Grounded with Ryan Dobson

Sept 15

Ratio Christi - I

Guest: Rick Schenker

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There is a brand new movement this year on college campuses.  It is Ratio Christi, and its purpose is to teach and support students to take on the intellectual attacks against Christianity on their campus.  They work in conjunction with current college ministries to present a well-rounded approach to youth evangelism.  It is time that we, as believers, learn to take stand for our faith instead of backing away and letting satan have reign in our culture.  Lives are being saved!  Join us as we speak with the CEO and President of Ratio Christi, Rick Schenker, about how the ministry got its start and how you can help it grow to having a presence in over 500 college campuses in the next five years.

Rick Schenker joined Ratio Christi in February 2011. Rick has a visionary leadership style, and has experience in business, government, public and media relations, fundraising, and non-profit management. He has a Bachelor degree in Bible from Central Bible College, and has done graduate work in public policy at Regent University. He has done additional postgraduate work in leadership and public administration. He was the chief elected official of the County government in Erie, Pennsylvania with 1,100 employees and a $300 million budget. Throughout 2010, Rick believed that the church was heading into a new age—the ‘age of the apologist.’  When he first saw the Ratio Christi’s web site, he immediately felt that the Lord was showing him that Ratio Christi was a “mass movement” about to happen.