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Churchill and Obama Considered: January 2015

Happy New Year to you all! I have some candid thoughts about 2015 that I would like to share with you. As you know, a new Congress was installed on the 6th of this month, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Our congressmen and senators are up against a president who seems to lack accountability to anyone. He has overridden the U.S. Constitution repeatedly and in ways that his predecessors would never have dared. When he hasn’t achieved his purposes within the Congress, Obama said he would disregard it and rule with a “pen and a phone.” What incredible arrogance!

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Merry Christmas to you and your family: December 2014

‘Tis the season for the celebration of Christ’s birth and many cherished family traditions. I have loved this time of year since I was a small child. One December my father took 8 mm black and white movies of our family gathering, which still exist today. Uncles and aunts, scads of cousins, and the matriarch of the family, “Little Mother,” are seen celebrating together. They look so happy, but the adults present on that day are all gone. These precious memories remain vivid in my mind....

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Blessings To You And Your Family This Year: November 2014

Greetings, everyone. The Thanksgiving season is almost upon us when people of faith will again celebrate the blessings bestowed upon the Pilgrims by our Heavenly Father. He had brought them through a long, cold winter and helped them establish a bridgehead in a new land. This historical account is what led President George Washington to designate a day for Americans to remember a time of great deprivation and give praise to the Almighty for securing the survival of our forebears....

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The Cause to Which I Was Born: October 2014

Perhaps you remember the story of Abraham’s nephew, Lot, who chose to take his family into the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The men living there had become desperately depraved, burning with lust for each other. Jehovah told Abraham that their sin was so grievous that the Lord decided to rain utter destruction upon them. Abraham pleaded with the Lord on behalf of the people, but the patriarch could not find even ten righteous men in either of the cities to justify mercy. (Genesis 18:33)...

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Why I Wrote the Book: Your Legacy: September 2014

Several years ago, I began working on the most ambitious and challenging project of my professional career, which has now spanned more than 44 years. After writing dozens of books and producing numerous films and videos to strengthen families, and after airing more than 8,000 radio broadcasts on subjects related to marriage, parenting, and righteousness, the Lord began leading me to give voice to what I believe to be the most important message I have ever addressed. Indeed, I see this work as “the capstone,” or the culmination, for everything that has gone before. That assignment has now been completed and a new book and video series are about to be released. Here are the details...

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Raising Teens: Parenting Isn't for Cowards: August 2014

Your teen will be leaving the nest soon, and these last few years will be very important. We’ll call this letter a “brief refresher course” drawn from my book,Parenting Isn’t for Cowards, which I hope you will find helpful and enjoyable....

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Introducing our partners at AACC: July 2014

Family Talk is excited to officially announce the creation of a partnership with the American Association of Christian Counselors...

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Defending Future Generations: June 2014

You may have read one of the hundreds of blogs and articles that were critical of Shirley and me following the recent National Day of Prayer event in Washington, D.C.  Most of the criticism was aimed at me, which I’ll address in a moment...

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Bringing Hope To Moms: May 2014

Last year God blessed me with an extraordinary gift – my first grandchild. I had heard Dr. Dobson and other friends talk about the indescribable joy one gets looking at the face of your grandchild, but I couldn’t comprehend it until I laid eyes on my beautiful granddaughter last spring...
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Our Nation is in Serious Moral Decline: April 2014

You may have said or heard your Christian friends say that our nation is in serious moral decline, and that it is sliding relentlessly away from biblical values. I have expressed those words myself with increasing regularity, because I believe them to be true...
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Loving Correction: March 2014

Did you notice that our radio and Internet programming last month was devoted to the subject of marriage? We chose that emphasis because the family needs all the help it can get. If this great institution collapses under a barrage of social engineering by politicians and liberals, the nation itself will crumble. I have been concerned about that possibility for more than 30 years. Unfortunately, marriage has continued to unravel...
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Introducing Dr. Meg Meeker — February 2014

I came to Family Talk in a most unusual way. One year ago I was invited to speak at a Family Talk conference in La Quinta, California, after being on the radio program with Dr. Dobson...
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A Special New Year's Message from Dr. James Dobson — January 2014

