Dr. James Dobson Radio Broadcasts

Jun 22

Hutch: A Man Filled With Hope-II

Radio Guest(s) Dr. Ken Hutcherson

On part II of Dr. Dobson’s inspiring interview with Dr. Ken Hutcherson, Hutch recounts his dramatic personal story of growing up in Alabama, dealing with prejudice, and his subsequent hatred of white people. An encounter with Christ transformed his life, and Hutch now preaches at Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, WA. He describes several of his church’s outreaches, including their adoption placement program and Antioch Holy Cow.

Dr. Hutcherson, a former linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys (‘74), San Diego Chargers (’75), and Seattle Seahawks, (’76-’77) was born in Anniston, AL in 1952. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, WA. Prior to that he served for eight years as the Director of High School Ministries at Westminster Chapel in Bellevue, WA. Dr. Hutcherson received a BA in Education from the Univ. of West Alabama in 1974. He conducted theological studies at Cascade Bible College in 1979 and was ordained in 1986. He is the recipient of several awards, including being named the Outstanding Defensive Player of the Decade (1970s) at the Univ. of West Alabama. He received an Honorary Doctorate from Theological Seminary, Portland, Oregon in 2004.

A frequent contributor to several radio and televsion shows, such as the Rush Limbaugh Show and Focus on the Family, he has also authored four books: Here Comes the Bride, Before All Hell Breaks Loose, Enough Faith, and Hope is Contagious. Dr. Hutcherson and his wife Pat have four children.