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Oct 26

Brain Types and Parenting- II

Guest: Jon Niednagel

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We continue our interview with Jon Niednagel on using the revolutionary research of brain typing to better parent children - affecting the areas of discipline, encouragement, and training techniques. We tend to put people into boxes, or we mistake personality differences with differing brain types. Each person is created unique with a unique purpose. Listen in to learn how you can determine your own brain type and that of those around you.

Founder and Director of the Brain Type Institute, Jonathan P. Niednagel, is regarded by many as the world’s foremost evaluator of people, especially in sports (where he has consulted for numerous professional teams and athletes). As a Brain Typist, scientist, and author, Niednagel has assessed over 55,000 people around the earth since the 1970’s, the largest known empirical study of human behavior by any one person. He has meticulously researched why people behave as they do from a neuroscientific (brain-related), genetic, biomechanic (motor movement) and spacial perspectives.

Niednagel has pioneered the world’s most advanced human understanding technology and rapidly- expanding science, Brain Types. These inborn and ineradicable Brain Types (BT) offer unrivaled insight into each person’s behavior (mentally and physically), in all areas of life.

Niednagel has received much national and international attention from all media forms, in both sports and non-sports areas. His discoveries and insights are also sought out and embraced by those who desire the greatest competitive advantage for peak performance in all realms of life.

Some of our readers may want to know that Jon Niednagel has been diagnosed with advanced cancer, or more specifically, melanoma (the most serious type of skin cancer that can "metastasize" and spread to other parts of the body). Beginning in December of last year, he began experiencing symptoms and has since undergone tests of confirmation. Over the past six months, Jon has diligently sought out various methods of treatment in the United States and beyond with limited success. He is still in the process of finding healing and renewing his strength. Jon is grateful for the grace of God which has thus far been richly supplied, all the while repeating to himself the prayer, "Thy will be done."