old to believe in Santa (in most cases) people don't think they need to believe in Christmas. I personally think that is just sad.

Bridgeton, NC
#144     I have two children, I am unable to work as I cant afford childcare. Currently living off one small income, and no assistance. We are trying our best to make ends meet but they never do. It would be a blessing to see the look on our children's face Christmas morning if they woke up with gifts under the tree. We sit down with our children which are 2, and 5 and explain the reason for the season. We go threw all there toys and donate to others for the Holidays. Never did I expect to be in this situation and here we sit. I am asking for a blessing this Christmas. If we dont qualify thats okay, I know you are helping others and thats what counts.

New Bern, NC
#145     Hi! I don't know how to really ask for help but I have a family of 4. Myself, my husband an our 2 boys ages 12 years old an 15 months old. Right now we have one vehicle working, mine. I have no heat an we can't afford to get it fixed an its getting cold. My husband doesn't make much money just enough to pay his truck payment an insurance on our vehicles. Money is really tight. He hasn't been able to drive his truck due to expired tags an can't afford to get it fixed to get inspected. So we only have the one car right now. I want my kids to have a good Christmas, we have got them one small toy a piece. We live with my father in law an trying to help him out to. I'm asking if anyone can help me get my heat in my vehicle working it would be a great blessing. I can't drive it with my kids in it cause of it having no heat. I don't want them getting sick an don't want them to be cold. Thank you so much an GOD BLESS!! Have a very Merry Christmas!

New Bern, NC
#147     My husband had back surgery a year ago and I cannot work. My children work to help with the bills in this house. They also help buy groceries. Because my son works and lives here we do not qualify for help through social services. I just want to give back something to my children and my grandchildren. I have 3 kids at home and 4 grandkids. If you can help I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

New Bern, NC
#194     The economy has hit us hard the last couple of years. This summer we sold our home and paid off all of our debt. We purchased a very small ( but thank the Lord PAID FOR!) mobile home and are struggling to pay the lot rent, utilities and car insurance. We just don't have any money for Christmas presents, or even a holiday meal. We do tithe every week and hope to someday be able to bless others as this program has blessed.

Tryon, NC
#210     I am entering for a dear family. Here is there story. The son is 9 months old and has goldenhar syndrome, has had many surgeries already, needs many more, and is currently on the ventilator at mission due to severe viral pneumonia due to fact that his lungs are so bad. His care is expensive, and 24 7. His mom is a cna, so money is tight, they live with her mom since she is a nurse. The baby has a 7 year old sister, who has really had a hard time. The baby almost died with a fever of 107 when he was placed in hospital. His care is so complex, this whole family has had to rearrange everything, and there is not enough money. They are wonderful christian people who have helped many, myself included. They need so much help, not to mention to make Christmas great for them, hopefully the baby will be home by then. Please help this wonderful family, there is grandparents mom, dad daughter and the little baby, if anyone needs and deserves it is them.

Kill Devil Hills, NC
#235     My rental house is very cold. My electric heater died. The windows let the cold air in 24/7. I would like window coverings or an electric heater for my son's room.

Concord, NC
#236     This blessing is for a very special family. My friend Dania Kocher's husband fell from a deer stand several months ago. He was in the hospitsl for quite some time. He broke his wrist, his neck and injured his leg. With an outpour of prayers he was released and able to walk. He still has many struggles but The Lord has been good to him. During this time because of the broken neck injury he has been out of work for some time. Dania was also out of work while he was in the hospital. During this time one of her sons had emergency surgery and the other son developed an injury at college while working out for baseball. This family has many medical expenses and with the holidays approaching I know they are worried. I would like to see this family receive a blessing. They are such a blessing to others and a true testament to their faith in God and his healing powers. Through this time they have been very faithful and very appreciative to all the outpours of love and prayers. I know money and medical expenses is a large burden right now. I would like to see them continue to focus on Gods miracle and healing and not have to worry about bills and money right now. So however you can bless this family would be an answer to my prayers for them. They have always been there for my family and for many friends. They deserve a blessing.

Rocky Mount, NC
#246     I have 5 kids and we only have half of our house working with the electricity so when it was cold we had to use little heaters. we ended up getting a high bill because of it so now i don't think we will be able to get a tree and things for Christmas. Thank u for considering.

New Bern, NC
#315     I have have 2 boys 5 yrs and 6 months that we are unable to buy Christmas for. We aren't asking for anything much just anything possible ..5 yr old loves to draw and loves dinosaurs , sponge bob and thing really, he will be happy with anything, also needs size 6 footed pjs and warm clothes, the 6 month old needs 9month winter outfits and shoes infant 4s.. I am on disabilty and finance works but we had several unforeseen circumstances come up we bought a house in June and have nothing but problems with it and had to fix everything from water leak to propane leak, also still fixing electrical probles that of course isn't the inspectors fault so nothing we can do besides pay to have fixed, also had our car tore up, and wallet stolen in September that had my month disabilty in it, had to pay light bill (light company doesn't take debit cards and I don't use checks so that's why I had money in my wallet)and grocery money in it . We had to borrow money and now still repaying it. Our light bills were running $300-400 and we couldn't figure out why since it was a new system..turns out the system wasn't big enough so had to take care of that. I know a lot of people are worse off than we are but I am just asking for something lil anything is greatful and appreciated :-) ..thanks and if you need more info I will be glady to provide



Minot, ND
#180     I am in need of a prayer request. My husband and I have been having issues since the middle of November. He currently is not living with me because he wants to think about things and what he wants to do. He was involved in the church, and I believe he really enjoyed it. He has turned away from not only me, but from our church, our friends, and his family. He has been extremely irritable lately, and just doesn't seem happy with how his life is right now, but I don't know how to help him. Please pray for us and for him that God heals and restores him and our marriage. I love him and I really would just love to have him home so we can continue growing in our relationship together, and hopefully one day, grow together in our relationship with the Lord.



Toledo, OH
#65     I have recently lost all cash benifets in my family we lost our home and are currently staying in a homeless shelter but praise the Lord we still have food stamps even though they have been lowered and we still have insurance through the state i have three young boys a 10 year old with ADHD a 6 year old with anger problems and anexiety and a 2 year old with epilepsy GERD and asthma. This is the first year i am unable to go out shopping and get something for my kids and bless someone else which has been affecting my depression. I am so greatful that you have a program like this to help out families at this time of year. God bless you for all you do and are going to do. Thank you for taking time to hear my family's story.

Mason, OH
#108     We have two boys of our own, and have taken in our niece. After being out of work for several months, we just don't have the extra to provide them with a fun, happy Christmas. We teach them its not all about the gifts, but, they still expect Santa to visit. Our children are 13, 9 and 9. This is probably the last year for Santa in our house, and I want to make it a memorable and fun one for them. Thank you for your blessed generosity! I have faith that it will be returned to you ten-fold.

Dayton, OH
#109     In need of food been struggling to make ends meet and veggie tales DVD for my kids thanks

Gahanna, OH
#110     I am asking for help for my son and his four children. His wife left him and the kids, 3 1/2 years ago. He is a trim carpenter and he struggles to keep his family together. He gets the kids up in the morning, fixes lunches, leaves for work, and then hurries home to fix dinner, help with homework and was clothes, about 40 loads a month. The kids live only with my son. Just before his ex-wife left he had gutted their kitchen and it still that way today. We help with his bills and food for the kids, and when his car broke down earlier this year, we paid to fix it. There just never seems to be enough left over to fix the kitchen. It's a tiny kitchen and we priced the stock cabinets at Home Depot for about $900. He can install them himself. He doesn't know I am asking, he's to proud to ask himself. He's a great father, his life is his kids. He never complains or asks for anything. It would be a great help to have a fully functioning kitchen. God Bless all those who struggle, but know He has a Master plan for us!

Dayton, OH
#148   I have 5 children and Christmas is going to be hard for our family this year due to i was diagnosed with colon cancer and my finance lost her job. We have a 15 year old daughter, 13 yr old son, 6 yr old daughter, 2year old daughter and a 8 month old son. I dont know how we are going to do christmas because I'm not allowed to return to work yet due to my medical condition and really could use some help. We have lost our house and are staying with family and they cant help us out due to they are both on disability. THANK YOU

Cincinnati, OH
#166     I am writing for two reasons 1. I was in a car accident several years ago and am still battling injuries and financial strain from this. My hip, pelvis and low back were injured in the accident. I have had to see four kinds of doctors, have several tests done and lots of painful therapy. The person who hit me didn't just make an innocent mistake. They were teenage boys purposely driving reckless and racing a friend running a stop sign thinking no one was around. He didn't have very much insurance. So i was not compensated enough to cover all the things done and needed. I was told I may benefit from surgery, which would have me down for up to 6 months, but the doctor cant guarantee it will fix my issues. I cant take off work for 6 months but its hard to do my job some days with the pain and limitations. I do not take any pain medication accept Ibuprofen, but Ive taken so much it's caused damage to my stomach. Also the original issues have brought several other secondary issues. Added to this I have health issues dealing with an autoimmune disorder that hinders me and requires me to have routine care and meds. My life has permanently changed from this experience and my lawyer has not been satisfactory.At this point the mental anguish has been just as bad as injuries. I work a full time job in a Pediatric office, I have four children and a Husband to tend to along with a household to take care of. I do my best, but its hard. I cant afford to cut my hours right now partly because of medical bills, but with needs in general. I cant afford the time or the medical care I need to continue to try and improve. I cant work out like I used to so my weight has gone up and I lost a lot of muscle. I had to buy bigger clothes, so I bought most thrift store. The weight gain certainly added emotional stress. 2. 10 years ago we had a landslide in our back yard. We tried everything to fix it. Even tried to get help by writing Congressman and pleasing for help on news. We took out a second mortgage to fix issue our self. It didn't work and the yard became dangerous so we had to move. We tried to sell house to rehabs but because we took out a second mortgage, it made us owe more than house was worth. So we had to walk away from the house. Luckily we were able to buy one while still owing on other. (Barely) The old house was foreclosed on and auction off. Then, a few years ago we were slapped with a bill of the amount of our second mortgage. A debt purchasing company had somehow bought our old second mortgage and has been coming after us since. Its ruined our credit and added more stress on us. To top things off, the loan we got for new house was the only one we could do at the time. Its an arm loan that has been increasing. It has almost doubled in payment since purchasing. Problem is, we cant refinance since our credit is so bad. We actually would like to move again cause this house was a bit of a fixer upper, but needs a lit more than we thought or can afford. Also we cant sell it for the amount we need to with the repairs and updates needed and cant purchase a home due to credit and may not even be a le to rent with bad credit. To top it off this area is going downhill. My kids are having a hard time with some of the kids the school has and crime has gone way up. My car was stolen last month. But the Lord brought it back. Luckily only damage was a crack in windshield. Which liability doesn't cover. We also had our shed broke into. There has been two cars stolen around hear this week. We have a new rental house in mind we would like but with credit, not sure if they will approve us and not sure what we can do with the current house. We just really want to get out of here for peace of mind. I'm praying for healing, financial blessing and peace for my family. The Lord has blessed mt family in other ways and I am grateful that we have a home, a car and a job, no matter how difficult things are. And regardless I ha e my Savior and my family. I sing His praises and I thank all of you for doing His work and inspiring.

