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Dr. Dobson wins 2011 Retailer Choice Award for Bringing Up Girls

October, 2011

This year, Christian Retailing magazine invited booksellers to vote online for "products they most enjoyed selling in 2010." Tyndale House Publishers nominate Dr. Dobson's book, Bringing Up Girls, which was then chosen for the "2011 Retailers Choice Award" in the Christian Living/Practical Life category. Congratulations Dr. Dobson on this award.


Dr. Dobson Named Broadcaster of the Year!

January 15, 2011

The largest Christian Internet ministry in Russian language and news agency Christian Telegraph have named their 2010 ministers of the year. They have been selected because of their vast influence on Christianity.

Christian Telegraph's main editor Serge Serhiienko says, “What influenced the choices were their accomplishments in 2010, polling data and frequency of mention in the press."



Dr. Dobson Receives the Great American Award at the Awakening, 2011 Gathering

January, 2011

Believing that ideas influence and sharing ideas is all important, Awakening was conceived as an annual weekend retreat to exchange ideas, examine trends and learn from leading experts in a variety of fields.


Entertaining Important Visitors

July, 2010

Dr. James Dobson has always enjoyed being with children & teens. He is shown here in the Family Talk library with Nic Ansuini who was visiting from Denver.