Sanctity of Human Life

From conception to our last breaths on this earth, we believe that all life is a sacred gift from almighty God. At Family Talk we join the body of Christ in celebrating life during Sanctity of Human Life month.

5 minutes with Ryan Dobson

Adopted as infant by Dr. James and Shirley Dobson, Ryan is a testimony to what is possible when an unborn child's right to life is honored and a young woman chooses life.

Lord God, heal the brokenhearted. As Your Word says, give beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they may be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that You may be glorified! Amen.

Download the week of prayers (pdf)

We rejoice in the family victories of friends who write to us and share their experiences. Our thanks to Kimberly from Poseyville, Indiana, who expresses her appreciation to Dr. Dobson and all those who have worked tirelessly to educate and equip pregnancy resource centers, and save lives. Here Kimberly celebrates the joyful story of the adoption of her daughter.

  • We have a daughter even though she is not of our blood.
  • We have a daughter although she was never in my womb.
  • We have a daughter because God in His infinite wisdom worked out all the fine details on our behalf.
  • We have a daughter because her birth mom chose life.
  • We have a daughter because her birth mom understood that her unborn baby had the right to life.
  • We have a daughter because her birth mom did not want to live to regret any other decision.
  • We have a daughter because Focus on the Family provided an ultrasound machine to the exact pregnancy center that her birth mom visited. It was there that she was able to see with her very own eyes that a real, alive, tiny baby was growing inside of her when she was only seven weeks along.
  • We have a daughter because an unwed, pregnant teenager decided that we were worthy to be given the titles of "Mommy" and "Daddy."
  • We have a happy, healthy, holy daughter because we chose adoption.
  • We have a daughter because she was given the right to live.
  • We have a daughter for which we are eternally grateful!

Because the Sanctity of Human Life, in all its stages, is high on our priority list, Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson airs programs on this topic all year long. Below are several of these programs that we hope you'll find encouraging.

Little Baby, Yet Unborn
Dana Scallon, well-known Irish recording artist, talks about her unplanned pregnancy and offers a touching tribute to young mothers.

Our Promise to Defend Life I & II
Hear an impassioned speech by the late pro-life crusader Congressman Henry Hyde, followed by a riveting discussion with Dr. Dobson and the team about what it really means to be a pro-life advocate.

Remembering Johnny Stallings
Coach Gene Stallings talks about his years raising a son with Down syndrome and offers encouragement to parents of special needs children.

Life After Hopelessness I & II
Recounting her miraculous survival of a suicide attempt, Kristen Anderson shares how her newfound faith in God helped her overcome severe depression, as well as the challenges of a physical disability.

A Heart for Romanian Orphans I & II
Learn about the orphans in Romania and what you can do to help these precious children.

Kyle West: Look What God Has Done I & II
Meet Kyle West. During part I, Dr. Dobson chats with a precocious 7-yr-old with cerebral palsy, and in part II, they meet again now that he's all grown up and headed for college. It's a broadcast you won't forget.

The Barretts Amazing Adoption Story I & II
An inspiration to all, Billy Jack and Anne Barrett opened their hearts and home to hurting teenagers who were tossed about in the foster care system.

Visit the following websites for helpful resources and for more opportunities to get involved.

Local Pregnancy Resource Centers
Ramah International is your link to finding a Pregnancy Resource Center in your area.

Learn more about Abby Johnson, the author of the book, Unplanned: the story of a former Planned Parenthood leader's courageous choice in favor of life.

Care Net
Care Net and our network of more than 1,100 pregnancy centers offer hope to women facing unplanned pregnancies by providing practical help and emotional support.

Bethany Christian Services
Bethany Christian Services is the nation's largest adoption agency, and we also care for women facing unplanned pregnancies and orphans living on five continents.

Heart Gallery of America
The Heart Gallery is a traveling photographic and audio exhibit created to find forever families for children in foster care.

Children's HopeChest
Children's HopeChest manages individual and church partnerships with over 70 locations worldwide and provides care to over 10,000 orphans.

Need Project
Practical resources and support for parents of special needs children.

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