It is with great appreciation that I write today to thank those of you who contributed to the ministry of Family Talk in December. Your kindness will make it possible for us to continue the work God has called us to do...
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A Christmas Message from Dr. James Dobson — December 2013

“And you will have joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at His birth.” Luke 1:14 Isn’t this a beautiful scripture to help us celebrate the meaning of Christmas? Although 2013 has been a tumultuous year...
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From the Desk of Dr. James Dobson — November 2013

My letter this month will focus on the assassination of the 35th president of the United States. It was 50 years ago this month, November 22nd, 1963...
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Confident Parenting — October 2013

I know many of you share my concern about the stability of the family. The definition of marriage is under assault, our children are being exposed to depictions...
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Ministry Updates & Opportunities for 2013 and Beyond! — September 2013

Greetings from Colorado. My name is Michael Tomlinson, and I serve Family Talk as Chief Operating Officer. Dr. Dobson has been out of the office for several weeks...
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Freedom, Justice and Religious Liberty for All — August 2013

There is something that I simply must share with you this month. It concerns the moral collapse we are experiencing as a nation. It has many dimensions...
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Scouts Honor? — July 2013

I am sure most of you are aware of the new policy within Boy Scouts of America that allows boys who are open and avowed homosexuals to be admitted as members...
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Targeted by the IRS — June 2013

Are you aware that religious liberties, cherished by millions of Americans, are being attacked, viciously and relentlessly, by various departments of the federal government?
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Strong Moms—Strong Families — May 2013

Are you tired of hearing about same sex marriage coming from President Obama, liberal Congressmen, media spokesmen, leftist commentators, activist judges, entertainment moguls and homosexual advocates?
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Marriage in Crisis — April 2013

I am writing you this month about the institution of marriage, which is rocking and reeling like a ship on a stormy sea. Attacks on its stability and integrity are coming today from every major center of power...
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Family on the Front Lines — March 2013

In the past four years, our nation has witnessed a parade of governmental and judicial policies that have assaulted traditional moral and spiritual values. Almost every day, a disturbing new development comes to light...
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Building Lasting Marriages — February 2013

Night Light for Couples is a book Shirley and I wrote together, and is dedicated affectionately to married couples around the world. May the Lord grant you loving and caring relationships that will endure...
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Standing Together for the Family — January 2013

I want to begin my letter this month with an expression of deep appreciation to those of you who supported Family Talk financially during December. You were here for us when our obligations were great...
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Serving the Next Generation of Families — December 2012

Merry Christmas from Shirley and me and from the team at Family Talk! Join us as we celebrate God’s indescribably gracious gift to us, His one and only Son, Jesus Christ, who left His home in Heaven to become our Savior...
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Extended Families — November 2012

November is one of my favorite months because it brings the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a time for gratitude to Jesus Christ for His many blessings to us, and for the gathering of families and friends…
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Families in Crisis — October 2012

I recently received an open letter from Pastor John Hagee that began with this alarming statement: I believe that the upcoming presidential election will be one of the most significant events in American history…
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To Protect and Defend — September 2012

Most of you have heard about the tragic deaths of 12 innocent people who were murdered in a movie theater a few weeks ago in Aurora, Colorado. The gunman also wounded 58 others in a random and vicious act of violence...
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The Heart of the Home — August 2012

You may know that of all the subjects that interest me, children are at the top of the list. I’ve devoted most of my professional life to their welfare, beginning as a professor of pediatrics in 1970 and continuing to this day here at Family Talk...
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Defending Righteousness in the Culture — July 2012

Thanks for allowing me to share an important message with you by way of this brief letter. I am Dr. Roy Stringfellow, a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist. I also serve on the board of directors of Family Talk because of my deep appreciation and respect for its founder and president, Dr. James Dobson...
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America's Crisis of Character — June 2012

I have selected a very insightful and passionate article to share with you this month. The piece was written by Peggy Noonan, who is one of my favorite social commentators and culture watchers...
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Dr. Dobson Remembers Chuck Colson — May 2012