Toledo, OH
#183     I need help giving my little ones a Christmas. My husband had tons of needed dental work this last year (wisdom teeth removal, teeth extractions, root canal) these were unexpected and he was in so much pain he was physically shaking. We used all our savings and got behind on bills. We are slowly digging out but there isn't anything for Christmas that's wouldn't be coming out of bills. Which we are already paying minimum on and using medical certificates for gas and electric. We are blessed. We are floating right at the surface but teetering on a slippery slope. I saw this and thought . . Maybe god has a plan. Maybe someone could help. Maybe.

Whitehall, OH
#290     I am in need of help providing Christmas for my children. I was let go from my previous job 4 months ago to take care of my mom. She fell and broke both wrists and I was the only one to care for her full time. We are so behind. After bills were paid, there was hardly enough to but groceries. Even now that I have a new job. My first paycheck has to go to pay for car insurance, gas, and license renewal. I love the Lord and He always provides our needs. If there are any programs that can help me provide just the basics for them, I would be most gracious. May God Bless us all and Merry Christmas.

Springboro, OH

#331     My husband and I both work full time and have four amazing kids. Our youngest is four and has a syndrome called fpies which basically means he is allergic to all foods. He only eats carrots, apples, kamut and a medical formula called neocate. His formula costs $1500 a month and is not covered by insurance. Plus all of his other medical expenses are making us drown in debt. We need a Christmas miracle!

Maple Heights, OH

#332     My family has been struggling financially for several years now. Successive job lost due to the economy and the closing of the private Christian school that I worked at has caused us to fall further and further behind. Although, both my husband and I work, we are unable to provide our family with the basic necessities of food and clothing. We are several months behind on our mortgage, can't pay our utilities, pay the car note, pay for gas that drives us over 40 miles in several different directions a day, buy boots for my oldest son, or the clothes that they need. Unfortunately, because we both work, we do not qualify for any government assistance, but we are on the verge of loosing everything. I am not even thinking about buying anything for Christmas. I just need to pay the bills we owe and get caught up so that we can stop falling further and further behind. I work 2 part time jobs and barter in an effort to try to keep the roof over our heads and I am just plain tired!!!! We need help and we need it quickly. I know that God is Jehovah Jireh because he has provided for us thus far and I am confident that He will do it again! We are trusting that this season in our lives will come to an end so that we can go back to being the lenders and not the borrowers that God has called us to be.



Claremore, OK
#51     My husband just lost his job right before thanksgiving. I can't work due to a back injury. I have a special needs 9 yr old son and we are trying to make it on his SSI till my husband can find work again.

Perkins, OK
#60     I am a single mother with two kids. My daughter is 3 and my son is 9. My son has high functioning autism, ADHD, and anxiety. I recently separated from my husband when i found out he was abusing my children. We had to leave almost everything when we left. I have had to move back in with my Dad and we are starting over. Any help at all would be amazing.

Oklahoma City, OK
#73     On October 6th, just a few months ago I made the very difficult choice to take my 4 year old daughter and leave an extremely abusive marriage. We had less than a hour to get our clothes and personal items, and leave before he came home and tried to kill me I left with nothing but our clothes. I wasn't allowed to work why married and had no means to get any money. I was blessed to get into government apartment complex. I am enrolled in college starting January and working part time trying to survive. We are slowly getting back on our feet. It just breaks my heart that my girls won't have a Christmas this year.

Tahlequah, OK
#178     I have had problems since July with my only vehicle. I have searched everywhere for someone that can find the problem. The last place I went to fixed needed things underneath, but I still have problems with the chugging and diying when I drive it. I pretty much wiped out my savings having the work don that I have had done. I am on a fixed income and raising my disabled grandchild. I am at my wits end and have prayed about it and prayed about it. I just don't know what to do anymore other than trust the Lord for whatever He wills. Help me Lord, please.

Stillwater, OK
#186     We are a one income family of 5 who has had a lot of struggles this year. I am going thru breast cancer, and have been in the battle 15 months now. My husband has had some heart issues this year, but he is not getting to work full time at this job due to a shortage of work. Our middle daughter is wheelchair bound, and I am a caregiver to her as well as I partially school her. This has been a really tough year on us financially, with a large hospital bill we are struggling to pay and other bills that are stacking up due to health/work issues. Sometimes it seems overwhelming. God has been so faithful during this whole time, and I know God will provide. Its just a huge stress with all of it, and still having health issues daily. God is/has been healing me, and I thank GOD for every day now with my family. I am trying to do what I can to help with the bills, but I am so limited due to all the issues I am still dealing with daily from treatments. God is good and faithful at all times. Thank you for your prayers. God bless!!

Antlers, OK
#187     I have a seventeen year old son who I am requesting help for to provide a Christmas. I know he is not little and does not need toys (though he does love to read). This will be the second year that he has gone without a Christmas tp speak of due to my husband being ill for over a year and a half. He was diagnosef with secondary PHA caused by untreat Rocky Mountain Tick fevet. It has dones hear damage. Treatment was slow for the RMTF and now slow for the heart damage. I work at Dollar general to support my family. It pays the bill but little beyonf that. It has been two years since I bought my son new clothe as and a good pair of sneakers. It would be such a blessing if someone would give him some new clothes as nd a new pair of sneakers. I do a great job buying second hand without sacrificing st th le. He has never complained. He hardly ever asks for as anything. He worked this summer and bought himself work boots. The rest of the money He willingly gave to the family.He is such a good boy. Thank for considering helping me give him a good Christmas.

Ponca City, OK
#233     My kids live out of state with their father. Due to financial reasons, I have not been able to celebrate christmas with my kids for the last two years. I would really love to spend the holidays with them this year, but do not have the gas money to get there and back. I also need to replace a tire and wheel-bearing too.

Mustang, OK
#241     I'm a single mom of two. My son is 14 he will be 15 on Dec 26. My daughter is 19 her husband is 19 their son is 21 months and my granddaughter is due Feb 25, 2014. My daughter and son in law are stationed in NC he is a Marine. I raised both my children alone with no help from their dads. My ex left when I was pregnant with my son and he chose to have nothing to do with him. I live with the guilt of my son not having a dad because of me. I'm on disability and unable to work, I've tried going back to work but just wasn't able to continue. I don't receive any state assistance which is very difficult because I have to pay the bills and that leaves very little for food, gas etc. I do own my home Thank you Jesus! I do get assistance with paying the mortgage. It’s very hard because I’m not able to buy my kids and grandchildren very much for Christmas plus I will have to ship to my daughter her husband and my grandchildren. Also my son’s birthday is the day after Christmas. Also on Sept 1st of this year my son and I were in a rollover accident in TN on our way back home. I thank God we are both ok. My son was not injured but I did have a concussion and will probably be having surgery on my elbow. I already had back pain but since the accident my back has gotten worse and I’m unable to afford treatment or go to a chiropractor. I also received the hospital bill mine is over $8000 and my insurance says they are not paying because I was in a car accident and my car insurance is responsible for the bill. I did talk with the hospital and they resubmitted to my insurance so just waiting to hear back and I just received a bill for my son that is over $600. My car was totaled so I’m using my daughter’s car which is not in very good shape just praying it will continue to keep running. I cannot afford to buy or finance a car at this time. My car was a 1999 and I received very little for it from my insurance. I also owe $1000 for a dental bill they had told me my insurance would cover then I get the bill and they said insurance won’t cover. I would appreciate any help. God Bless



Rogue River, OR
#141     I would like to ask for a blessing for my adult daughter and grand daughter. My daughter and her husband are getting a divorce, the baby is 17 months old. She does not have a house or car so the baby will stay with my husband, our 2 children and myself, but my car just broke down and we live in the country so my daughter will be staying in another town to try to find a job to support her and baby as we are not financially able to help due to my temporary job ending this month and my husband trying to get on disability. At this point she can't meet basic needs let alone think about Christmas. She is also battling depression and has suicidal thoughts and I can tell you as a parent hearing those words not only breaks your heart but knowing I cant do anything to help her is so hard. I lift her up in prayer and I am trusting God for her salvation and to heal her heart and mind. Please pray for our family. Thank you

Summerville, OR
#155     My husband has been off work the last 3 months due to back surgery and I am disabled. We have been barely surviving on60% of his normal pay. He has just returnd back to work thankfully but it will take us months to recover. Needless to say this has left us with absolutely no way of buying gifts for our 4 kids for christmas. They r having a very wonderful attitude about it but of course as parents it weighs heavy on our hearts. Food and oil for our furnace aere also of great need. Our children are 17, 14, 14, and 10. Thank you so much for this ministry and I know that one way or another God will see us through and take care of us.

