Grounded with Ryan Dobson

Nov 16

Family Talk Tuesday - Humanitarian Jesus

Guest: Christian Buckley

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The world has its share of earthquake victims, AIDS patients, widows and orphans.  Scripture calls on believers to reach out to “the least of these,” and on this Family Talk Tuesday, we’ll take a look at the important work being done by many people called “social justice.”

Since the Christian church has been caring for the poor around the world for centuries, we’ll also explore the new fascination and emphasis on relief work and discuss why it is so “fashionable” in Christian circles lately.   

Call 1-877-732-6825 or click here to order Ryan and Christian's new book Humanitarian Jesus.

Visit Christian Buckley's blog: Truth: From The Other Side of The Road.  It's about looking at truth from the other side of the road. It 's about "Why" more than "What" and almost never about "How."

Christian Buckley is the co-author of Humanitarian Jesus, a featured writer for, and a previous contributor to Flourish, Creation Care Magazine, and Catalyst online.  He is the co-founder of, a social media and philanthropy project that innovatively connects people to projects worth funding. 

As an attorney he has represented death row inmates and CEO’s. As a business leader he has helped shape both non-profits and action sports companies.