Thank you, once again, for allowing me to come into your home each month to share some thoughts from my heart. This is what is on my mind today. As you know, my close friend, Chuck Colson, went to be with the Lord a couple of weeks ago...
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The Truth About Life — April 2012

I ask every one of my pro-life friends to read carefully what I have to share with you today. You and the American people have been deceived about matters of enormous significance...
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A Letter From The Board of Directors — March 2012

This month's letter is coming to you from the Board of Directors of Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk. As the ministry celebrates its second anniversary, we want to share with you our bright vision for the future, as well as the challenges that are a part of this time in history...
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Real Love — February 2012

February 14th is a day set aside each year for the celebration of romantic love. We call it Valentine’s Day, when caring husbands and wives assure each other of their affection and commitment. It is a very big deal in my family, and it should also be significant for the men who are reading along with me...
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Your Family Resource — January 2012

Our gratitude and appreciation are extended to each of you who made sacrificial contributions to these ministries as 2011 came to a close. We are continuing to do the work to which we are called, thanks to so many of you. Now the world has careened into a brand new year, with its hopes and dreams, anxieties and fears...
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The Gift of Family — December 2011

I have a little Christmas present for you. No, it isn’t wrapped with festive paper nor adorned with a bright colored ribbon. But I believe you will enjoy this little remembrance. You are, in fact, holding my gift in your hand at this moment. It is a true Christmas story that will touch your soul during this blessed time of the year...
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America in Peril — November 2011

At the risk of telling you what you may have heard, I’ll start my letter this month by bringing you up to date regarding my recent injury. In short, I fell from a horse on September 10th while hosting a “friend raising” event at a ranch in Montana. I was wearing very wide walking shoes instead of boots (my error) and my foot slipped from the right stirrup when my hat blew off...
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Weathering Life's Storms — October 2011

Who can comprehend this mysterious bonding that enables a man and a woman to withstand the many storms of life and remain best friends for the rest of their lives together? This phenomenon is so remarkable that the Apostle Paul chose it to symbolize the unfathomable bond of love between Jesus Christ and his bride, the Church...
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Navigating the River of Culture — September 2011

It is time for a little "straight talk" to parents, as you prepare to send your children back to school. Whether they will attend government schools, private or Christian institutions, or leave home to enroll in colleges and universities, they will encounter morally corrupt influences at every turn. May I take this moment to remind mothers and fathers of your responsibilities before God to help your kids cope with these pressures?
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The Meaning of Romantic Love — August 2011

Last month, I wrote you about the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York and elsewhere, and its implications for the institution of the family. It was a disturbing message but one that Americans need to hear. This month, however, I want to lighten the dialog and write you about a much more pleasant topic...
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Marriage Under Fire — July 2011

Behold, the institution of marriage! It is one of the most marvelous and enduring gifts to humankind. This divine plan was revealed to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and then described succinctly in Genesis 2:24, where we read, "For this cause, a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and they shall be one flesh...
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The Most Important Task in Parenting — June 2011

The subject of my letter this month deals with the most important task in parenting. It addresses the responsibility of introducing our children to Jesus Christ, and teaching them His precepts and principles. Nothing even comes close to this assignment in significance and consequence. I have referred to it as “the ultimate priority.”
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A Moment in History — May 2011

In a dramatic way, this year's prayer event is linked to a moment in history that should never be forgotten. It occurred exactly 71 years ago this month, when the fate of millions of people in dozens of countries hung in the balance. That era is described in a book by John Lukacs that I found fascinating—and deeply disturbing...
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Family Talk Marks One Year Anniversary in Radio — May 2011

In the past 365 days, Family Talk with Dr. James Dobson has grown to over 700 outlets and has also added a daily 1:00 short feature. In addition to this activity, Dr. Dobson and his co-hosts, Ryan Dobson and LuAnne Crane, have been heard on numerous station interviews introducing the new ministry to listeners across the county. The anniversary on May 3, 2011 will be one more milestone in the efforts of Dr. Dobson and his team to reach the culture with Biblically-based insights on family and marriage.
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Protecting Your Children — February 2011