Silverton, OR
#195     We are a single income family with 4 children ages 12, 10, 9 & 4. My husband works very hard for us and feels inadequate when it comes to providing for us. He has a stable job of 17 years, but doesn't receive the pay he deserves. He also doesn't receive benefits which in turn leaves us uninsured. Over the past 2 years with the economy being what it is we have incurred a large amount of debt from gas, food, bills, medical expenses, home repairs, etc. We usually also put our Christmas/birthday gifts on credit as we don't have the funds. We are scared because we don't know how we are going to get rid of our debt. We are not high matinee as far as fashion is concerned we don't get our hair done, get manicures or get the luxury of taking our kids shopping for new clothes. Not that there is anything wrong with those things they just aren't something we have money for. God has always provided, but we just want to get out of debt as we feel God wouldn't want us using credit cards. As of now we will have to put any Christmas expenses on a credit card, which we really don't want to do. Grandparents have passed so we are the only source of gifts for our children. Just hoping someone can help bless our children and our whole family this year. Prayer would be a huge blessing!

Oregon City, OR
#197     We are a small family of 3. My daughter is a 6-year-old miracle child. I almost died having her, as well as having 3 miscarriages. With that, I decided to stay at home with her, because I don't want to miss a minute! I volunteer for American Heritage Girls and AWANA, as well as homeschool and have a very part-time home based business.. My husband is self-employed, and works 6 days a week, 8-10 hour days trying to make ends meet for us. We barely have enough to cover our mortage every month, and are always a month or more behind on our utility bills. We have NO money for food, and use a gleaning program to get food to eat. We have no medical insurance. My husband is diabetic, and I have probably $200 per month in medications for several health issues. I would like to say we have NO consumer debt outside of our mortage and a large doctor bill. My husband and i are both in need of clothing. I really need a haircut! And my daughter keeps saying how much she's looking forward to waking up Christmas morning to see what's in her stocking. I also had a falling out with my father, because he hates my faith & belief in the Lord, as well as being a heavy drinker. He and his wife constantly criticize everything I do, so I've chosen to keep my daughter out of that environment. This will be the first Christmas we will not be seeing them, and it's difficult. Regardless of whether or not someone "adopts" us, I would like to say thank you for reading this, and for praying. I know regardless, that our Lord will take care of us, and we all already have received the Greatest Gift! Thanks.

Estacada, OR
#279     This year my husband joined the military (guard) and was gone for 5 months. While he was gone the kids and I saved as much as we could to take a family trip to Disneyland/Legoland and to visit family. Last month we found out he deploys before school gets out. Due to finances we aren't able to do a traditional Christmas full of gifts, which is fine we wanted to teach our kids that service and family memories are more important since serving and family is what Christ would have us focus on anyhow. I ask only for little help to have "Santa" donate to our vacation fund as we have asked family and friends to do instead of gifts, as taking 5 kids on a vacation isn't cheap. We just need a special family time before he deploys and so he can see his family. This would be our first family vacation in 3 years. Thank you.

Redmond, OR
#317     My husband and I have 5 children. 4 girls ages 13,10,6,3 and a boy age 9. This year has been up and down more then ever before our youngest daughter has been diagnosed with SPD known as sensory processing disorder. With appointments 3 to 4 times a week to get her the help she needs. My husband has had a poor cycle or being laid off every few months all year long. So now he is a full time student trying to better himself for our family for a better future. I was a stay at home until 2 weeks ago I took on a 9 hour a week caregiving job. This Christmas our wish is for our children to get the Christmas they are asking for. Sadly this is the worst holiday experience we have had in years. Between our youngest daughters struggles, my husband losing jobs every time we get caught up, myself working poor hours. We can barely pay the bills let alone provide Christmas for them. I dread them waking up Christmas morning and being sorely disappointed sense they believe in Santa and having to explain to there broke hearts on why Christmas is the way it is. We pray that there hearts don't go broken. We have been trying our best the last few months praying, stretching every penny just for a pair of shoes or diapers. This year has been ruff and hoping next year will be better and brighter then this year has been for all of us.



Harvey's Lake, PA
#29     We are a family of six. Our children are three sons; 13, 13, and 11; and one daughter who is 9. God has been truly faithful to our prayers, and has moved mountains for us over the past three years. As we rebuild our family, we have yet to overcome our certain obstacles and meet many simple needs. I believe that God brought me here to share our story, to continue to praise and glorify Him. I would like to humbly share with you some of our story and why we are in need of this blessing. If anything, I pray you are blessed by how Our God can take even the worst and darkest times of our lives an use them for His Glory. In 2010 both my husband and I were unemployed for at least a year or more. It was by the graces and blessing of Our Father that we were able to avoid foreclosure, although we did have one of two vehicles repossessed. In November of 2010 and after battling year of recurrent suicidal depression the struggles of being able to provide for his family became all too consuming for my husband and he attempted to take his own life. I immediately surrendered the situation to God and Praised him for what He would do. I thought for sure this was the pit for my husbands battle with self worth and forgiveness. This was his 4th unsuccessful attempt. Our children were witness to this attempt and I continue to pray for how this may have affected their hearts. My husband returned home after a week-long hospitalization to attempt to find contentment and happiness. His counselor had him re-admitted in April of 2012. After 13 days and many many different medications, my husband returned home truly believing the answer to everything was thy he needed to leave his family to protect us from his self-destructive behavior. This came as a shock and total confusion to all of us. I remained seated in God's word to "lean not on my own understanding" and that He would "lift us up in due time"....His time. I battled with God but He met me at the depths of soul and had me release my husband to Him. After four months of separation and a near divorce, God one day, literally removed the scales from my husbands eyes. He shared that one day it was like he could finally see clearly and could not believe what had happened to his world, his family. As he took steps to rebuild his family he one day looked in the mirror at his eyes and said he had never seen them so bright and so blue! God brought him to realizing his self worth and have him an opportunity to confront his abusive father and find forgiveness that only God can bring. In January 2012 God gave me a job I never thought I would get. As we prepared to transition my husband back into our family home, God have my husband a job in the field he had been educated in and trying to get into for years. Our church family and others have been witness to how God had moved these mountains! He is a faithful God! Our family continues to rebuild today through Christian counseling and counsel from our pastor. We are doing our best and learning to center our lives and family in Christ. We are all growing in Christ every day. While all these events took place, our financial struggles continue. We have been late on our mortgage payments for the past two years. We get them in monthly, but on the last day of each month which is building late fees. We have had issues with our escrow and homeowners which has made our monthly payment go up from $1100.00 to $1600.00. Soon after gaining employment, both our old vehicles had come to their end. We now have two financed used vehicles. We do our best to live very modestly in our country side home. We do not have cable, our kids do not carry smartphones...or any phones. While we have many financial needs for bigger needs like getting a head on our mortgage and purchasing coal to heat our home, we also have simple needs for our children. This Christmas is like many others where we do not have additional income for Christmas shopping. We recently had to put $600 into van repairs and $500 for coal. To do this we had to sacrifice other bills. And we will again be making this months mortgage payment by the skin of our teeth. It is difficult to ask for help, as I am struggling with the words now. But as I have had to humbly seek help from our local food pantry, I humbly seek help now. What would our biggest need be? One months mortgage payment to get us ahead after 2 years. Most importantly, our children are in need of backpacks, shoes, clothing, and winter boots. We ate grateful for even just your prayers. I pray that God has used our story to filly oh with hope that He can overcome any situation or circumstances that you are confronted with, especially when you feel you are not prepared or equipped to handle them. This is when He will show up in Glory and in Might! I continue to Praise Him in Our storms and in our days of calm. He never leaves us, or forsakes us. He forgives us when we don't forgive ourselves but will bring us to true forgiveness in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior! God bless you and thank you for letting me come humbly to share our story and needs.

Montoursville, PA
#135     We have really struggled this year. In January we had a tragedy and I told my husband, "As long as we are all together we will be fine." Now we are in jeapardy of losing everything including our home. Our oldest child has fallen into serious trouble and we are trying to help him. He has lost his faith at the age of 17. Our other three children are sad and confused about what is happening. We have simplified Christmas this year knowing this will probably be our last as a family. We don't have the support of family so at times we feel very alone. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue dealing with what has been given to us.

Boalsburg, PA
#160     Single mom, my van is leaking gas fumes, and so much wrong with it, its a 95 and not worth fixing, Budget tight. Need donation of 4 door , good condition and good on gas. Have a 19 mo old son, 17 and 18 year old girls that have their permits. Getting headaches from fumes. Thank you

Uniontown, PA
#162     My husband & I were high schools sweethearts - we will celebrate 20 years next September & have 9 children ages 2,4,7,8,10,13,14,16 & our oldest will be 18 Dec. 11 We have fell behind with our mortgage & some other bills . He's had a decrease in the number of his work hours. We have gotton caught up with income tax in the past but by a miscalculation on my part I had to pay mortgage payment on Saturday since his check wasn't cleared on Friday due to new bank rules & it sent us into foreclosure since they don't accept payments on the weekend & I was unaware of that . We also have 5 birthdays & our anniversary before Christmas so that makes it even more difficult at this time of year. Also out daughter is applying for colleges & there are fees to that as well . I am sure there are many more deserving families than ours but I would appreciate your consideration -but most if all -your prayers. Thank you & God Bless .

Coatesville, PA
#199     Almost 3 yrs ago i was in an accident that left me unable to work, i recently got married and my husband and i are raising 3 beautiful children together, he has been the main provider and has been laid off from work. As we struggle to make ends meet why we don't live above our means and have used up our savings, leaving a huge struggle for Christmas, and its also our daughters birthday... Our Christmas blessing :)

Slatington, PA
#247     Family talk has been a blessing to me for the past two years. I have been blessed to find God's strength and grace during difficult circumstances. I married a wonderful man who has accepted my three daughters as his own, one (my oldest) is a very testing strong willed child. My husband travels two hours one way to work each day in order to provide, unfortunately we both have student loans and high bills, so we are just making it on his one income. I am blessed for what I have and know others are in more need. My request is for books, as a mother of three and expecting (due in March), I want to sharpen my knowledge and help my family. I would love books for children that could inspire character and a closer walk to God. My oldest (strong willed child) is 7, and she has recently accepted Christ as her savior. She is my unexpected cross, that I love, but would love to have more knowledge on how to properly go on raising her. My younger two children are 6 and 3 years old. My husband and I are 25, both saved and striving to build a Christian home. I was not raised in a Christian home and find wisdom and hope in books. I want guide my husband and children to be the best they can be, but need help. I would love books pertaining to child rearing, blended families, homemaking, blogging, marriage, books for my husband and books for my children. Thank you for reading, and God bless you!

