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Oct 4

Jesus Daily - I

Guest: Dr. Aaron Tabor

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Did you ever wonder how we can get the message of Jesus Christ out to the uttermost corners of the world? It takes people - and maybe a little technology. Facebook is quickly becoming the new digital printing press for the Word of God and prayer. Dr. Aaron Tabor, creator of the "most engaging" Facebook page called Jesus Daily, joins us to talk about how Facebook can be used to share Christ where there is a need. It has allowed Dr. Tabor to reach people he never would have otherwise reached. Join us to learn another way you can let your Light shine in this dark world. It takes you!

Dr. Tabor graduated from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He has devoted his career to helping people start living a life they love through better health. He is the author of Dr. Tabor's Slim & Beautiful Diet and FIGHT NOW: Eat & Live Proactively Against Breast Cancer, and appears regularly on the QVC shopping network.


Dr. Tabor is the Founder of Jesus Daily™ on Facebook with ~5 Million members: Jesus Daily is spreading the Gospel around the globe. In April 2011, Jesus Daily had 204,000,000 post views and was rated the #2 most Engaged fan page globally over the Easter week:

Dr. Tabor is available for on-air appearances to discuss cancer risk reduction, weight loss advice, and other general medical topics.

Over 1 million women have already trusted Dr. Tabor for better nutrition and health education on how to lower risk of breast cancer and lose weight. His “prevention through nutrition” research projects with leading hospitals include cancer risk reduction, weight loss, younger-looking skin/hair/nails, low-glycemic index, cholesterol reduction, pain relief, and hormonal balance.

Dr. Tabor’s diet clients have appeared on numerous national magazine covers, and he is frequently quoted as a diet and anti-aging expert. He is a member of The Johns Hopkins Medical and Surgical Association, American Medical Association, American Heart Association, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, National Consortium of Breast Centers, American Diabetes Association, Men Against Breast Cancer, and North American Menopause Society.

Dr. Tabor educates other physicians about diet and lifestyle research as the Diet & Alternative Medicine Section Editor for The Journal of Medicine. He has authored numerous books, papers, and patents in the fields of medicine and nutrition. His recent book Nutritional Cosmetics: Beauty from Within is the first medical textbook on “inside-out makeover” science—foods and supplements to make you look younger from the inside out.

Dr. Tabor created the Slim & Beautiful® Diet to help his mom Suzanne cope with the health challenges of midlife, including an expanding waistline. The dramatic turnaround he witnessed in his mom’s health made him passionate about helping others with natural anti-aging solutions.

Dr. Tabor is Founder of Gene Facelift, a Johns Hopkins' biotech spin-off, developing anti-wrinkle and wound-healing drugs. Gene Facelift’s drug technology is designed to boost damaged skin DNA in order to heal wrinkles, reverse the aging process, and help heal wounds.

Dr. Tabor is single and lives in Winston-Salem, NC. When not working on a new medical discovery, Dr. Tabor enjoys cooking, jet skiing, and spending time with his two dogs. Feed the Children and Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer are two of his favorite charities to support.

You can read Dr. Tabor’s breast cancer research blog at:

And his weight loss research blog at:


Aaron Tabor, MD

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