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Aug 20

From Santa to Sexting: Protecting Your Middle-Schooler - I

Guests: Dr. Brenda Hunter & Kristen Blair

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Parents, are you wondering how to safeguard your children in a technology driven world? You’ll learn that your son or daughter may be doing a whole lot more than just texting on their cell phone. Learn more about how to protect your adolescent from the Internet and themselves.


Brenda Hunter, PhD, is a psychologist and internationally published author. Educated at Wheaton College and Georgetown University, she has served on two presidential commissions and written numerous books, including Home by Choice, In the Company of Women, and The Power of Mother Love. She has appeared on NBC's Today Show (Weekend), and Larry King Live. Dr. Hunter lives and works as a psychotherapist in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Kristen Blair is an education columnist and writer. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications, including the Charlotte Observer, the Durham Herald-Sun, and Carolina Journal. Kristen has worked on family and educational policy at the national level for the federal government, a presidential commission, and Empower America. She and her husband Greg are the parents of two children, a tween and a middle school graduate. They live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.