Waynesboro, PA
#272     I now have 7 grandchildren under age 5. I can't afford to get them anything. I'm disabled veteran and my husband doesn't have a job to help. I need to find a way to get them a Christmas.

Shippensburg, PA
#283     Hi I am a single mother of two girls. I had a work accident over 7 yrs ago and now suffer from a lot of health issues and not able to work. I don't get any child support and no help from their father or his family or mine. I am a Christian and pray and have faith one day I will be healed. I barely just make it month to month to pay for bills,food and household needs. I try to bless others when I can. I don't ever ask for anything,but thought I would post this. I'm not going to ask for any money,or stuff. I would ask that you would pray and ask God what he puts on your heart if he does to bless us. I have always wanted to take my kids on a vacation but never had the money. With my health issues I have have been thru a lot,cancer,hystorectomy,a lot. But God has brought me thru. Just would like something nice to do as a family,that would mean so much! But anything would be a blessing. Thank you for reading,God Bless!

Bethlehem, PA
#289    I wish I could be a blessing to others but I myself have needs. I wasn't going to post anything because I figure there are others more needy. I saw the message again and though I do it for my grandbabies. My husband has been in and out of the hospital for the past several years this year so far he's been in four times. The last time was due to a minor heart attack. When he misses work we are put in a financial bind. He has several health issues and he is still working because of the bills and the mortgage we have. I work but most of my pay covers the health insurance for us both and his many perscriptions. We have been paying the mortgage late every month for the past several months because of little income or none. Plus my husband was on FMLA in the begining of this year for 3 months because of his psoriatic arthritis, Forced by his employer to take it. Well in all of this my son and his wife and five children became homeless so we took them in. I can't afford to support myself let alone support them but i cant leave them out in the cold they are my kids my babies. She is currently working a part time and my son needs a job he too was recently in the hospital. I'm not asking for me or my husband but for my five grandchildren who need clothes and maybe a toy for each one. Girl 10 going on 11 she is tall. Boyis 9, Boy is 6, Boy is 3 and Boy is 8 months old . God bless you and thank you.

Shillington, PA
#298     Our son was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease last December. Since that time he has been treated monthly by a Dr. at the childrens hospital of philadelphia, 80 miles from our home. Due to the high out of pocket medical cost we are responsible for and his medicines from the pharmacy along with multiple expensive vehicle repairs this year we can't afford to give him a Christmas this year. My wife has been cut back to 20 hrs from her full time 40 hrs. I lost a steady 10 hrs of overtime per week 8 months ago that we depended on for the past 3-1/2 yrs. His condition has improved very little and not been put in remission at all. He has continued to loose weight monthly at a concerning rate from not eating like he needs to because of lose of appetite and other related symptoms. We are also trying to get help financially to transport him to the mayo clinic in rochester, mn for advanced diagnosis, study, and treatment Jan. 6, 2014 in addition to the Christmas help. We would be grateful, and blessed by anyone willing/able to help us. This is our prayer during this holiday season. We have contacted many organizations for help only to be turned away for help with our mortgage and electric bill which is behind 3 months do to our medical bills, the transportation to the hospital monthly, and car repairs I mentioned.



Laurens, SC

#26     I am struggling as an unemployed mother of two, an eight year old son and one year old daughter. I'm living with my parents, but we are constantly at odds, mostly due to money. I've had jobs but have no car so I depend on others for a ride, which has caused me to lose work. On top of that, I could only find work making minimum wage, which left almost nothing after paying sitters and helping out with gas. My son has asthma and he's sick most of the time. I know that God always provides, and I'm trying to be strong, I just hope and pray someone out there can help my children have a nice Christmas.

Columbia, SC
#52    Request as a single mother of one who is now a young adult to experience Christmas without only focusing on the fact we are unable to meet our financial obligations...food, shelter, clothes, afford healthcare, etc.

Prosperity, SC
#72    I am a single mother with 4 children. I have 3 wonderful boys ages 13, 2, and 4. And a beautiful little girl that is 1. My children are my life. Unfortunately it takes every penny I make to provide for them. I would just like for them to have a nice Christmas. My boys want bikes. My daughter would be happy with whatever since she's only a year old. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I could get help with stocking stuffers would be great. Any more would be an abundant blessing. Thank you in advance. God bless.

Central, SC
#95     Hellio, my family is in need of a blessing this Christmas season. My husband is now back to work after 2 1/2 years of unemployment. We are trying our very best to get all of our bills caught up and almost have suceeded. We are 460.00 away from having our house caught up after working very hard to save it. Being the holidays we want to provide Christmas to our 3 kids but need to pay house to accomplish this. This is our greatest need and prayer right now. Thank you.

Cowpens, SC
#249     Our dryer is in the end stages. It doesn't actually dry the clothes until a 2nd cycle, and sometimes still needs more, so its effecting our power bill. And it eats our clothes and puts holes in them and we don't have the space in our tiny house to hang everything.

Simpsonville, SC
#261     I don't know we're to start. We are a honest family trying to make an honest living we have fallen on hard times. Seems all the bills are behind everything keeps breaking having to shell out money like crazy we just put out 7500 in legal fees. I am not sure how we will be able to do Christmas for the children I have three two boys 11 and 7 and a girl that's 5. I have never reached out for help nor had too. We listen to your radio station daily when in the car. My children do know the true meaning if Christmas and my oldest understands we won't be having a big Christmas he is such a good child but I just don't want my little ones to be disappointed Christmas morning. At this point it's get presents or lose our home and having a warm place is much better then any gift. Thanks for reading my story and thanks in advance for any help but even if you chose not to help I still love you all and God is so good I have been blessed far beyond what money could ever buy! :)

Mauldin, SC
#303     My husband has just returned home from a one year deployment to Afghanistan. He is trying to find a civilian job since his isNational Guard. With the economy being so awful it's hard for military to bounce back. We are getting food assistance but we really need help with our rent. My son is 8 ,he is our only child and my husband defended this country . Please if anyone can help we are so grateful. We are set for eviction Jan 5th.

Spartanburg, SC
#307     We are a family of 7 who recent relocated from NJ TO SC. It's been difficult as my husbands job fell through a week after we moved. I'm the only one working(30hrs/week) at the moment and we haven't been able to pay out rent for December and as of now, January either. To further complicate things, our oldest daughter, who is 10 was diagnosed with a horrific autoimmune disease, Lupus and Hemolytic Anemia in late September. We've almost lost her twice. Her medications, supplements and travel back and forth from Spartanburg to Greenville & Charleston has taken quite a toll on us. It's difficult when you barely have gas money to go back and forth. We have one vehicle which needs work so that we can continue to do this. Christmas will be quite minimal this year but I'm just grateful my kids are alive and with me. We need most help with the rent and vehicle repairs so that we can keep a roof over our heads. We appreciate any help that is provided! Thanks and God bless!

Greenville, SC
#325     I am a stay at home mom of 2 (one girl 5, one boy 17). We can hardly afford to pay the bills let alone put a good holiday meal on the table. My daughter and son both hardly ask for anything because they know we cant afford much. My daughter has asked for one brown teddy bear and one white bear ...I know she wants more but she wont tell me. I do know she loves dress up, art, music and veggie tales.  My oldest never asks for anything ...he loves music, art, skateboarding, video games, and clothes (mainly skateboarding style clothes, dark colors). I know this might be just for kids and I understand that but I would like to see my husband get something since he didn't get anything last year. Something like his favorite cologne (Tim McGraw) or maybe some new work pants (cargo style jeans…size 44 32) (he works all the time to keep us in a home and we still sometimes come out short)…Please help if you can. We do all we can and its still not enough this time of year.



Wounded Knee, SD
#139     hello I am a native american grandmother of 17 grandchildren. My husband and I are taking care of 5 of our granddaughter's. My husband works as a Security Guard for our tribe but he has bad arthritis in his hip and ankles. He works to provide for us but some days it is really painful for him to just walk. I would really appreciate help with out Christmas this year for all of us. My husband is 59 yrs old and I am 57. I too have arthritis and minor health problems but I thank God everyday to just wake up and enjoy another day with all my grandchildren. Thank you and truly enjoy your posts and send all the statuses on raising children in this tough world to my daughter's, 2 who are raising children by themselves, 1 in the military. Again thank you.



Cleveland, TN
#39     I am a single mom with three children. My children are 17, 11, and two. I do not receive child support. I have been separated from my husband since March. I am trusting God to help work out our marriage. I am a part time adult Ed teacher. I work a second job sometimes on the weekends to help with gas and food. Our house burned in July and I have recently moved into a rural development apartment. Times have been hard ,but God has blessed me through it all. I will be off for 1 month. Since I am a part time employee I don't receive full time benefits therefore I will not have an income for a month. I saw this and I'm not sure what the biggest need is. Anything will be a blessing! I have never done this before but through this 9 months one thing I have learned to do away with is my pride. Thank you for this opportunity.

Knoxville, TN
#165     I have recently become a single mom again; currently separated from my husband and not sure yet if we can work through things or not. Only the Lord knows. I have three children still living at home, ages 23, 21, and 19. The younger two are full-time college students at Crown College of the Bible in Powell, TN; a ministry of Temple Baptist Church where we attend. We just moved to this area in July. My two children who attend Crown work part-time to help pay their way through school, but it's very tough. My older son works full-time and helps some with household needs, but he is struggling because of some past financial decisions. He is hoping to be able to get a car soon and start Bible college next fall. I work full-time but my income is not nearly enough to meet all of the household expenses. Fortunately I have help from my parents to take care of the mortgage and lot rent for where we live, but I will probably have to get a second job to really make it financially. I was in the ER recently and now have medical bills totaling almost $4,000, and no way to pay them. I'm trying to apply for financial help but don't know yet what may or may not come from that. We have no insurance currently, since I haven't been at my job long enough to be eligible for insurance yet. My younger son has a heart condition and needs to be seen by his cardiologist in December, and without insurance that will be a very large medical bill; but he needs to be seen again. My van is an older-model Windstar with nearly 185,000 miles and now has major oil leaks that are requiring me to put nearly 5 qts a week in it, and I have no way to get another vehicle. My husband gave me this van when I was moving, and it was a scrap vehicle that he bought from someone. It already had multiple problems, but I had no other option at the time. I needed a vehicle. So I'm definitely in need of a better running, more reliable vehicle. We also are in need of a washing machine. My washer and dryer are 23 years old, and while the dryer still works pretty well, the washer quit just after we moved. It's getting very expensive to go to the laundromat! God has been very good to us, and there are others in more need than we are, but with all of these things combined, we get very discouraged at times. It's been one of the most challenging times of our life, for sure. But we know that God will provide in His time and in His way. Thank you for praying, if nothing else! We appreciate it so very much! 