On February 27th, Family Talk will celebrate the first anniversary of its founding. What a year it has been. In early March, Shirley and I filed the necessary legal documents with the IRS and announced our intention to launch Family Talk at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville. It was such an exciting moment for us. Family Talk leased a beautiful little building in Colorado Springs a few weeks later and this ministry was under way. We had absolutely nothing at that stage, and it looked for several months like we were going to keep it! But God has been gracious to us, and you, our friends who believed in us, were there when it mattered most. My co-hosts, LuAnne Crane and Ryan Dobson, along with our entire team want to THANK YOU ALL...
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Happy New Year — January 2011

I trust you and your family had a meaningful and joyful Christmas season, as you celebrated the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Our family convened in Newport Beach, California, for a wonderful time together. On Christmas Eve, we attended a service at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church and heard a stirring message by the senior pastor, Dr. Richard Kannwischer. He is one of the most articulate and thought-provoking speakers I have heard. He presented the Claims of Christ and the meaning of Christmas that night in a unique and thoughtful way...
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Christmas Greetings from Dr. James Dobson - December 2010

It’s Christmas time again, and to help us get into the spirit of the season, I want to share something that will warm your heart. It has been my tradition for many years to send a carefully chosen story to all our friends and supporters, and this year’s selection is one of the best. It can be found in Joe Wheeler’s wonderful anthology, Christmas in My Heart: Volume 2. It is titled “Delayed Delivery,” and was written by Cathy Miller. I think you will love it...
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Family Talk Gains Momentum - November 2010

By the time you receive this monthly newsletter, you will probably know the results of the national elections held on November 2nd.  I am writing you three days prior to that day of decision, which means I can only guess at the outcome.  So much is at stake at this moment in history, including federal funding for abortions, the well-being of the family, the imposition of many new confiscatory taxes, sky-high levels of unemployment and continued unsustainable spending and debt...
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Churchill and Obama Considered - October 2010

Greetings to you all. As you are aware, this country is only a few weeks away from one of the most important elections in our history. On November 2nd, candidates for Congress, governors, state representatives, and local officials will be chosen throughout the nation. Together, these men and women will have the power to promote the general welfare and protect the Constitution, or to damage them irreparably...
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50 Golden Years with the Dobsons - September 2010

Warm greetings from Family Talk. May I take the liberty of sharing something very personal with you? It concerns four significant anniversaries that Shirley and I are celebrating in the month of August. Forgive me for writing such a self-serving letter, but I think you will see why I have done so in a moment...
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The Rest of the Story - August 2010

Greetings on behalf of all of us at Family Talk. These are busy days here at ministry central. They remind me of my experiences in 1977, when Focus on the Family was brand new and there was so much excitement in the air. We called it "focus fever". For the next 33 years, I huffed ...
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On the Front Lines Protecting Families - July 2010

Greetings from all of us here at Family Talk. These have been exciting days for us as our new broadcast lifted off the launch pad on May 3rd and roared into orbit. As you may know, we started this new ministry on what used to be called "a wing and a prayer". Especially a prayer...
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Family Talk Update - June 2010

Dear Friends It is with excitement that I tell you that the ministry of Family Talk is coming together rapidly and that our first broadcast is scheduled to be heard beginning May 3rd. The best estimate at this time is that approximately 200 radio stations will carry the program at least once daily throughout the ...
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National Day of Prayer

Op Ed From Shirley Dobson Chairman, National Day of Prayer Task Force The assault on religious freedom and people of faith in this country continues at a fever pitch, orchestrated by atheist groups, and perpetuated by the media, the government, the judiciary, and now, by the Pentagon. Specifically, prayers uttered by those in official positions ...
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With the recent passage of the Healthcare Reform Act by Congress, this nation experienced its most regrettable leap toward socialism and socialized medicine. The legislation also created public funding for abortion, which each citizen will be required to support with his or her taxes. We are deeply disturbed by these developments, and wonder why ...
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A New Beginning - May 2010

Dear Friend: Three decades ago, I was given a message and a mission. They continue to burn within me today, although God’s specific assignment is changing. As Solomon wrote "There is a time for all things under the sun." For myself and Shirley, we're convinced that there is still a "call" on our lives and we feel led to ...
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