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God In America: NDP 2013 – II

Rear Admiral William Dean Lee

Is the government really hostile to Christianity? Rear Admiral William Lee will share with us about what is going on in our nation’s military, and Dr. Dobson will share a special message on how the government is fighting religious liberty.

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God In America: NDP 2013 – I

Pat Boone reflects on the history of prayer in America and Chaplain Barry Black speaks on why we should pray for not only our country, but our leaders as well, at the National Day of Prayer 2013. 

A Life Transformed Through Prayer

Murder, drugs, and sexual abuse were all apart of Bill Reiser’s life growing up in New York, but throughout that time God was protecting and pursing Bill. In his story, God used other’s prayers to transform Bill’s life.

Praying in Uncertain Times

How do you live with peace in an out of control world? How do we approach prayer in uncertain times? Shirley Dobson shares her wisdom and experience.

Why I Pray

Talking with your eyes closed and hands folded can seem silly sometimes. But that doesn’t change the fact that prayer is vitally important to your faith as a Christian. On the next edition of Family Talk, Ryan Dobson will explain why prayer is such an important part of his life, and why it needs to be a regular part of your life too.

Labeled – II

Newborn babies starved. Doctors refusing to resuscitate children with genetic disorders. On the next edition of Family Talk, Dr. Meg Meeker will interview Hannah Allison and her family to talk about what happens regularly to children who are labeled with genetic disorders or abnormalities.