Columbia, TN
#198     After being homeless and living in a dangerous emergency housing place we are finally moving to our new home! But we don't have the money to get the electric turned on nor the propane tank filled to be warm, so we have to wait to move until we can afford those two bills... Emergency place has been forcefully telling us to get out for several months now.... Were very nervous, thanking God for the home but now needing him to open the next doors to actually get in it... (we have 4 boys 10,8, 6yr old twins)

Livingston, TN
#265     My family could use help during this holiday season. We have a 5-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son. In 2012, I was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer and have been struggling ever since. Although it is hard I have a part time job. There father has muscular dystrophy and has drawn social security disability since he was three. Although we try, our bills often don't get met. It just isn't enough to cover all of the expenses of living and taking care of two children. Christmas presents have been impossible to get. It's hurtful to us as parents to not be able to give our kids what they deserve. They are wonderful and deserve the absolute best.

Cleveland, TN
#271     This has been an especially hard year for our family. We have four children ages 1-7 and another on the way. We usually manage fairly well but my husband was hit with an unexpected financial crisis that put us at least 2 months behind on every bill. My son won't get much of a birthday this year and his birthday is in 2 days. I'm afraid they won't have any Christmas this year. It hurts me because my kids are so little and believe in Santa. We're trying as much as we can but we're barely making our bills. I just got assistance last month for our rent. I know there are many people who are in far worse condition than ourselves, but I just thought I'd reach out for the sake of my children.

Cleveland, TN
#311     I am a 53 year old disabled vet who has a bad back. I have a wife and 3 daughters. My wife has Epilepsy and has lost 2 jobs because of it. I have a part time job and I make $8.00 hr and try to work 40 hrs. I have done everything I can with my disability but am often down, because of my back, my wife is waiting to hear from the last job HR dept to see if she can possibility of getting backher job. We are 3 months behind in rent an are trying make it. My kids have no Christmas as and in a few weeks I don't even know if we will have a roof over our head. I am trying to believe in and trust in God but its hard. If anything we can definitely use all the prayers we can get. Thank you



Waco, TX
#13     I am a single mom two kids. I,know what makes me different from all the others well to be honest nothing not trying to look at what I dont have. My kids may not have a Christmas this year because my job,lied about putting me on permanent so im behind on all bills and house. Whatever you may bless us with I would forever be grateful girl 2 years boy 1

Stephenville, TX
#54     My son has a primary immune deficiency. His immune system doesn't function. As a result he has weekly iv infusions that we do here at home. I got a letter saying that $14,159 is due, $5,315.78 by dec 15. I'm terrified because I cannot come up w this money. I am single mom. I teach and work to provide. But without his iv he is in serious danger. Praying or answers and help.

Trenton, TX
#115     Hello I am a single mother of two teenage sons who both go to school/work. We are currently down to one vehicle as the 02 Honda Civic is in need of a major overhaul. Myself and the boys do not have much.. and as holidays approach yearly, they request nothing... however, our vehicle situation is a very stressful & difficult situation. Prayers most appreciated. Emergency funds were depleted with prior vehicle repairs. I know there is a plan.... in his time. Thank you.

Tennessee Colony, TX
#123     My husband has filed for divorce and is trying to get custody of my kids. I have used all the money I have for attorney fees and have nothing left for Christmas. My husband had a affair several years ago and had a child with this woman while we were married. Now 6 years later he is doing it again My kids are so torn up about this and now there won't be any money left for Christmas. They are good boys and don't deserve this.

Tomball, TX
#138     This past April my husband was laid off. We didn't know how we were going to feed and shelter our three little ones, ages 4, 3, and (now) 1 year. My husband is working 2 jobs, trying to get a third, trying to start a business from home and continues his education. We have a large extended family but very few have aided us, although most know our need. Most of our relatives are rich white-collar and make us feel shamed that my husband is not. We are honestly scared to ask them for help. It is scary to have a young family and not be able to make rent. But our comfort is knowing that God sent this cross to us to help us grow. As a youngster I was actually told many times by my well-to-do parents that they could never be expected to give anything because they have to take care of themselves first. I used to think that was totally sensible. No one should be expected to give their hard earned money away... I had no clue how to be generous or what a great blessing it is. The last 8 months God has shown me how unchristian I actually was. A friend recently told me "Please bless me by letting me help you!" I had never thought of it that way before! Our auto insurance renews the week before Christmas and we don't have a penny to pay for it, much less gifts. But I know now that God provides and has a plan. God has given us this time of poverty to make us see the true value of our neighbors in Christ. "The poor you have always with you." Thank the Lord we are no longer as spiritually poor as we were when we had money! Simply seeing wonderful organizations like Families Helping Families caring for complete strangers fills us with such joy and encouragement that we didn't know before. Now we try to always give back some of whatever little we have, and we pray for better finances so that we can give ever more for love of Him Who gave Himself to us!

North Houston, TX
#153     All I need is someone to come fix my ac unit,it's been out for 9 months. It's all I'm asking. Thank you,and God Bless

Houston, TX
#172     Single mom just got full time job in 7/16/15. I am trying to catch up on all my bills. I also have lupus which affect my ability to work 80 hour pay periods. I just want my 12 y/o son to have some of the things he wishes he could get this Christmas. He is on the high spectrum of Austin. He is such a loving & sensitive person, who doesn't ask for much. Tank you & GOD bless everyone.

Lubbock, TX
#175     I am going on 62 raising 2 boys Christmas ages 5 & 11 all my money is spent I am on a fix income need help with my lights and gas bills just don't have the money, I cannot afford a tree or a gift for my boys. Pray for us please.

Argyle, TX
#182     In Oct. I found out my spouse was cheating on me He left me with all the bills and debt all in my name. We were together for 9 yrs. I helped him to get his life together, Then he met someone else and left me.He left me in debt and homeless and I'm moreless still homeless today. My heart in hurt and I cry everyday. I pray that God will provide for me and my daughter. I feel so bad for her. Hopefully God will turn our situation around and bless us for a change. :) God Bless.

Katy, TX
#185     My husband and I have been blessed with 4 beautiful children. 3 girls(8,7,3) and 1 boy(1). This year has been pretty tough on us financially with my husband having lost his job and having 2 daughters with Fragile X syndrome. Bills have been way past due, no food on the table at times and not having gas for hot water and cooking fora couple of months are just a few of the things that have happened. My husband just started a new job, today as a matter of fact, and we are now having to catch up on everything which means our christmas is affected. We are very grateful and thankful to God for providing for our family and we know there are so many families that need assistance not only this time of the year but all year. It would be such a blessing if my kids could have a little something to open and be excited about this christmas! So if anyone can help it would be so appreciated and a tremendous blessing!! God bless yall and thank you!

Arlington, TX
#189     This year has been hard on my family. I had lost my job and we are about trying to save r family home. They r trying to putit for fforeclosure. Its hard for us to make ends meet. We are a family of six and we are blessed with four girls. However we always tought hem to always serve and give to others. But thats easier said than done. I prayer is that at least my husbanand i can put some gifts under the tree.And make sure we can pay the bills for this month. Its hard to make it on a one salary. And me trying to find work, i clean a house to make ends meet. But its hard to try and keep up. Thank you for listening to my story.

Conroe, TX
#203     I am a 30 yr old mother of three children. I am 5 years clean from crack coccaine. When I had the addiction I lost everything, including custody of my older two boys. With hard work and Gods grace I haves maintained the same job at a coffeshop for 4 years. I have regular Visitation of my two boys every week, but they live almost an hour away and my van is a 1998 Nissan quest, in fair condition. It's just been really hard trying to make repairs on it and afford the gas for the long drives back and forth. Praying God for some extra cash to go towards gas and bills or help towards a newer van.

Crockett, TX
#213     This blessing request is for my brother and my sister in law. My sister in law this year has been fighting a battle with lukemia. This year has been extremely hard in them. So hard that it got to a point that the doctors said they could do no more, my sis n law is only 28 years old!!! But by the grace of our Heavenly Father they found another doctor that has been a blessing from Our God and has been able to help her stay with us longer!! At one point we thought we had lost her because she literally passed away for 9 minutes n doctors were about to give up when she came back to life!! It has been a rollercoaster ride just like i can imagine with anyone that has to go thru this!! My brother hasnt been able to work much to be by her side as much as he can!! They have 4 children, 1 boy and 3 girls...boy is 7 the oldest and the baby just turned 1!! Any help that can be given to them and the children this Christmas will greatly be a Huge Blessing!! I know this will be a hard Christmas for them due to all the costs involved!! Thank so much in advance for all the prayers and blessings going towards them!! God Bless!!

Watauga, TX
#214    We have faced so many health issues this last year, and have struggled so much, and we are now finding ourselves struggling again. Our daughter is now facing health issues, and we don't know at this point what we are up against. She has several medical tests coming up ranging from an Mri of her brain, to an ultrasound of her renal system. It is very scary not knowing what is going to happen with the test results. Our income was barely making it as it was, but with each new specialist we add in is another copay. Our rent check got returned on us this month and I don't know what we are going to do about that. We have four small children, 5 and under, and facing the uncertainty of what we have ahead of us is daunting at best at times. The only place that I have to turn right now is to God, we have turned to our church, and they have done what they can, but they aren't in a position to help right now either. It's just difficult. I apologize for this being so unorganized, my life right now feels that way. I don't have a day on my calendar that isn't filled with a dr's appointment, a therapy appointment, or something similar. Very trying, and tiring, but we are trusting in the Lord to provide for our needs and we know that He has it all worked out, He knows what the outcome is, I just wish I knew what it was.

San Antonio, TX
#219     I am a single mother of 3boys & 1 girl. My kids and I have had a very difficult year. From having grandma passing away to being in and out of court for a custody battle... With all the court fees, and bills... I don't have enough money to buy gifts for my children. I work barely making ends meat... My kids have been in and out Cps cases & going to counseling at the family violence prevention center because of different abuse they have experienced from their father. Just once I would like for my children to have a happy and normal Christmas. But with no money to but them gifts I am sadden that they won't be able open any gifts. I knew that God will provide. And I am praying that my babies will be blessed this year.

Terrell, TX
#245     A few months ago, my mother in law moved in with us to help us be able to move into a home in a better neighborhood where we could have heat for the winter. My husband works very hard to take are of us while I stay at home and home school our three beautiful daughters ages 11, 9 and 6. My daughters and mother in law have no beds so they sleep in the floor. We don't have a washer and dryer or any furniture and we have to drive 10 miles to wash clothes weekly, which gets expensive. My mother in law's income adds only enough to help us make up the difference in rent and sometimes it's a struggle to get all the bills paid and have anything left afterwards for Christmas presents. I know a lot of people have it hard this time of year but if anyone felt moved to help us in any way, we would be so appreciative. God bless and Merry Christmas.

Houston, TX
#251     My husband's granny is in the hosp and has cancer that has spread. She is in a lot of pain and suffering. Please pray for her and my family. Our children are very young and don't understand why their granny is unable to talk. She is like a mom to my husband and helped in raising him. It is very possible we may lose her before Christmas.

Pasadena, TX
#256  My daughter is in need od beds. She lives in a tiny one bedroom apt. has joint custody of 2 children with no job and no child support.and a few pieces of furniture. husband refuses to help shes has been in this situation six months since husband decided to end marriage and fight for these terms he had money to fight. One child sleeps on air matress on floor the other on old sofa sectional. mom sleeps on floor in living room on a mattress. If someone has a bunk-bed they could give and a sofabed they don't want, or just the bunk beds that would be a blessing.We are financially strapped having to pay the rent and power and gas to get children for visits and job hunting.  She was given a month to get out of home [to sell] with nowhere to go, so we signed a lease for a really cheap apartment. Please consider this situation.

San Antonio, TX
#295     We lost my dad back in September and were only able to go to the funeral because my brother drove close to 6 hours here to pick me and the youngest two up, and we had to get a greyhound bus for me and our youngest home. My husband's work truck will only seat 3... so he and our oldest came the next day and left right after the funeral with the middle child. because of our car situation (the car died the same day as my dad) we could not make it to Thanksgiving, and may not be able to make it for Christmas either. as for me and the younger two to go and come back on grey houd round trip tickets are over 300. and we don't have a credit card to be able to rent a car (which would be about half the price plus gas... but they want to put a large hold on your account... I would love to have a running car, but really I just want to be able to go see my mom for Christmas....

Clarendon, TX
#297     This is not easy for me to ask for help publicly like this. And it bothers me because I know there are people/families that need the help more than we do. And I thank God everyday for everything that we have, because He does take care of us. We have a warm house to come home to and food to eat, and our kids are healthy. And my husband and I are healthy and able to work. For me, all that is a huge blessing. However, we are struggling right now. We have 5 kids, a college student, a senior, junior & freshman in high school, and a 4th grader. I substitute at the school, so my hours are varied and the pay is not that great. My husband owns his own business which has been very slow for several months now. We are behind on our house & car payments among many other bills. We have fallen behind on so much, and there is just no way for us to be able to afford much of anything for Christmas for the kids. It just breaks my heart. I want to be able to give them something, anything and we just can't afford it. And yes, most of them are older and will understand for the most part, but it still bothers me. I don't know why we are going through this right now and when God will bring us out of it, but I trust him. We know he will take care of us, he always has. It's just so difficult for me to see that right now. I know God will bring blessings our way, in his time. I just hope it is soon. In the meantime, I am thanking him for everything he has given us and continues to provide us with every single day.

Dallas, TX
#306     I have accepted Jesus in my life i talk to him as my only friend praying that he understands me letting him know about my life and how i got caught up in this economy since year 2008 i strive for a job even cried for job to surive for my bills and the things i had like my nice furniture i were renting when i had my apartment but when that moment came i lost everything i mean everything it hurted so bad and the worst to come christmas i haven't even bought a gift for all my children and grandkids for over 5 years that makes me look less of a mother and a grandmother i wish that i could really make up for all that but how i always ask God how could i really put a smile on there faces? I have no money in my hand i live up under someone else roof what does that say see i"m suppose to this morher wt.my own place seeing my children and grandchildren happy but then i look back and say oh dear Lord another year of christmas and still nothing for my granddaugther's ages 15/14/ and 6 years old wanting cothes sizes 3/4 teenager little one wears 5 in children and coats or also needed and those funny hats the girls uses that has faces onthem socks and panties are needed also bikes as for the grandsons ages 9/11 there needing clothes sizes 9/10 and 7/8 and coats size regular socks,and boxer and games ,toys as for my children i always wanted to get my son's cologne's smell good and nice shirts and a gift card um 10 speed and ipad i know there ages are 22/25 and 28 years old as for my daughter's i always wanted toget them make-up perfume and purses nice blouses size medium and small and pajamas size 3/5 and 8/9 and 7/8 as for me i need most of everything strengh jeans size 6/7 and 7/8 long warm sleeve small & medium blouses size medium and small,half boots in beige or tan brown and black size 5and ahalf or 6 tennis shoes 5 and a half in white and black um dresses size 5 come up befor the knees a purse filled wt.makeup and a nice perfume dress shoes size 5 and a half so i could dress up when i get an interview and a 10 speed toget to where i need toget just in case i get in interview and hopefully someone or somebody could help me make the best of my wishes come threw and if i could get a job wt. Baylor Hospital as in patient care it be good to have because i went to school for it got my certificate as an CNA Nurses Assistant and i learned todo the vital sign as a nurse but still having a hard time writting out mi resume;i just pray that my wishes and prayer be answered because i really would love to see everybody smile and let them know wt.the help of Sants helper it would be a blessing even if i do not have my own home and my nice furniture i lost everything threw the economy that hurted me so bad that i just cried i were only mom and dad and grandpa and grandma for them what would it be for them to go threw another year wt.out christmas again i wonder.

Houston, TX
#310     My husband and my self are disabled between my daughters and his meds things will be bleak for our daughter at least we have each other thank you and bless you.

Huntsville, TX
#319     Please keep my family in your prayers! This past year has truly been a challenge! My husband was laid off and without a job for several months. We have 3 beautiful boys one who is Autistic as well as other medical issues. We lost our home about 8 months ago and then our care. We are now living with family and blessed that God has recently provided my husband with a new job. Now we are praying to get caught back up and hopefully be able to get back on our feet soon. We have not had the finances to spend extra on Christmas and recently found out that the car we have now is in need of a 400 dollar repair! I am not sure why everything continues to happen, but I know that through it all God has been right by our side! This time of the year is really hard and really we just need prayer! I know God knows each need and I am so grateful to be able to even write this message! Trying to put it all in a nutshell just wanted to say Thank you in advance for whatever you can do even if it's just a prayer! Prayer works wonders!

Paris, TX

#327     We're not able to give this year nor able to celebrate Christmas and my family have accepted that but Im not selfish so Id like a prayer for the children that we couldn't help this time, maybe someone will and pray for those who will enjoy Christmas they are truly Blessed.




Layton, UT
#134     Well I send my son to a private Christian School & have gotten behind in payments, at this point it's up to $1,700 . I am making small payments , but I'm still behind. My son having a solid Christian education means more than anything seeing as with most public schools God has been kicked out. I want nothing for myself except prayers for my health . Thank You & God Bless

Tooele, UT
#258      Please read comment on previous Facebook page of struggles, health problems, mainly requesting a gift or two for my two grandsons ages 2 & 4. Grandson, age 4, is in need of clothes/shoes, Size 5T in clothes, Size 9/10 in shoes. other grandson age 2 has plenty of clothes. Maybe a toy or two, please try and read the comment to that leads to this page. Don't like to request or ask for help, been struggling for some time, have personal health issues and have been in the hospital several times for the past couple of years, been financially struggling for the past five years, was given a Christmas tree as a Christmas present this year, husband needs a back operation, is peeing blood and has a kidney stone, lost a lot of weight, but continues to work as much as possible to make ends meet. Have three teenage kids two sons and a daughter who have never really celebrated Christmas since young kids, my two sons live with us, one is still in school, the other works, low pay but grateful to have a job, my daughter with the two kids has difficulty finding a job, she lives in a trailer, her heater went out, its a 1963 heater, its temporary fixed now, she was vacated from her home because her and her two sons were very sick from gas fumes, questar gas gave her a danger notice and request she vacate the home. She stayed with us for a couple of weeks, until a temporary fix could be done, she has no vehicle, food has been low for us but we are getting by and know we don't suffer as many others. Were thankful just to have a tree, and celebrate love as a family and Jesus Christ. Would like a couple presents under the tree for our two grandsons, ages two and four, they just had their birthdays one in November and December, we were able to get them a small cake, it was still exciting for them. No toys but grateful to at least celebrate their birthday, Sorry to even ask, I'm not one for asking or speaking out, this year I am finally reaching out, I know there is always others in more need so if you can help thank you if not, its ok, I honestly understand, Thank you for listening, God Bless and Happy Holidays.



Springfield, VT
#293    We are a family of 8 .We have 6 children ranging from 20-2 all have disabilities most with Autism .My husband is the only one working so that I can tend to the children's needs at home and in school . You would not imagine the amount of meetings that are required. Even if all you can send is a prayer please do . Merry Christmas to you :D


Richmond, VA
#31     I am struggling with going to court over custody battle with my kids dad that is really nasty and I am struggling to provide them gifts for Christmas but What I would really need is my rent to be paid so I don't have to worry about everything and I can enjoy the holiday.

Newport News, VA
#339     Blessings, My husband and I have been struggling to get back on our feet since he lost his job in 2011.We had to file bankruptcy loosing everything but the clothes on our back. He was receiving unemployment but that soon ran out and we ended up having to move into a hotel where it seemed we were stuck for 5yrs.We saw people and families come and go but not us. I thank God everyday for the owners of that hotel because God used them to show us favor when we didn't have the weekly rent. Still believing God for breakthrough and trusting that he would continue to provide, we continued to be faithful in tithing, giving offerings and sowing seed as he led from whatever would come in as income. My husband continued to beat the streets so to speak for work. Many times he wanted to give up. I found work at a non-profit organization I believe God led me to and worked as a Director over one of their programs. For awhile I was receiving a weekly pay and boy was that a relief but they fell into an economical bind and could no longer pay me. I still work in this ministry faithfully as I love doing the work of God but without pay. My husband did eventually find work at the beginning of 2012 bless the Lord but it isn't enough to keep us afloat as it is determined by the weather so income is and has been unstable.God has made us many promises and we are standing on them. Both vehicles are in great need for repairs however we pray over them everyday for safety and mechanical operation. I work from home so to keep off ware and tare on the vehicle that is working. We eat by receiving groceries from churches including our home churched food bank. Financial help however is very hard to receive from any organization in my area for the needs of people are so great. We were turned down for state help because my husband grosses to much. I never will understand this system as this system does not account for the astronomical amount of money that comes out of his check for medical insurance and taxes. However, In August of this year, 2013 a family offered us the opportunity to move from out of the hotel and to move in with them. We love this family dearly and took them up on their offer, however 2 months later, they began to have challenges befall them and we are needed to contribute now differently than the way we were able to pay bills at the hotel. This is a great challenge for us as my husbands pay is unstable. Recently there has been light shown on our situation. My husband and five others on his job were just faced with being laid off this month Dec. HOWEVER God opened doors for each to work in other areas and businesses affiliated with their trucking business. Praise God for whom all blessings flow. His income will be a lot more stable but we will not receive the fruit of that until Jan 2014.I have also found 2 streams of income that will not produce fruit until Feb of 2014. I believe 2014 will be our year to prosper as will be for many of our brothers and sisters in Christ we just need to get through this last month of 2013. I thank God for FHF because we receive nuggets on how to improve our marriage, our relationship with our children and how to balance ministry and family. Thank you so much for all you do and my the Lord continue to bless you that you can be a blessing to others.



Cle Elum, WA
#58     My mother and I have no wood for the winter, our main heat source. Now have no stove as it decided to quit working on Thanksgiving! We could really use a blessing this Christmas. Thank you.

Port Orchard, WA
#83     I recently lost a great job in ministry due to unfortunate circumstances. My husband is unable to find steady gainful employment, as well. My son's birthday is also the day before Christmas. We have just enough to cover the mortgage and some bills. This year, we haven't been able to get any Christmas presents for my 9 year old daughter or for my son who will soon be 6. We also will not be able to provide a party for my son's birthday this year. I never wanted my children to have to go without, and now we are once again living in poverty. I feel very weary to be here again, and am looking to the Lord for strength and joy this holiday season. I am thankful for what I do have - health, family, and a roof over my head. Despite the circumstances, I am thankful for the Lord's provision. Jehovah Rapha.

Bremerton, WA
#104     We are overwhelmed with medical bills and now have 2 garnishments filled against Us, we are a family of 5 my Mother lives with us and its dependent entirely on us, I have been the legal guardian of my father since the age of 25(I'm 40) he was a missionary to south Korea till I was 10 I grew up there. When we moved back to the states my body slowly gone down hill at 21 diagnoses with juvenile diabetes, my husband has insured us with the best available insurance but I have had 7 surgeries in 5 years and we are now 3000 thousand in medical debt we had made payments for years but the affordable care act, forced laws that said only 3 months are required to pay them and because we couldn't they garnished us,as a federal work he can lose his job for security reasons if we don't Pay our bills . We attend a church and because we live in a military town and had to do so much during the shut down they can't help. We are not sure if we are even going to get a paycheck in December... I Hope I have given the information necessary thank you for your willingness to help even out you can't a place to lay our burdens down is helpful.

Kennewick, WA
#154     Like so many people, my husband and I are struggling financially. I applied for a 2nd job, had an interviewed, everything went well, but I clearly heard The Lord telling me no. I'm not sure why He said no, but I'm trying desperately to put my faith in knowing He supplies all our needs. My request I guess is for prayer for our finances and for The Lord to lead us where He wants us and to stretch our monthly budget just a little farther this month to buy the kid gifts. God is good even in difficult times and I'm very grateful for everything He's given us already. Thank you for prayers!

Elmer City, WA
#206     i have had double viral pnuemonia for 3 months and it has totally depeleted my families funds our truck broke down and we need a decent vechicle which we are working on,but cant get credit. so my family gets no christmas dinner,no gofts and no car. i am unable to walk in the cold for the rest of the winter, as it flair up the disease over and over wed appreciate help with any one of our needs please help us we dont qualifu for any help as we only have a 17 year old daughter at home and no litle kids we are on disability so dont qualify for financing either i am so sad that my illness and 6 hospital stays have depleted my families funds so badly thank-angel new i will pray to.

Federal Way, WA
#286     It a tough situation the last thing on my mind right now is gifts fir christmas for my kids. U don't know how to make this short but I recieved an eviction notice on our door today by the cheriff to vacate our apartment where my husband and I and our 3 kids live 7,6, and 4 months old :(. we have till the 12th to pay and they will let us stay! My husband had recently found out that his boss was garnishing wages illegally and confrinted him however we looked up the garnishing laws and without a doubt he was taking what wasnt his and way to much unfortunately he is in japan till jan so nothing can be done till he is back. He basically laid him off because he was confronted. My husband didn't tell me this was going on because he didn't want me to worrie unfortunately i answered tge door to the cheriff and yes im very upset with my husband. Praying someone will see this and God will lead to help. We have nowhere to go. I have proif of paystubs that show illegal garnishes and also have the eviction notice to prove this isnt maid up! Shelters are full and my parents have my brother who is dealing with a drug addiction there so i would rather sleep in our car then go there unfortunately!Trusting God whole heartly even though im very upset with our situation trying to stay strong!

Port Orchard, WA
#316    Over a year ago I was injured at work and have had 3 surgeries to correct my torn rotator cuff. Workman's Compensation does pay some, however I am struggeling to keep up with our monthly expenses, as I'm sure many are. My concern is that we cannot afford to go to Minnesota and visit my son and his family for Christmas this year and they are leaving for Uganda, Africa to serve as missionaries in January. Thus, I won't see my grandchildren for 2 years. I would greatly appreciate your prayers for them as they go. And for me as I continue to heal. If you felt led by the Lord to help in any way it would be recieved with a very greatful heart!

Bellevue, WA
#338    We are needing cheaper housing in California - before or on January 1 2014 needing someone to move into our current housing in wa until the lease ends in august 2014 (their name would be added to our lease) or if we find free temporary housing in ca, then a job needed and obtained would be used to just pay that rent there, which could be used to help someone in need that cant afford anything or the full price! or need 2k to break lease completely. needing work, of course - work that will cover the current bills of car, insurance, 2 credit cards, cell phone, and hopefully cheaper housing with utilities included until the credit card bills can be paid off and the car is gone in 2015. you can see full story at - http://penandpai.tumblr.com/



Elkins, WV
#264    Needing prayers for strength, patience and guidance for our large family with special needs children. Young adult son with autism is having a difficult time with growing up. He is unable to find caring, supportive employment and his frustration and disappointment is hard. He's very smart and wants to help and feel productive within his community while earning his own money. He just wants to be like everyone else. Can you help?



Superior, WI

#25     I have been praying that some how that me and my family could have Christmas this year, I am married and have 2 girls age 23 , 16. my 23 year old daughter lives at home . my Husband has not been able to get his 40 hours for his work for almost a year now and we are struggling to pay or house payment and bills and still get groceries and Christmas presents for my family! This is an answer to my prayer!

Oshkosh, WI
#45     We're trying to get to Texas for Christmas. My husband moved here in 2005 and he has not seen most of his family since then! He is getting really homesick and needs to go home for Christmas this year. Most of them haven't met our two little girls and it's breaking his heart. He is a hard working man who puts his family first. We would like to see him receive this blessing! Please help us get him home for Christmas this year!

Madison, WI
#76     Christmas has always been my favorite time of year...especially once I got older and had my own job. I soon realized that one pf the ways I show love is through gifts...giving them. I honestly find so much joy n finding the gift that will make the other person so happy, or something they asked for earlier christmas's or something they would never be able to get themselves. Blessed to be a blessing. Well this year we won't be able to do this. My husband is a full time PhD student in music composition, and a part time teaching assistant. I am a stay at home mom for my 2 year old, part time home school teacher to my 8 year old, and am also slowly working to finish my degree in Human services. I only have 2 classes left! Needless to say, we have barely any finances. My husband gets a small stipend which covers our rent, and I get grants for going to school and that helps with other bills. I have always believed staying home with my kids was more important than having a lot. I still believe that. It is just this year we cannot afford to get anyone else Christmas presents...maybe our own kids will get a little something, but it is so sad to me to not be able to get my nieces and nephews and my parents something. My husband and I have given up presents for each other for years so we can get the kids something nicer. I have tried selling some of my stuff, even my wedding dress. I have tried to find part time work, but with my husband in school I would need daycare and that costs more than I would make! I have tried to find a way to make Christmas work this year! We havent even told our families yet that we can't do it, and it breaks my heart. I know that this isn't a huge need compared to others, but I want to be able to bless others and make them smile! I can go without gifts, and new clothes...but I want Christmas for others! Thanks for reading this! I am actually going to the be a blessing page next....I can do some things and want to help any way I can!!

Waukesha, WI
#227     I am a single mom of two daughters. I have been divorced from their Dad for 8 years and he refuses to be part of their lives. He has turned from the Lord and we pray for him daily. I am an elementary teacher i inner city Milwaukee and work hard long hours every day at a charter school. I pay all my bills on time and provide all things my daughters need but that does not leave money for extras. My two daughters are excellent students one is 2nd in her class and the other is tenth. They both work hard at their studies but need new laptops. We have one but some keys are missing. I had to buy a new car and do not have money to provide much for Christmas this year. I know laptops are a need but for now we get by with one. Thank you for sharing the love of Jesus with my family.

Hazelhurst, WI
#238     My husband and I have 5 children.Today is 20 below zero and we have been burning with scrap lumber. We scraped money together to buy a tank minimum fill for propane so we can cook on the stove again and have alternative heat to buy my husband time to cut more wood. He has been working like a mad man to keep up with the bills while I have been single parenting our 5 young sons. God provides in all the little ways...there is always a piece of wood to burn, always something left to eat, but things are stretched so thin right now. this past week, our family vehicle broke down and my husband has been under it three times this last week in the snow and darkness trying to fix it after work. we will soon be out of propane and the gas we bought is going to overdraw us in the bank because of the car parts. the children and I stay home most of the time, except for church and awana. I home school and clean cabins in the summer to help out financially. I have been butchering deer in our kitchen to make money for Christmas but we have only had 3. this week there is no money. one week to go until a paycheck and then there is the mortgage due. no money for food. I cried the entire time standing in line at the food pantry two weeks ago. WE WANT TO BE THE ONES GIVING, NOT NEEDING. And here comes Christmas, which doesn't even matter as much as the need for heat and food. Yes, we received a little government assistance, but my husband works, remember? we would have more help if he gave up and stayed unemployed, but there is so much wrong with that, isnt there? we have many needs and my husband needs a hand and a little hope. the American dream is falling apart in our laps as we strive to raise a large family. we are both on our knees praying and hoping, and waiting for an answer. God is with us and he provides in every way. maybe this is one of his ways, maybe not, but I just need to share our struggle because things are getting pretty slim. thanks for reading. If you can't help, please just pray. my husband is not a strong christian and i am praying for his faith.

Dalton, WI
#262     God is great and I know if people are praying he will do what is right for my son. My 16 year old son has struggled with his knee since he injured it in Sept of 2012. He has had 2 knee surgeries so far. He has had a kidney laseration with an absess removed after. He's very down. We hava a Dr Apt with a different Dr this Wed. I pray everyday he will guide us to do the right thing with his knee. I know there are a lot of people worse off and I count my blessing everyday. But to my 16 year old his knee means everything as it's the only way he can do what he loves. Play with his teams. Please pray for him. Also please pray we as parents make the right decision for him and God guides us. Thank you! Merry Christmas to all of you and God Bless!

Tripoli, WI

#326     I'll ask for prayers please, We haven't had gifts for several years, but the Christmas message at Church makes our Christmas, Would love to be able to give something to my 4 children and 19 grandchildren, but I know that is not realistic. So prayers please for one and all.




Cheyenne, WY
#136     I have 3 kids. My oldest just turned 3 my middle is 21 months and my youngest is 1 month today (Dec 2nd) I am not working as I just had my youngest. my significant other isn't gettin but maybe 25 hours a week due to the weather here in Wyoming. We are very strapped for cash and to get something for all the kids and other family members is going to be almost impossible this year.


     I don't know if I can even send this in because I am in Canada. We have been financially strapped for several years mostly due to my ex husband's irregular employment andlack of caring abouabout where money comes from and when. We separated this year. I had to declare bankruptcy and moved out in August. He had admitted to an affair and I just couldn't handle this again. Right after I moved out he moved in with a different woman who works in the same building that I do. Fortunately I have very little contact with her except by email. We have two children, 6 and 11. He finally got a better paying job and instead of putting money on bills for the house we own he buys a puppy from a pet store. His girlfriend was not happy. I've gone through that sort of thing with him before so I do feel sorry for her. He doesn't even help with rent or anything. I'm struggling pay to pay. The house I rent is minutes from work and school but is cold and drafty. My van is being held together by God Himself and if it wasn't for Him it wouldn't be running after hitting a deer last year. My 11 year old broke his leg at school in May and we've had many trips for xrays and surgery and physio. Most is covered by provincial coverage but the extra driving and stuff that cost have added up. He is walking almost normally again but experiences a lot of pain at times still. I am going through a divorce care group along with the children and it has been helping us immensely. Their father is still involved with them on a daily basis which is a blessing but he tries my patience constantly and I struggle with anger towards him. I also suffer from depression and my son has adhd and ashma.We have 5 prescriptions between us and my drug insurance through work has changed so much that I went from paying nothing to having $1500 per year taken off my pay. Sometimes I just don't know where I will get money for food. My income is too much to go to the food banks. I am a burden to my church who has already paid for some of my counselling. Ihate telling my children we can't get something basic because of money.


Abu Dhabi
#48     Praise the Lord for this Dr.James Dobsons families helping families because this is a big help for all of us in needs.Im an OFW and working here in UAE as a tea,office girl,cleaning and all around in the office for 6yrs.despite of my age 53 still working just to help my family.The problems im having right now starts when I go home last june to july one month vac.in order to bring home money at home I ask for an advance salary in which I have to pay it in 1yr and 4 mos.due to that im suffering of having a hard times sending money which is small as my salary also is under labor category as my boss said he cannot increase it due to some jealousy fr.other office boy in the site im in main ofis our company is in construction and my bosd is nice and good but very tight in giving increase.also I have 4 childten to support and my husband is a passengers jeepney driver and the jeep is alteady old that other times it breaks down and no driving for him.my eldest is already married and have 2 grandchildren and also in the house living tog.witmy other 3 children.my 1son now works bur not enough to help in the house ecpenditures. My husband has now maintenancw for high Bp and diabetes but stop due to nomoney to be spend on it. The advance I get in the ofis start now getting from me by the comp.and only small left onme.how much will be left on me its always been my everyone problem. Can I ask for someone who has a kind soft hearted persons whos willing ri share his blessings if its not a big burden for him/her.can I ask a big help maybe Godwill bring Iit all back to you.whoever u are .This coming christmas can it be a big christmas gift to me and my family..I cant repay u but Gods will.He will pour it out more to you.please im pleading to anyone out there..and hope u are being touch by my letter...May God bless you more and may your tribe increase..God be with u always....thank you.



Yigo, Guam
#164     I'm feeling blessing that to have found FHF site today.Since I got sick 4 years ago (2009), our financial had been a struggle up to now. I'm just thankful to God's goodness for He provided my funds for medical needs. We had to do a fundraising so I & my family could fly back to the Philippines for my treatment yearly since 2009 'til last year. I was so suppose to go back there again this year, but due to no funds, I was not able to follow up on my thyroid cancer and executive check up. My doctor insisted that I needed to go back to the Philippines for my thyroid, but I was not able to. I am praying that this coming year, God will make a way that He will provide our needs to go back to the Philippines for my medical check up as well as for my family. I am trusting God. To add to this, this year, I could say that this is the most struggled year in regards to our financial needs. Due to my husband personal loans and other obligations-utilities, hospital bills, and our medical check ups on island, and other necessities in ourlives, my husband's paycheck is not enought to meet all these needs. When pay day comes or before pay day, I will always have to ask my sibling for cash and other people my friend; my husband, he asks from his friends, his co-workers and brethren from our church to borrow. As of today, our loans from those 11 people just from the last few months, accumulated to almost $2,000.00. We promised to pay them when we receive our refunds next year. Plus, I still owe $500.00 from my friend since 2010. Our situation: my husband the only one working, (I can't go back to work yet due to my medical condition), my medical condition, and our current financial burden, is really, really tough esp. not being able to provide my two teenage sons needs and even not giving our tithes. Inspite all of these, God had/has been my strength, not being discouraged, disappointed, being patient and not complaining because I know that God loves us so much and that He will never leave nor forsake us. I am holding on His promises and always praying that He will make a way. My FAITH is very strong which keeps me victorious everyday. I pray all the time and I listen to encouraging spiritual songs like GOD WILL MAKE A WAY, HOLDING ONTHE PROMISES OF GOD & other encouraging spiritual songs. I believe in God that no matter what circumstances we go through in our daily lives, GOD will make us victorious. He listens prayers to the righteous.Thank you so much for FHF Stories web site. God bless your ministry. Have a blessed day! P.S. On the disclaimer, please do not publish my last name on this FHF stories only when you post it. Thank you so much.



Baguio City
#218     This is humbly for you, a little letter but with the biggest message I could ever think of…HOPE…in the midst of despair…all it takes is a little spark…a comforting hand to calm my troubled heart. God continually says, I shouldn’t worry about anything, but pray and ask Him for everything I need, always giving thanks for what I have. My path may be clouded but the sun will shine soon. As I ask anything according to His will, He will hear me. This is the confidence I have toward Him. I look to Him and expect help from Him, He will never fail because HOPE is here…Christmas is HOPE. I am in hope for my two sisters and our little baby girl’s Christmas Eve dinner. We are full-time missionaries from the Philippines for the past twelve (12) years. We never have any regular support for our mission work but God has always been faithful to bring us through. When God called us, we knew He would take care of all the rest. And that’s how it has been. There are many sufferings, many pains, a lot of anguish, violent rains but God is surely there and He holds us up still. There are times we cannot find the way out, but in our heart we know He’s just there because His voice is clear…He says it will be alright and that soon darkness will hide, because light will be there…we just know He is there. Christmas in the Philippines is simple, celebrated with a Christmas Eve dinner we call “Noche Buena”. It is a Philippine way to have a “Noche Buena” dinner to welcome Christmas morning and give presents to children at home and thank God for Jesus’ coming. This Christmas, “thank you” for being the little spark, “thank you” for being the comforting hand that has given HOPE for me, my sisters and little baby girl’s Christmas Eve dinner. It is yet in our hearts but surely, it has come to pass in God's throne room. Thank you for being an instrument of His grace.